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Successful TPU-ECD replication !

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Hello all,


exact the same feeling.


Hello again,

I just want to report something else strange here. When taking the power input measurements, we did not take into account the fact that the TPU was feeding power back into my power supply!

The power supply I am using is capable of outputting 30VDC at 6A MAX. For all of my tests, I had it set on 12V according to the PDF file posted by Otto and Roberto. When I hit the sweet spots, the voltage would rise up as far as 20V with an average current draw of about 800 mA. I will be releasing a PDF file soon showing all of the displayed power output values read off the PS display along with the scope shots. We just need to sort through all the notes and photos.

I do have one more video to share with you all which I think you will love. After 'primimg' my TPU with the the two frequencies mentioned in my last post, I was able to light the 40W bulb to its Full Brightness off the the TPU ONLY on the 176.6 kHz frequency alone! It was as if the TPU had some kind of memory and kept lighting up consistently the bulb!

After achieving this, my next goal was to quantify the input and output power. After looking at the power supply, I realized right away that the input voltage and current it was showing me was wrong! It was telling me that I was supplying 42VDC at over 7A into the coil!!! My PS doesn't even put out that much power! So to double check the display, I connected an analog voltage meter across the power supply inputs and added a digital ammeter in series with the positive lead coming from the power supply to quantify the input power.

When I reran the test, I found that the voltage on the voltmeter read 31VDC and the current started off at about 1.5A and started dropping the longer the light bulb stayed on! But yet the bulb's brightness stayed the same!

You will be able to see all of this clearly in the demonstration video. mrd10 uploaded it to Google Video for your viewing pleasure.

We hope to more formally document these experiments and will post a PDF soon. As for me, it is past 6:00AM here and I haven't even been to sleep yet so I'm going to crash for now. We will post more information as it is compiled.

@bob.rennips: I used mic4427BC chips for my MOSFET drivers along with the IRF840 MOSFETs. They work great and gave me an average rise time of 43ns.

God Bless,
Jason O

CTG Labs:
Hi Jason!

I just watched that video and when the full brightness came on it made me jump backwards in my chair.  Whats amazing is that it's dim with one freq, and dim with just the other, but mix them and bam!  And thats with only two, not with the 3rd!  Holy Shit!  I know its hard to say when the room is dark and a bright light comes on, the camera adjusts and the light can look much brigther, but we couldnt even see the fillament anymore, so...

However, Dom said that the bulb was a 40 watt 110v and the power supply was saying 44v 300mA.

So at max brightness, which the bulb probably wasn't, the bulb draws 363mA.

With 44v and 300mA thats 13.2 watts from the power supply and I dont suppose the bulb was fully on, but it did look bright!  Waiting for your full measurements!  Can't wait to know more.



Hello All,

The Google video link that was posted didn't contain the whole thing, I just fixed it now:

God Bless,
Jason O

Jason and all,

How exciting!

Interesting in that my very first post back in April '06,  I figured a freq around 180khz would be used.
Partial quote:

 "Here is my take on what Steven Mark has kindly decided to give of his time.  Of course I am just a        musician, I could be way off target?

The heart of the generator is three coils next to each other.  The primary coil is part of a tank circuit that is tuned to oscillate around 180,000 hertz.  This is the supposedly natural frequency of magnetism as per Coler device or MRA, if my memory serves me right?"

Guess the old musician still has some intuition left.  Hopefully I can watch the progress from China.  I leave Aug 22.

Otto and Roberto and All
Job well done and just the beginning!



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