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Author Topic: What I have Done (of interest to some here)  (Read 2742 times)

Offline lincolninked

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What I have Done (of interest to some here)
« on: July 16, 2007, 08:37:19 AM »
I have taken my modest knowledge and copied what works on videos I have seen on the net added to what I have read and what I have surmised and built a cell that does this:

1:  Covers the cell from head to toe top to bottom in a clear vessel with white hho gases in one second.

2:  The explosion of gases looks like an explosion of gasses, not a trickling of bubbles.

3:  10 amps at 12 volts.  At ten amps, many vehicle applications could run two cells giving off twice the gasses.

4:  More than enough hho to double the fuel millage of most existing vehicle applications.

The key is very much like a car battery (Daniel D videos.)  In a car battery, you have a device that once charged, gives as well as takes energy.

I do not want the home spun look of the You Tube videos currently on the marketplace, so I am waiting to unveil my cells when I have the look I want of a finished product.   I will be selling these cells to mainly over the road truckers where they spend thousands of dollars a month in fuel costs.  Most of the nitty-gritty has been worked out and now I am just waiting on the big ball rolling.  Rome was not built in a day.

I wish to thank the community here for fine tuning my ideas.  I did not get any large pieces of the puzzle here (in fact not one response to contacting me privately - your loss as I remember my contacts) but some of the 8 hours or so reading board messages was helpful.   This board has many helpful citizens and at least one prominent village mascott.  I will leave all of you to figure out who that is.   lol  Not hard.

I am out now, but will return to post my findings and videos when they are published and I go public.