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Author Topic: Sorry guys  (Read 30301 times)

Offline raburgeson

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Re: Sorry guys
« Reply #30 on: August 11, 2007, 03:17:40 AM »
The chem-clouds have been so thick I haven't seen anything over the lake yet. One night I did see a couple of meteorites both travelling North over the lake burn up. I checked on the net and it says the peak time for watching this year is the 12th and the 13th, should be a good meteor shower.

The group here gave me a job that will cut down on my hours at the lake, I don't know much about geology and have no idea why I got saddled with that job.

I have been studying pictures of mars, I was all gong-ho to start working on the magnetic wankel motor and had to put it on the back burner so, I've been combing the highest resolution pictures of Mars I can find. I will explain all the modifications to the picture here.
The pixel density was very high so I increased the size of it. Being aware of the filter spanning into the infared spectrum I cut down the red and increased the yellow. That's it. I did not rearrange the pixels on the photo in any other way. I took a cropping of something that makes Richard C. Hoagland sane or, me nuts. I found a artifact, something that could not be shaped by nature. I will attach the cropping now. I have no idea what this part is, I do know natural erosion does not make square holes.

You can search the source file by the filename, larryslookout_spirit_big.jpg. This object can be found just straight off the source file by using zoom enough times. There is also 4 skull shaped objects on the picture, I'm not saying they are skulls for sure. Another reappearing object on the picture is a small straight post that has a tripod type support and the forth leg in the center is the bottom of the post. The shadow seems to large for the object for all of them. Might be worth your while to look at it. The file size your looking for will be 5581 Kb. Other objects of note, split pipe, sort of gutter like and bent pipe. You can even make the picture black and white, as long as you don't rearrange the pixels you should be fine.

Objects have been responding to flashlights in the West at a couple of ranches and around trout lake, that's why I'm trying light first. It's nonaggressive and not harmful and it could work. The object wasn't in space, it was below the clouds, it passed close to one of the planes up there. There is no proof the grays are doing the mutilations, they see a ship and get back a mutilated creature. We only have informers the Grays did it. Governments want to weaponize space.
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Offline argona369

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Re: Sorry guys
« Reply #31 on: August 11, 2007, 10:38:38 PM »

Was the meteorites green?

That is the dark side of ufo research alright.
I?ve heard of some human mutilations too, mostly from south
America, but there have been a very few that I know of.
(none in North America/Europe that I know of btw)
And could be cults/drug gang(was burned body in south america) killings or someone who mimicked cattle mutilations
To discourage disclosure of the ufo subject.

Added: Forgot about this guy,
Jonathan P. Louette , White Sands missile test range. The only North American one I know of, and probably us who did it.

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Offline raburgeson

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Re: Sorry guys
« Reply #32 on: August 12, 2007, 02:09:59 AM »
Right on Cliff, that's what I'm trying to say, They do it, point at the aliens and yell evil. Remember when India said, We have been taught the laws of the universe. Not an exact quote but close. I think there is a limit to what the aliens can do down here. I think we can do worse things to them, that's why the government can attack them and a war doesn't start. Remember hearing about the UFO the Navy shot down over Saudi Arabia. No real fear of retaliation of an advanced race going through the feeble government minds.

They have a law that if you are in contact with aliens you can be arrested and quarentined for life. With that law in effect, it by itself makes a full disclosure that aliens races exist and visit the planet. You need more than a threat of life time incarceration to believe people all over the planet are reporting real sightings? Yet people still have doubts. Well after India's anouncement suddenly their nuclear program was OK with the rest of the world and they were welcomed into the International Financial Community.

The fakers help disinformers fuel the doubts, the longer they can call us crazy and deny existence the longer they can keep us from making contact. They may have things to trade for that will make many markets obsolete. Medicine, Fuel, transportation, other types of energy, intelligent machines, any and all possible things. This could rock the financial world. Viewing the performance of the financial world, that could be a very good thing that would improve the life of every citizen on this planet. They are afraid of that too, people thinking of themselves as citizens of planet Earth. Gold could be in high abundance from a exploded planet in the asteroid belt, just think rare materials here may be common place right here in our own Solar System. We know diamonds are created by impacts.

About the law prohibiting contact with aliens, you can find much more coverage with simple searches.
Screw them, I'll pick my own friends.
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