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We take this

and complete with that

               The new international physical/technical electric motor and electric generator and electricity transformer standart
                                outside the U.S.A. worldwide "open source" production and use possibilty fee-/licence-free


electric tiny basic modul house 8sqm(kitchen/bath)+8sqm(living space) appliances ~ trailer :

freezer 30 W kenmore + OSMA TECH Coating and enhancer   
                                                                                                             <  10W
led OSMA TECH                                    2 x 5W
room heater Gillies 2 x 35W + OSMA TECH Coating + heat element      2 x 5W

or Sibert + OSMATECH Coating + heat element

washing machine ultrasonic
Dolfi ultrasonic device                                                        200W

clothes dryer Ford,rexresearch( similar Israel)            single 200W
probably as motor:

clothes iron Phillips stewardess or Butangas

Hifi                                                                                                          100W      500Wh
Laptop                                                                                                      50W      250Wh
small consumer                                                                                                      250Wh   

hair dryer 800W /ecomb 350W    power saving heat element             <100W                           

vacuum cleaner Edginton 300Wp 150 Wh

toaster                   gas owen/grill or  power saving heat element
hot water kettle     gas owen      power saving induction/heat element

heat element :
b.induction heater

for DIY-fridge/freezer developper
refrigerator compressor

wifi induction table ( one motor for several machine functions ! like Mr.Magic  8)  )
probably with one Dr.Imris induction generator

hot water ( or plastic tubes! ;)  cheaper ) bypass to DIY-hot water solar collector

water and energy saver

electricity free white water delivery Fog-/Rain collector and

electric airwater delivery
also here a power saving electric motor needed :
or Lavigne Refrigerator Compressor

Entering in R&D labs and estimating the result value :

US Army : magic ring

Nice !
Usefull,here (!?):

or surpass this rotational concept and realize directly an ultra-cheap linear and static dynamo !? :
It is common for a 5kW planar transformer to cost in the region of  ;) $23 ;)  nowadays, and in volumes of 100k+ prices below  :) $10 :)  per piece are easily achievable.

Moreover, in the 2kW-30kW power range, the use of pre-formed copper ‘lead-frames’ in single and multi-turn forms can achieve virtually any desired turns ratio at low cost, allowing rapid design iteration and ultimately improved time to market.
Advantages of Planar Transformers
• High Efficiency• Low Weight• Low Profile• Low Leakage Inductance• Highly Efficient Cooling• Multiple Topologies• Multiple Winding Options• Customised Terminations• Dimensional Accuracy• Tightly Controlled Parasitics

It is extremely exciting to be leading a planar transformer company through the efficiency revolution that we are embarking upon. With hybrid/electric vehicles at the forefront, we are also experiencing huge demand from the defence/military, solar/wind power, medical and induction heating/charging sectors. The planar transformer market is set for significant growth over the next few years and one thing is certain, if you’re not using or considering using a PLANAR TRANSFORMER, then your competitors surely are.

included US Navy R&D ? :
In a design of a test transformer, a 2 kva (2 kW) power transformer providing1.2 lb/kW was constructed using modern state-of-the-art techniques well known to those skilled in the art. The design measures 3.02 inches by 3.17 inches by 2.22 inches, and weighed 2.4 pounds. In tests, the transformer constructed according to state-of-the-art techniques, after 40 minutes, showed a windings temperature of 200 DEG C. at the center of the windings and suffered catastrophic failure due to excess heat (FIG. 2). A duplicate transformer 10 weighing approximately 0.21 lb/kW was constructed utilizing the technology set forth in this invention with the K1100 conductive strips 16 placed within the windings 14 of the transformer. The design measured 3.02 inches by 3.17 inches by 2.22 inches and weighed 2.4 pounds. In tests, the transformer 10 with the thermally conductive strips 16 placed alternately between windings (FIG. 1) showed, after approximately 40 minutes, a windings 14 temperature of approximately 70 DEG C. without failure (FIG. 3).

This invention allows for the reduction in size of a high power transformers by a factor of 4 to 8 and a reduction in weight by a factor of 4 to 6, and an increase in power density by 5 to 10 in power. The efficiency of the transformer is improved by maximizing the heat transfer from the transformers interior and minimizing voltage breakdown. The thermal properties of each core 12 will dictate the quantity of the thermally conductive strip 16 material required to lower the transformer temperature to a predetermined level, some testing may be required to established the optimal amount needed to provide proper cooling.

Although this embodiment has been described in relation to an exemplary device such as a transformer, the claimed invention may equally well be utilized in other types of electrical devices where internal heat is a problem, such as motors, modulation transformers, etc. The size of the transformer is not of concern, it may vary from a small transformer used in switching power supplies to power transformers used in electrical distribution systems. Further, the frequency of the electrical current within the devices to be cooled is irrelevant, e.g., 60 cycles to 400 cycles operate the same thermally. High frequency transformers have higher copper losses due to skin effects. This additional heat may also be removed by the thermally conductive strip as set forth in this invention.

This material and costs saving results implementing in a vacuum chamber device :
a ring in a tunnel : Hyperloop generator ;Maglev principle

                How much electric/ionic energy does a modern household need ?
              How many sqm living area does a modern individual/couple need ?

                                             32 sqm !? to much,to small,sufficient ?

                                  8 sqm mch microcompacthouse(project TU Munich)
                           16-18 sqm mobil-chalet/ space-box,NL
                                 24 sqm Nanolivingsystem/CH-US
                                                           32 sqm
                     Kubus ,Munich 75cbm

                     Elementals (Harvard architecture competition),Chile beginning with 32 sqm

                     housing program Federation of American Scientists starter family house (32-38 sqm)

                                                         32 morphing sqm,Architect Gary Chong

electric appliances : : +/- 3 KWh/day               Wp ?     
                            :       0.8 KWh/day            Wp ?
                                         space heating (f.e. not for 32 sqm but 112 sqm)

Monolith Dome Institute :
conventional US-climate house               1200sqft                         12000 W heat
                     US-climate MDI PUR-Dome 1200 sqft                           2400 W heat

MDI PUR-Dome with OSMA Tech coating                                           1200 W heat  ?

                       heater and heat effect and power to heat efficiency:
                                "heat" measured by Temperature :
                            how many Watts per °C/°F/BTU change ?

Prof.Matschiner : 1800 W incandescent heat bulb ~ 300 Watt IR-panel heater(incl.controler)

                           this "hypo-/thesis", compared with heat pads-studies(agro suino/reptil) : correct

                          heat pads~ IR-panel for agriculture or household f.e.

                                             1/6 electric power for the same effect
                                      - 70% heater and - 50% frequency-controler savings
                                  fix 50/60Hz-grid-frequency to variable frequency(up to THz)

                           1200 W MDI-Dome heat equivalence : how many  Volt-Ampere electric power ?


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