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Author Topic: Waste, BioMass & Recyclables to Diesel - Catalytic Depolymerization  (Read 13362 times)

Offline piper

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Catalytic Depolymerization

This brand new patented process is about to hit the market and produces Diesel Fuel through catalyst reduction at a fraction of the cost associated with existing recycling/remanufacturing processes and uses all bio mass materials to initiate the catalyzing reduction

The Plant is a self-sustaining energy production platform. It uses up to 10% of its own energy formation to run the plant

Input materials can include:

? Plastics of all kinds (including PVC's and PET)

? Rubber, including that from automobile tyres

? Waste oils, waxes and fats of all types (including hydraulic oils and Trafooele)

? Agricultural wastes (including animal waste products, spoiled food, etc.)

? Hospital waste materials

? All refinery by-products (bitumen, tars, etc.)

? Sugar Cane

? Biologically regenerating raw materials (wood, vegetables, meat wastes, etc.)

? BSE infected animals, Quarantine Disposal

The small size of the plant makes decentralized processing possible on-site where the raw input materials exist, thereby reducing and keeping potentially expensive transportation costs in check.

Decentralized plants that produces 500+ litres of diesel per hour

Schematic of the process -

Low Temperature - Pressureless - >90% efficient & Emissions Free

Worth a Look

Offline Paul-R

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Re: Waste, BioMass & Recyclables to Diesel - Catalytic Depolymerization
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2005, 04:50:08 PM »
If it really works half as well as they say then why don't you put them on to:
and create a pilot study and pilot project.

Tyres are a big problem.


Offline Navegante

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You know the plant installation cost ?


Offline piper

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US $ 5 Million