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Author Topic: Plused Electromagnetic Homopolar Generator from 5-12 vdc  (Read 2299 times)

Offline innovation_station

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Plused Electromagnetic Homopolar Generator from 5-12 vdc
« on: July 05, 2007, 04:03:23 AM »
hello all

now as me being me i like to keep thinking so i have came up with yet 1 more idea for a newer style generator and i can thank steven markx for this one  hehehehehehe THANK YOU STEVEN MARKX!!!!!

ok a while ago i was working on the tpu and the first time i got kicks from a coil i made it was cool but the way the coil was made was much kooler and i will be building some coils to try this out i wound many turns of wire around many turns of wire then i put steel welding wire on it and hooked it all as 1 wire then plused it so this is so awsome this idea in my opinion  well  that coil i made had a verry strong magnetic feild for the 5 volts i put into it i think some of you reading this so far are getting the idea but if not here it is i want to make 2 coils round with copper then wrap a diffrent gage of wire on top of it filll the ring ,the more winds the better the effect , then put my copper disc inside of the 2 coils like a oerio cookie and mount it all on a shaft and you spinn it and pluse the coils both at the same time and the kick back will also make a bigger magnetic feild the feild will go into the copper disc and i will not need to buy expencive strong neos i can then build any size magnet.  power it from a cap like the one above so it will be dubble overunity in 1 generator it is overunity because the coils take only a tinny bit of power to make a big magfeild and it is a farsday disc style generator with no backtorque plus i will have big spikes of magnetic engery go into the copper disc as i pluse the coils so on the kick back it will supper fuel the mag coils makeing much electricty and using only a little engery to power its self it will be hard for some to picture what im saying  but u will all see this 1 im sure it will work verry well

ok i have a secreat for some of you about the homopolar generator if you have tryed proof of concept tests on this genny and had poor results this might just be why `

what i am doing is putting oposing magnets togather so the magnetic shock wave will enter the copper disc at 90 deg because magnets are 3 dementinal  the feilds will cover the entire copper disc and all you have to do is scrape off the power with brushes sounds easy and verry kool

well this idea got my intrest so much im building the coils right now

ISTEAM!!                                             IDEA DATED           7/04/07-----------------8:03 PM

I HOPE ALL YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN        pictures and more ideas to follow

when i get this to work it will amaze most!!!!

MoaB and all you guys please add your thoughts i need help with this one i know it will be so big
 we can build this any scale

calling on all who can and will help


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Offline innovation_station

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Re: Plused Electromagnetic Homopolar Generator from 5-12 vdc
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2007, 04:03:46 PM »
i just finished building most of the first coil its around a 7 " circle i used 300 turns of 22 ga solid for the base ring then i took 21.5 ga just what i had around and wraped 600 turns over top of the base coil at 90 deg the entire coil weighs about 2 lbs but it is not finished yet need the steel weidling wire on it yet and i also had some untried tpu coils laying around and dont you know they fit right inside of my coil so humm i can make sooo much more advanced than original plan was

well if i use tpu coils and the mag coil this is what i would do  i would pluse the outter coil on the left and the inner coil on the right at the same time and then switch so 1 big coil and 1 small coil 

it seams like this new toy can  get  a bit crazy but were here for a short time not a long time



Offline innovation_station

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Re: Plused Electromagnetic Homopolar Generator from 5-12 vdc
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2007, 06:59:21 PM »

well i played around with 1 coil that i finshed and 1 copper disc plusing and such it must be plused it will get too hot if not plused  and left on

so find the right freq for the coils dont make them ringg tho like the tpu just of and on at a good speed that uyou get kicks of good value this is where it gets a little tougher 

if i put 12vdc in to my coil it makes a good strength ring magnet on the power in of the coil on the kick back of the coil i want to harness the kickback so to do that i should have 2 diodes only letting power go go into the cap then back in to the coil   so it will go like this

power 12vdc  pluse  ------    then  pluse the otherside  -----   as otherside is plused  first side is getting its kickback of large value it then travels into the cap through the diodes and then out to the coil with the next pluse from the 12dc so it it -----second pluse + kickback of first pluse  --- going in to the coil and making a bigger magfeild

pictures today of my finished coil and copper disc i have been playing with it is verry intresting i set my coil on a plastic sheet ontop of my copper disc plused it did not worry about  harnessing the kickback yet in my first tests  and then moved the contacts on the discs and on ac voltage i had a reading og 1.8 volts also i held 1 contact in a fixed posision and tapped the disc with the other and got  voltage of over 5 v ac

im playing just letting  all know what i have seen so far i was planing on spining this with my turbine at high speed

havung fun now ;)


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Plused Electromagnetic Homopolar Generator from 5-12 vdc
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2007, 06:59:21 PM »
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