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Successful TPU-ECD replication !

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What happened to this topic??

Hello all...
first ,sory for my english... i've arrived in here by an accident...following and replicating a joule thief on, then someone comment "drive" me through this. (OU.COM)..then, from post to post, browse every link that lies...try to absorpt what can my brain accepted :-) ... everything around my head randomly, because i have not electronic background...but something that never be out of my mind was a toroidal shape and  the wire around it...that was a sexy and attractive form   :), so, i've decided to be focussed on toroidal  thing...learning the theory, trying to build a small  toroidal inductor, and follow your every post about  tpu (i want to  experiment by following to build one, but i have no time to spent)...

But something , i have to tell to you all
you guys rocks!!! the spirit to achieve the secret of sm tpu, sometimes makes me pray to god for your health  and your, why does it has to end  here?

Ps :
you may check this link below, this guy made a simple oscilator...perhaps it can be helped ...


for osscilator i'm using a arduino microcontroller develement board 16mH and with the right programming you can get a pwm on pin 5 and 6 at 60kHz, its cheap and works, am i doing it right ?? :-\


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