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Title: More high voltage
Post by: raburgeson on May 14, 2005, 06:03:29 PM
Making some progress but have to tack a couple of days off cause of a shock. Don't mind
the extra moisture in the mouth or the hollowed out feeling , but does anyone know were
the tinfoil taste comes from? I think I hit 340 kv but don't know if the unit is stable. they
shut it off when I got zapped and it's not endurance tested at all yet. Maybe it will go up in
smoke I don't know but it was up and running for at least 5 mins. Got a friend that will run
it out of town for me he's picking it up tonight.
Everything was fine till we hit 92 degrees in the barn, blew a coil,looking at it. Could be a
major problem because 92 is not what I would call a record day.The triplers in transformer
gas working fine.