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Title: Mike Brady Interview
Post by: Albert Johnson on May 20, 2007, 12:49:20 PM
Im Anhang ist ein interessantes Interview (auf deutsch) mit Mike Brady.

Title: Re: Mike Brady Interview
Post by: hartiberlin on May 23, 2007, 12:49:37 PM
Nicht mal den Schneiders hat Herr Brady  einen laufenden Motor gezeigt,
obwohl das ja genau die w?ren,die ihm durch Ihr Magazin Netjournal
zu Glaubw?rdigkeit verhelfen k?nnten...

Tja, solange es keine eindeutigen Beweise gibt anhand von einem
nicht gefakten Video oder andere Augenzeugen , die den Motor
laufen gesehen haben ....wird wohl noch viel Wasser den Rhein runterlaufen....

English translation:

Not even the Schneider?s was shown a running Perendev motor.
although these are the people, who could have helped Brady the most
due to their very serious Netjournal magazine...

So as long as there are no new videos which show the motor
running from all sides and might not been faked as the one
currently on the Internet and a few independant eye witnesses,
we will never know, if his motor is really for true...

Title: Re: Mike Brady Interview
Post by: jsasso on June 18, 2013, 11:35:26 PM

I have been reading a lot of bad posts here but I am the daughter of Mike Brady and would like to help clear his name.  I unfortunately dont know anything of his motor and have never seen it due to us not being that close in the past. 
I would like to get in touch with people that know him and that could possible assist me to help him clear his name.
I believe that he never had a fair trial and was not given the opportunity to present all his evidence in court.

Is anyone willing to advise what best route to take to clear his name?