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Author Topic: Important things to know when posting pics and docus as attachments !  (Read 6661 times)

Offline hartiberlin

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if you want to post a picture or video or other document
as an attachment,you should always rename the filename before posting
to your username and an extension like:


cause the forum software must have a new attachment as a unique new
Otherwise it will not accept the attachment andyou might wonder,
why the picture is not uploading with your posting !

So if you only use the filename:


it could be, that somebody else has already posted this file
and the forum software will not accept your new file,
cause it will not overwrite or rename the old file !

So always use a new filename, that has not been used yet.

Also if you wish to modify an old posting of yours, so that you
nolongerwish to display an attachment with it,
just click the
button and uncheck the attachment below the posting window.
Then the attachment will not be shown anymore.



German translation:

An Alle nochmal der Hinweis, dass Ihr immer ,
wenn Ihr ein Attachment mit postet,
Ihr neue Filenamen f?r Eure Bilder
und Dokumente
benennen m?sst !

Wenn schon ein Bild mit dem gleichen Namen vorhanden ist
wird sonst das neue Bild nicht hochgeladen und man wundert sich,
weshalb es nicht  geht !

Also am besten immer Namen mit Eurem Usernamen voranstellen,
also z.B.:
dann kann man das auch leichter zuordnen...

Denn einfach nur
k?nnte schon vorhanden sein und von einem anderen User gepostet sein
und wird dann nicht ?berschrieben und man wundert sich, wieso die Forensoftware das Bild nicht annimmt.

Wenn man ein gepostetes Bild oder Dokument nicht mehr an einem Posting haben will,
dann kann man auch  seine alten Postings selber editieren und
und dazu einfach auf
klicken und dann den Haken wegmachen bei dem alten Bild , das als attachment
angezeigt wird.

Gruss, Stefan.

Offline emitremmah

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What size of jpg dimensions should we be looking for when uploading to the forum?
I am using VituralDub off of Source forge to recompress my video. I am using the Microsoft Codec 1. Does anyone have suggestions for the best reduction with loss to use in that program?
Gimp, also from SourceForge is an excellent image program, any suggestions for the file size formats?

Offline hartiberlin

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you can use also Microsoft MPEG 4 Version 2 Videocodec with GSM 6.1
22 Khz audio codec.
That gives a very easy to decode video which also older PCs can play
when you stay at 320x240 with 25 or 30 frames/sec very smoothly.

Also if you want also very old PCs to play video,
just use MPEG1 with 320x240 with 25 or 30 frames/sec and MPEG-1 Layer2 audio
with 22Khz and 32 Kbits/sec. So filename would be:

Could be converted freely with Mediacoder:

MPEG1 has the advantage that Microsoft has integrated it into the standard Mediaplayer from
version Windows 95B on and already Pentium1 PCs can play it smooth.
So no Mediaplayer update is required.

Stay with the videodatarate with MPEG1 around 500 to 700 Kbits/sec at 320x240.

If you want to post pictures, please scale them down before posting to around
800 x 600  or 1024x768 resolution and don?t make them any bigger than around 50 to 200 Kbytes
as JPEGs.
all bigger file sizes is just a waste of bandwidth and just only takes longer to load...

Many thanks.