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New accelerating gravity wheel ! Converted video from !

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Hi All,
I just went to:

(old website: )
and saw there their new video.

As it was a bit dark and also 54 MB to download,
I just put it through Virtualdub editor and converted it to
a Gamma level enhanced and sharpened DIVX AVI movie.

Here is the result in 4 Mbytes size enclosed.

You need the newer free
codec to watch  it.

Looks amazing.
The first wheel , which seems really to accelerate.
Seems it really generates a lot of torque !
The guy is loosening the brake on the machine, gives it a little
push and the rotor accelerates !

I hope we can invite the inventor to come over here and
tell us about his design.

Regards, Stefan.

This mashine looks quite powerfull.
I also wrote to the inventor and ask him to show up here.

A few month ago i had a print in my hands,that shows a gravity device
like in the Video.
A big mass was sliding on a rod to de end of the arm and was driven by airpressure
to the point of imbalance.After about the halve revolution the mass moved to the other opposite side to do work on the next halve revolution and so on.
The claim was,that the Gravity provides more Power,as it needs to produce airpressure
to keep the prossedure running.


Hi all. I am the owner of the new machine and I will tell you a bit about it.
As you know it works the same as the unbalanced wheel. The trick is to
get the weight back to recycle it. There are 3 procedures I have used to do this.
The air cylinders I use as a shock absorber, similar to that in a car and it also stores
a bit of energy that locks the 2 weights together almost at the bottom. A set of springs are also at the end of the rotating wheel to absorb the impact of the weights.
It trips a leaver that activates a pin that acts as a pushrod to retune the weights.
When the weights are attached they only need to be returned 1/2 the distance then
centrifical force takes over and then they start to accelerate to the other end. The closer to the half way point the 2 weights get the less energy in needs to move it.
Once the weights are past the ballance point they accelerate and generate many times their weight that creats the the energy needed. The faster rotation the larger the force. With out the springs and shock absorber it would destroy itself.
Hope this will help, and I am glad to share it with you.

          <======        Weight--------------------Weight -  weight this end

          <======        Weight--------------------Weight -  ballanced

          <======        Weight--------------------Weight -  weight accelerate

hey bobmary,

nice machine!!!  thanks for coming over here and sharing.  your machine looks like it has some power.  have you checked it?  what kind of torque can you produce with a model the size of the one in the video?  can you share details about the construction?  i would certainly like to duplicate this.


Hi Bob

Excellent work, is there any other videos showing it close up, do you plan to release build details?

Would not like to get smacked over the head with that thing LOL!

Just went to the site but it seems closed at the moment :(




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