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Author Topic: Burning water  (Read 2667 times)

Offline buzneg

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Burning water
« on: July 07, 2007, 11:07:02 PM »
Some new interesting info on how to condition water to burn was posted on the JoesCell2 yahoo group

"hi guys this is mohamad itani again . and about burning water,i do it all the
time. i dont know why it is not working for you yet. ok i will tip you on how it
is done,try after you charge the water to directly compress the container or the
joe cell. that will make hydrogen bubbles disolve in the water. yes if the water
is a bit alkaline meaning it is negeative, the hydrogen will have the ability to
disolve in it. just like at sea,how do you think fish breath oxygen,in their
gills they decompress teh water to take all the soluble oxygen. ok so if you can
compress teh container after hydrolyssis remmeber affter hydrolyssis for it is
not safe to compress while you are in the process of hydrolyssis ,it might blow
up . so to tell you it is important to compress while there are alot of bubbles
in the water. that way in a few minutes or an hour at most ,the bubbles will get
mixed with teh water. like solluble. now the problem is how to burn it .ok two
ways to burn water,one is to
decompress that stable negative water,and that can be done in a lot of methodes
try a ballone.although it wont always about you spary it it will sure
decompress and see it burn . and the other way is when you mix (alkaline water
meaning that base water )with all the hydrogen and oxygen inside ,ok we mix it
with acid water or positive water,that will froce it to let go of the gas .thus
it could burn. try it. if you dont believe me how do you think fish breath under
water then.

i miss you all guys take care and good luck,
mohamad b. itani
beirut lebanon"

--His respones to another post--

"well this could be it but first remmember that you should first alow some time
for the hydrogen that is a result of hydrolysis to desolve in the water adn that
takes around an hour ,what i mean by compression is that we should titley seal
the container so that it would have some pressure not 300 psi or any thing. just
that the pressure in the cell is a bit higher then atmospheric pressure ,and
then give it time for the hydrogen bubbles that is still in teh water to
desolve. and it is in a joe cell because a joe cell is like a capacitor meaning
it would keep the water charged that would give water a charge and it would
become more of a base thus alowing hydrogen to desolve in the water. it is not
complicated ,please dont make it difficult ,think about oxygen in sea water. and
how fish breath,it is the same process only here the water must becomes slightly
more basic like in a joe cell when charged or in any water that is more basic
for any reason it would have the ability
to desolve hydrogen. it is very cool really . take care and dont hesitate to
write ."