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Author Topic: Bruce Cathie, Harmonics, Tesla & Steven Mark  (Read 12681 times)

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Bruce Cathie, Harmonics, Tesla & Steven Mark
« on: May 08, 2007, 12:17:55 PM »
Steven Mark says:

There is a book about Nicola Tesla "The Man Who Had Lightning in His Hand".
I suggest that you find a copy of that book and read it.

During an interview in 1894 Tesla said:

You will think me a dreamer and very far gone if I should tell you what I really hope for.  But I can tell you that I look forward with absolute confidence to sending messages through the earth without any wires.  I have also great hopes of transmitting electrical force in the same way without waste. Concerning the transmission of messages through the earth I have no hesitation in predicting success: I must first ascertain exactly how many vibrations to the second are caused by disturbing the mass of electricity which the earth contains.  My machine for transmitting must vibrate as often to put itself in accord with the electricity in the earth.

In a meeting of the National Electric Light Association, Tesla said:

We now know that electrical vibrations may be transmitted through a single conductor.  Why then not try to avail ourselves of the earth for this purpose?  We need not be frightened by the idea of distance.

A point of great importance would be first to know what is the capacity of the earth? and what charge does it contain if electrified?  If ever we can ascertain at what period the earth's charge, when disturbed, oscillates, with respect to an oppositely charged system or known circuit, we shall know a fact possibly of the greatest importance to the welfare of the human race."

I propose to seek for the period by means of an electrical oscillator or a source of alternating currents.  One of the terminals of this source would be connected to the earth, as, for instance, to the city water mains, the other to an insulated body of large surface.  It is possible that the outer conducting air strata or free space contains an opposite charge, and that, together with the earth, they form a condenser of large capacity.  In such case the period of vibration may be very low and an alternating dynamo machine might serve for the purpose of the experiment.  I would then transform the current to a potential as high as it would be found possible, and connect the ends of the high tension secondary to the ground and to the insulated body.  By varying the frequency of the currents and carefully observing the potential of the insulated body, and watching for the disturbance at various neighboring points of the earth's surface, resonance might be detected.

Should, as the majority of scientific men in all probability believe, the period be extremely small, then a dynamo machine would not do, and a proper electrical oscillator would have to be produced, and perhaps it might not be possible to obtain such rapid vibrations.  But whether this be possible or not, and whether the earth contains a charge or not, and whatever may be its period of vibration, it is certainly possible--for of this we have daily evidence--to produce some electrical disturbance sufficiently powerful to be perceptible by suitable instruments at any point on the earth's surface.

Bruce Cathie writes:

He [Tesla] discovered that a rate of 150,000 oscillations a second, which produced electrical pulsations with a wavelength of 2000 metres, was necessary to produce the effects he required in the transmission of usable power through the earth.

If we convert the wavelength of 2000 metres to a minute of arc, or nautical mile equivalent on the earth?s surface the result is 1.0792237.  The experimental value was therefore very close to 1.08 minutes of arc, or one twenty thousandth of the circumference of the earth, 21600 minutes divided by 1.08.

The exact number of cycles to obtain a 1.08 minute wavelength would be 149892.18 per second.  This would tune the transmitter in harmony with the world grid system.

In the early stages of my work I wondered why I could not obtain pure harmonics from all my calculations when dealing with physical substance ? that is, exactly 144 for the light harmonic etc. Tesla stated that it was not possible to obtain pure resonance or harmonic vibrations, because if this were so than matter itself would disintegrate. A certain amount of resistance must be allowed for it to prevent complete destruction of physical substance.

Steven Mark writes...

It is important that you note that you can never tune too closely to the exact frequencies of power conversion because the power received by the collector will instantly destroy it.  We instead must deliberately tune off the frequencies of conversion in order to make the thing properly work.

Bruce Cathie writes...

With a pocket sized vibrator, he [Tesla] told reporters, he could generate resonant tremors that could split the Earth in two.  He gave its resonance frequency as one hour and 49 minutes.  Whatever the plausibility of his Earth-splitting scheme, the rather precise estimate of the Earth's frequency turned out to be close to the mark, as was demonstrated during the great Chilean earthquake of 1960, when geophysicists were able to measure the time it took waves to travel back and forth through the Earth.

I wondered just what time base the Earth frequency was based on and after several calculations discovered that it was related directly with the yearly cycle of the Earth round the Sun of 365.25 days.

