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Author Topic: New accelerating gravity wheel ! Converted video from !  (Read 651380 times)


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p.S. He was living in:
Bob Kostoff
Little Britain, Canada

Better contact info was already posted, but I don´t find it anymore right now.



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I did some digging and found this link (only pics, other pages return errors):

and the video I found through wayback machine.


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No relevant post since 2012.... as much as I hate naysayers... Id have to make the conclusion the this device is never going to go anywhere. Either it was all just a fabrication or if it was in fact a functioning piece... he's been bought out....and we'll never see it unless someone can replicate his patent to prove or disprove it's merit.

Just my opinion!


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Re: New accelerating gravity wheel ! Converted video from www.newenergymachine.c
« Reply #161 on: December 30, 2007, 05:12:57 PM »


Quote from: korinsj on December 30, 2007, 03:13:27 PM

    Hi all,

    Sorry my english, but I have one question.

    Any one knows how Bob's gravity wheel works (less more).
    Why? Because in my project of gravity wheel I have only 2 mass and some toth gears. No springs, etc.
    But my project is very very close to Bob's machine.

    I will build my gravity wheel in next week - so, I verify my theory in practice.


Hello Korinsj
I guess at the time nobody knows exactly how it works. Bob told me ,that the rejektion works mechanic way.

In the German Sektion is a patentet wheel exposed.
Perhaps you can use some idea.At least it is a proof  that many People try to use Gravity to drive a wheel.,3821.0/topicseen.html
If you have Questions because of Germen Language,dont hesitate to ask.
But how do you go to handle your Work ?
 I would like you to Open Source your plans and provide us with Pics and
Video at a given time.So that a Replikation can be done, as soon as possible.
Or at least a sketch.
Good succsess

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Hmmmmm. Huh?

Offline helmut

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Why was this old post, written by HELMUT, edited by HARTIBERLIN?



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Rotating Unbalanced Cylinder will lead-out gravitational energy.  Amen.


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Don't lose hope.  Gravitational forces can be tricky.  Besides, we have it from an un'impeachable' source from another thread (who must remain nameless) that those living near truck stops will soon be able to siphon enough gravitational energy from the combined masses of inbound and outbound 18 wheelers to power the LEDs of home night lights in partial compensation for upsetting the gravitational sanctity of one's home....

I have no doubt that if it is just sitting on a table top that it will keep on moving. I've seen a torsion pendulum that was so sensitive that it "kept moving" perpetually...because every week somebody parked an 18-wheeler about 50 yards away outside the building and the thing was actually _gravitationally attracted_ to the mass of the truck, and this was enough to keep it swinging. The business of eliminating all outside sources of energy is not a trivial one.

Yes, eliminating outside influences is certainly not a trivial matter. But then of course, neither is welcoming them.






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Robert Kostooff Canadien patent :Energy Converter


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Evaporation is a real work process. Nevertheless, it is very slow. This will only be a useful means if we can accelerate the process by several orders of magnitude. I've already thought about it, but I haven't found a solution.


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I wonder if this device works.