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Author Topic: Break-Out Energy Definations  (Read 4092 times)

Offline kinggeorge

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Break-Out Energy Definations
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:20:53 AM »
Break-Out Energy Definations:

From my post on I am reposting here because I feel that "Break-Out Energy" could be a very useful term in Overy Unity or inhanced Enenergy Systems.  As  most here at OU site know, many feel all energy systems release  "Break-Out Energy" as defined in defination # 2.

Pequaide and "Break-Out Energy"
It seems to me that a the heart of this is wither or not  you believe that ( Break-Out Energy ) is possible, under

some what normal (Mechanical or Electrical ) conditions!
I will take the Scorn and Ridicule and add  definitions of  "Break-Out" energy to this discussion in a few lines

down.  First let me say that Pequaide's distracters would appear to be right using simple know ( or perhaps

believed science ).
Remember the "Heavier Than Air". " Matter and Energy not interchangeable" et et et. Now that I have made most mad I

will give my view of " Break-out" Energy, a term I have coined for this post.
Defination # 1 "Break-Out Energy"  is any energy appearing in a system that was not part of accepted sources,

expected  by most,  at any given period in science.
    Example Radium, Magnetism, Electricity et.   At many periods in the pass few hundred years, a light build and

hand cranked generator or Ice maker would get you burned at the stake. These are now quote known and understood by

science, therefore OK to most.
With this definition I am trying to leave open the possibility for perhaps unexpected energy from  moving masses in

certain manners and systems, that are yet to be shoe horned into current Physics.  Perhaps Mr. Pequaide has found

one of these ( I do hope so) !!!
Get the sticks and stones ready I am about to use the "Nightmare Word"
As Tom any a few of you may know me better, I am used to this, but please if throwing rocks, wrap them with

something interesting to read.  I will be the first to say my Formal Physics is weak at best and I use a more Zen

and Psychic approach, with attempts to find correlation to what I see in the minds eye in Physics.
Defination # 2 "Break-Out Energy"  is any energy appearing in a system that was not part of accepted sources,

expected  by most. Caused by a Catalytic  like reaction that opens a,  Atomic or Sub-Atomic energy release or a

Space-Time energy release, giving more output energy to the system than "Know" input Energy. The heretic words like
"Over Unity" ( the result ) and ZPE "Zero Point Energies" ( the Source ) apply here.
George King

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Break-Out Energy Definations
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:20:53 AM »

Offline kinggeorge

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Re: Break-Out Energy Definations
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2007, 10:36:39 PM »

II had not read the Lee Tesung's "Lead Out" posts when I posted "Break-Out Energy" , Lee Tesung's work is VERY INTERESTING and a Must Study (for Me).

Either term is good I feel, but "Break-Out" seems for me to fit the difficult nature of ZPE release. The origin for me of "Break-Out" was a IMS " IP Multimedia Subsystem" class that referred to (Break-in / Break-out ) for phone calls from and to the PSTN "Public Switched Telephone Network" via the VOIP "Voice Over IP" Internet network.  In reading another Forum I felt there was a need to use a term for these kinds of energy that did not say you had reached System OU, but that you were releasing or trying to release said hidden energies.

I bow in honor, as a old but humble American student to Lee Tesung and his work any the many others that have come before us !!!!!!!
I have a different way of explaining OU energy in a Pendulum system that I my post at some time soon.

George King