One Earth year = 365.25 days = 8766 hours
One hour 49 minutes = 1.8166 hour
8766 divided by 1.8166 = 4825.3211
Square root of 4825.32 = 69.464

In grid terms the reciprocal harmonic of the speed of light (144,000 minutes of arc per grid second, in free space, relative to the Earth's surface) is 69444444.

If we work backwards from this harmonic value, then:

69.444444 squared = 4822.5308
8766 divided by 4822.5308 = 1.8177178
1.8177178 hours = One hour 49 minutes 03.7842 seconds

The results are so close that I would venture to say that the resonant frequency of the Earth is directly related to the speed of light. 

Another interesting point that I believe we should note is that Tesla insisted that 60 cycles a second would be the most efficient frequency to use in all the alternators and motors produced from his patents.  There was much opposition to this from the manufactured and practical men in the field, but Tesla won his point and, to this day, 60 cycles a second is the frequency used in alternating-current transmission.

Why?  It has been found that one of the basic natural frequencies of the Earth is six cycles per second. Tesla picked a harmonic of 6 which would be the most practical.

6 cycles a second = 5.33333 cycles a grid second = 518400 cycles for one revolution of earth, or 27 grid hours

the square root of 518400 = 720 = 1440/2 = C(speed of light)/2 harmonic

Steven Mark states re: his earliest smallest unit:

These devices take energy from the natural magnetic field of the earth which has an inherent frequency... These basically tune into that and take the energy that is readily available from the earth's magnetic field and produce electricity from it.

Now I'm going to turn the device on through the use of a single magnet.

If you take this device and hold it in your hands, it vibrates ever so slightly.. right around 7.3 cycles per second.

Bruce L. Cathie quotes from "The Energy Grid, Harmonic 695, the Pulse of the Universe"

See more of Cathie's published works on harmonics at

Offline shuzammy

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If only you knew the power of 3's 6's and 9's.
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2007, 02:44:52 AM »
Tesla and Keely have both been attributed to saying the following...

> "If only you knew the power of 3's 6's and 9's."

I don't think they were talking about Omega Fatty Acids.


The Secret Solfeggio Scale...

1. Ut(Do) = 396 = 9
2. Re = 417 = 3
3. Mi = 528 = 6
4. Fa = 639 = 9
5. Sol = 741 = 3
6. La = 852 = 6

The first note, "UT-quent laxis," is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "the Gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy," and "the whole series of recognized musical notes."  It has a frequency of 396 cycles per second, and is also associated with a "magnetic field strength equal to 10 to the 5th power gauss."

The second tone, "RE", short for "resonare fibris" or resonance, also correlates mathematically to 144,000 (a harmonic of the speed of light, Bruce L Cathie).

The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note "MI" on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle."  Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA the genetic blueprint upon which life is based.

Rodin's coil is based upon a petrograph where 3,9 and 6 are triangulated separate from 1,2,4,7 and 8.  All combinations of the solfeggio scale can be derived from Rodin's configurations. 

What is of particular interest in regards to this post is that near the middle of the 3,9 and 6 configuration, there is small vortex which Rodin describes as a black or white hole, a place where energy is derived from the vacuum.

The point being, at some level there are certain harmonics required to make a TPU operate successfully.  The clues to discovering what they are are all around us.  An older post refers to the resonant frequency of ferrite being 695, which Cathie says is the Pulse of the Universe and is related to the Earth's Magnetic Grid. 

The Shumann resonance is but another clue. 

Try these and/or harmonics thereof... After all, there's a reason why the ancient solfeggio scale was a secret, encoded into ancient structures, texts and even gregorian hymns.

Offline chrisC

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Re: Bruce Cathie, Harmonics, Tesla & Steven Mark
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2007, 03:06:10 AM »
@ shuzammy

Thanks again for the interesting analysis. This is beginning to look like a Sherlock Holmes novel! Very interesting ... Intelligent life design indeed. The university seemed to exhibit all these interconnected relationship. Thanks


Offline Moab

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Re: Bruce Cathie, Harmonics, Tesla & Steven Mark
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2007, 04:32:59 AM »

Thanks for posting this. the measureing system you speak of is alive and well. Its just been hiden.

                                                                    Thank-Y-OU Summary.

Offline shuzammy

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« Reply #4 on: May 09, 2007, 08:59:48 AM »

Most excellent link!

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Tesla transverse and longitudinal electric waves
« Reply #5 on: May 09, 2007, 03:44:39 PM »
Not enough could be said for the instructional value of this video...

If you're hungry for more...