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Successful TPU-ECD replication !

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Hi All,

Jasons too excited it's late, 5 in the morning and what weve witnessed is amazing.
There were 7 of us conferenced call tonight, This was including Roberto, who worked very closely with Otto.
This is not a joke , The power is real.
The globe you'll see light up bright when we mixed 2 frequencies only, we saw power supply voltage go back into the power supply, in other words the power supply was reading 44volts now and the current draw fell down to 300mA's, The globe is a 110volt, 40 watt globe.

Im too ecstatic myself, seeing this thing work, just no words to describe it.
Jason will be posting soon.

I've attached Picture of Jasons TPU, there's not much in the construction as you can see.

kind Rgds,


Edit from admin: the PDF file documentation of Otto?s and Roberto?s TPU-ECD experiments
can be found here:;topic=2383.0;attach=9524

Here's a short movie done by Jason and 2 pics of the TPU:-

Hello Everyone,

I have been up all night long working on this TPU replication and I finally got some positive results!


I was in a big conference call with Roberto, Rosphere, GK, Moab, Cavetronics, Gn0stik, mrd10, and C0mster. We were playing with a single frequency sweeping from about 1 kHz up to 500 kHz. What we did was monitor the voltage output on the collector across a clear, 40W 110V light bulb. Once we got in the 80 kHz frequency range, we began to see the filament on the bulb glow red.

As I we continued the frequency sweep, the bulb would glow brighter and dimmer as we hit various "sweet spots." Everyone watched the waveforms and brightness of the bulb on my webcam; Cavetronics took screen shots as we found the nodes, and Moab took the input voltage, current, and frequency measurements down as we went along.

After tweaking the first frequency, we found that 176.6 kHz made the bulb glow the brightest.

Keep in mind that I HAD TO SHIELD THE COIL while testing! When I first turned on the coil Without The Shield, it threw off lots of RF energy all over my room, bugged up my USB cables which turned off my camera and made my keyboard and mouse stop working! I also could FEEL the effects of the RF discharges. It was the same feelings that Giantkiller posted earlier about his GK4. Please make sure you protect yourself when you experiment, this is, by far, not a toy!

Anyway, to continue, We decided to choose 80 kHz for the second frequency because we had found a good sweet spot there in the early test. The idea was to pick the three frequencies such that they fell on the train of sweet spots that we found.

That was a big mistake.....

When I turned on both frequencies at the same time, I got this GIANT flash as the bulb grew very bright! It also shot out a large (what felt like) shock wave! Whats even better is that I have it all on video!!

You can find it attached in mrd10's post along with some photos of my desk setup on this post (with the screen shield).

More to come in a few more minutes...

God Bless,
Jason O

Jason & all:

Looks like you're the mad professor in the 'Back to the future movie!'. All those lightning flashes and eerie RF! Must be exciting.

btw, can you tell us mortals what is that shiled you showed in the photo? Looks like window screen to me?

Good job and post some more!


Wow Jason very nice !
I wish I had seen it too on Sykpe !

How many people can participate on Skype ?

Can Sykpe support many simultaneous video webcam feeds,
so you can see all yourself each other ?

I hope you can post more videos please !;)
Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Hi Jason,
what  about was the input power to your device,
when you hit the right frequencies and the bulb lighted up this bright ?

Did you use a power supply or a 12 Volts battery for the input power ?

Rainer on the German thread suggested to use a 12 Volt Battery, so
that the RF from the device will not jam the power supply and more exact measurements
could be taken to determine the input power.

I am very glad you have now stumbled onto the right effects.

Keep on going.

Regards, Stefan.


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