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Better utilization of a regular gasoline engine.


Hi all. Maybe this is a little bit off topic, but I feel that the topic is interesting.

We all know that a gasoline engine (Running on fossil fuel) have quite low efficiency. We also know that heat pumps have very high efficiency. A heat pump is in fact an inverted cooler, as it cools down one area to make it warmer in another area.
We know that a gasoline engine use gas expantion to move pistons in a cylinder. This gas has to warm up rapidly to make a forceful push on the pistons, so gasoline mixed with air is set on fire inside a combustion chamber. We know that very much of this heat is lost through the exhaust pipe. What if we then utilize this heat to make motive force?

A heat pump is inverted and cools down the exhaust. The same inverted heat pump have tubes that goes through the hot oil in the gear box, through the coolant water and oil chamber inside the engine to cool down all these parts of the engine to as low temperature as possible.
Then the heating part of the pump is going through a water chamber that heats the water to far beyond 100 degrees celcius, making great pressure that will run a high efficiency multiple piston steam engine, which in turn is connected to the engine rod, which in turn will help the motor run more efficient.

Now, allmost all heat generated by losses in the engine and gear box is utilized to make a more efficient fossil fuel based engine.

A small part of the heat generated from the system will be used to heat up the cabin in cold weather :-)



hmmm doesn't the GEET FUEL work like this?

google geet fuel


Interesting, but I think that design is different.




--- Quote from: Low-Q on May 10, 2007, 07:08:12 PM ---Interesting, but I think that design is different.



--- End quote ---

Pogue have construct them 1903
that was utilised by US Armee in Tanks in WW2
to save fuell.
after war that was take of , to use against more fuel.

Never accept this use from car manufactureres or to
use this for eberybody.
Se pogue patents.
On way was hot heat up an fin gasoline flow that was spaed agaist an heated
up "nail-head" to vapoised the gasoline "finer" as it was sprayed out before


you are right, but since, they added a lot of additive in the fuel to make this kind of device less appealing. that will still work but the result will be a far less then what you can expect with real oil without any additive

something that can be used is water injection to cold down the chamber instead of using fuel for that, you can save a lot if its well done

here a good link where you can find a lot of idea about saving fuel for your car


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