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Biefeld Brown tesla coil


so yesterday i had an epiphany
I read that a tesla coil will produce gravitational wave
later on i read about the Biefeld Brown effect which utilizes a strange shaped capacitor with pulsing high voltage to create lift.

then it struck me that the tesla coil is a double LC circuit where the second coil is connected to a capacitor which consists of ground and the toroid. in which case the coil is merely a biefeld brown device that is trying to carry the earth.

so my thought is to create a tesla coil that uses two toroids, one that replaces the ground, this would create a highvoltage high frequency pulsing Biefeld Brown capacitor.

go ahead call me mad :P

although I am still trying to determine if the Biefeld Brown effect is not just ion wind. guess i need to build this insanity. 
(curses the infernal capitalist cash gods!)

If it doesn't work out you still end up with a high voltage
generator to conduct experiments with, you can't loose.

yes but the cash gods are against me.
unfortunately finding quality employment to support my funding is very limited.


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