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Author Topic: How this was done in 1821.....  (Read 39737 times)

Offline Bessler007

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Re: How this was done in 1821.....
« Reply #105 on: January 10, 2008, 05:40:16 AM »
Hello Hans,

I hope you'll pardon my idiotic name and I'd post an actual picture but I've been told it's just too frightening to look at.  Other than those points I do agree with your posts.

It is a strange idea to me that a professor would not want to teach particularly on such an interesting idea as OU.  That contradiction isn't as noticeable though as the one suggesting this isn't a thread on SMOT's when the first post from the illustrious professor was:

The ?Faraday? part of the job has already been done as far as overunity goes?production of excess energy and violation of CoE has been proven beyond doubt in SMOT. Therefore, there?s nothing this book can add in this respect. Let alone the fact that mentioning Einstein is most unfortunate, especially if his theory of relativity is had in mind as a great ?discovery?. The truth is that the theory of relativity is just a compilation of trivial errors and nonsense. A ?theory?, such as Einstein?s STR, wrought with internal inconsistencies can by no means be considered a ?discovery?, let alone ?great?.

As for the engineering part beyond ?Faraday?, it is more daunting than building an externally powered electric motor.
a reference to SMOT's.

It has been a funny thread.  I've never seen such a pile of ad hominen in a single thread ever.  This is a record.


. . .
Please note that I am writing this under my real name with a real photograph and a real website and e-mail address and don't shield under an idiotic name like Omnibus.

Hans von Lieven

Incidentally, SMOT is NOT a religion, so don't attack anyone who questions it as a heretic.


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Re: How this was done in 1821.....
« Reply #105 on: January 10, 2008, 05:40:16 AM »

Offline Koen1

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Re: How this was done in 1821.....
« Reply #106 on: January 10, 2008, 06:51:05 PM »
actually, his contradictions are quite obvious...

still it is indeed strange for someone to claim to be a professor, yet refuse to give a very clear and proper explanation as to why someones serious objection would or would not be valid.
And it is indeed equally strange for that same person to claim the Smot is conclusive proof of OU "beyond doubt", yet refuse to provide that proof beyond any doubt, and then even to deny he introduced the Smot into the discussion in the first place.
If one is to use the Smot as conclusive proof of OU, then one should be able to show precisely how and why the Smot shows OU.

As I have been involved in Smot replication and variation groups, I happen to have experience with the Smot, and in my experience the Smot does indeed need to have the ball pushed into the magnetic attraction zone, which uses some input energy. If the Smot is built so that the ball just barely rolls up the ramp, the ball tends to get stuck at the end of the ramp, because the magnetic fields there are much stronger than at the start, and they tend to hold the ball in place where the flux through the ball is maximum. If the Smot is built so that the ball accellerates enough to leave the ramp, then usually the magnetic field at the bottom of the ramp is so strong that you need to hold the ball back before releasing it, which already gives some accelleration due to the "spring" effect one gets when the ball is already being attracted by the magnetic field. At some point, a "weak spot" was suggested in some Smot groups, sometimes referred to as the "prometheus effect", where a naturally slightly weaker magnetic field region was found at the end of the track, and this might allow the ball to exit the ramp, if properly done. Other solutions were to allow the ball to hit a trigger mechanism which would cause a third magnet to disrupt the magnetic field at the end of the ramp temporarily, thus allowing the ball to drop free from the ramp. To my knowledge no implementation of any of these mechanisms has actually yielded a continuous Smot yet.
One of the most promising designs for a continous Smot device I know of is this one:
And perhaps this C.O.P. calculation done by mr. Naudin is a bit clearer than the one given earlier in this thread:
I am fairly certain that mr Naudin would have posted his results if he had managed to make a Smot run continuously. The fact that ha has not posted anything of the sort suggests it may not be possible, though it could of course also mean he's just too busy. ;)

Offline Localjoe

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Re: How this was done in 1821.....
« Reply #107 on: January 10, 2008, 07:30:23 PM »

After reading your post for a while here im convinced on 2  things..

1 you got beat up a lot as a kid... 2 you think your always right... regardless of what you write back here you bring a real sour tone to any discussion and manage to turn it into an argument at just about every instance...  this is not welcomed to calm composed people... In the scheme of life its not really worth it to carry on liek you do or expend that kind of negative energy to people of all kid... So in short try to be nice to folks... otherwise karma might just come up and taser you some day... Funny how that karma thing works.... O yea as well when you go to bed at night i hope you also feel like you accomplished something being and ass. ;D

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Re: How this was done in 1821.....
« Reply #107 on: January 10, 2008, 07:30:23 PM »
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