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I feel like I don't fit in and I am a strange duck so let me tell
you i search for new ways of conversion hoping I can find a
barrier to break in efficiency.I don't build old circuits with claims.
Recently I and my friends have been kicking the idea around
that if thrust is produce by an ionized surface and 6 were
mounted on spokes it should produce mechanical torque.
what catagory would you fit this into? Well almost 3000 in
the group there has to be 50 others in here like me so
I thought maybe     unconventional      might be good.

well alternative energy is unconventional in itself. If others try to make a convention of it they wont get far.
all the great thinkers were unconventional, Tesla, Ed Gray, Morray, Etc.

My unconventional thought is a modification to the Ed Gray Conversion tube.
My theory is based on observation of other planets with thicker atmosphere. lightning is very prevelent on some of those planets (given the make up of the gases presentt).
The tube I am currently constructing will be pressurized with dry air. it will have a valve so I can add or remove pressure as I test.
we know from other reports that the ether discharge resulting from fast switching high voltage is non existent in vacum, and lighting occurs in dense atmosphere so in theory my tube will produce more ether currents with less voltage than current designs.

Sounds like you may be on to something there Drac.

Michael Couch

Wonder what would happen if you made a thick walled tube and filled it with
a plasmable gas some are cool enough they might no melt grid and die.

late post on this:

the tube may work on a cool plasmable gas but I felt that we are in essence trying to create lightning in a bottle when it comes to the conversion tube.
in a lightning storm you notice many affects going on at once, high temperature and high pressure are the most notable, in the case of the mid west high humidity is also felt and these all intermingle whith eachother to cause lightning through high friction.
if we were to use a gas that is relatively cool under highvoltage stress I feel that the effect may lessen by causing the molecules to not move rapidly. the more rapid they move and the higher the pressure the more lightning. the high voltage shot through the system forces the molecules to move and collide with each other.
allot of factors intermingled with eachother :)

I'm still working on my prototype in my spare time which lately seems to be nill with this poor excuse of a job i have now.


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