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Title: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 02, 2007, 12:02:37 AM
Hi everyone,

Lost first post I type very slow, met ex-government scientist 22 years ago, here's a pic of the generator. More details later.


Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 02, 2007, 12:36:42 AM
Sorry posted wrong pic, i'm on dial-up, not good with computers. Sorry I thought I clicked on the the 500k pic.

That's a quad-filler coil, the no load volt output was 100 peak to peak. But the spark could jump 10mm.

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Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: TheOne on May 02, 2007, 01:12:29 AM
big gen! how it work? and what this is able to generatE?
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 02, 2007, 01:25:02 AM
big gen! how it work? and what this is able to generatE?
It sets up transients on top of transients by spinning the 30 pole roter.

The scientist who built it passed away 5 years ago.

I have to look though he's notes on how too even hook it up.(if the schematic is there)

20 years ago he had it running . I was doing something else.

He also built a (black hole sun). I'm trying to find an old pic of it. mark
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: allcanadian on May 02, 2007, 02:03:27 AM
Now thats interesting!
Multiple wound coil, 100v with 10 mm spark so he has HV mixed with EM, paramagnetic multipole powered rotor, I wonder if he was using this as a parametic oscillator to add transient waves to one another. But is it a self runner?
Do you have the schematics and could you post them?
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 03, 2007, 10:28:54 PM
Here's the first prototype. In the center was the what he call the modulator(paramagnetic multipole roter?)I think he said it went ou, I think it back oscillated a car battery a little. He said that he  was going to build special electric instruments to tune it better. I have the specs of the coil,( second protype first pic)  but the big ring coil is gone :(

 He was sick for years( to many problems to list) Never the money to finish all he's projects
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: FreeEnergy on May 03, 2007, 10:55:26 PM
more please...  :D
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 04, 2007, 02:13:52 AM
 By the way he said fusion generator "Tomahawk" i think it was called, worked in Michigan, then they shut the project down.
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: Moab on May 04, 2007, 02:52:31 PM
Yes more please. It reminds me of a little dipole project i've been tinkering with for a number of years. Thanks for posting . M,
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on May 07, 2007, 03:25:52 AM
Here's he's resume supplement,

EDUCATION:college,completed 287 credit hours in
seven (7) semesters, technical subjects: Associate in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geology; Tutor of students in Mathematics (all levels through LaPlacean and Fourier Transforms, Physics, Electronics, Biology, Geology, and Metallurgy crystal-forms.
RATINGS  : Master Electronic Analyst Master Fluids Analyst
Current: -Fluid (liquids/gases) flow control valving systems via electromagnetic field means via electronic controls systems.  Systems    _ with no moving components. ****
-Advanced state of art Ozone Generator designs, Ultra Violet and Corona Discharge.
-Vortex-flow technology/electronics controls applications.

1983-85: Welding Systems involving High Frequencies (200 to 500,000 hertz) and dielectric heating systems of high voltage and amperes (6000 volts at 20 to 100 Amperes or 200,000 Watts. Total Systems Design. Problem:  Real time power rating/10 millisecond periods; REMS to DC Converter for voltage and current and multiplication to yield real time in under 10 milliseconds with digital updates. Client: Proprietory
1982-83: Liquid Level Detector, all liquids, all temperatures, without moving components; plus, associated electronic control circuitry. Design and prototype fabrication as prerequisite to manufacture. Multiple points output drive at varied hysteresis levels. Sensitivity:  ^ teaspoon of water over 50 to 150 inches of water column,
expandable to 100"s of feet of head. Applications: Sump pumps for refineries, pools, fluid storage, and
closed systems such as liquid propane, acids, bases, etc. Client: Proprietory
1980-81: Low-cost Laser light demonstration system for printing and secret <:,     projection systems with cost-to-produce under $400.00.  Analog computer control systems designed/developed.
DiscoFloor Lighting System of inert gases, digital computer control, 1/3 power of incandescent systems w/out heat on feet/floor. Client: Video Game Company
1978-82: Design of digital computer cross-assemblers and installation from basic interpreters and compilers into client's assemblers. Clients:  Numerous

1978-79: Design of video game of chance for publicity program of Burger King, customers given tokens to play for prizes. Electronics, computer design and prototype fabrication.
1969:   Government SATCOM Project (6A Security Clearance) ? Archive
Computer Data Storage Project (Recruited as college student by F.B.I, for computer/electronics project at Classified location)

OTHER RESUME DATA:  The attached continuation sheets cover work performed from 1964 through 1972; starting at age nine (9) in Father's machine shop business, He  preformed many machine operational tasks and research and development functions related to the business.  Born in 1947, this early age association with shop operations resulted in hands-on machining and materials development and testing experience over many years prior to 1964 (age 17) as covered in the attached sheets.  The following is a xerox of a first draft resume copy.  No attempt to retype or correct typographical errors has been made due to time constraints. *

Interviewer's Note; He spent much of his childhood after 8 or 9 years of age, working and experimenting with his Father's shop tools, equipment, and laboratory facilities.  During this period through college and after, he was was involved in problem solving of production methods and systems as well as his personal development of a new powdered metals ceramics material and processing system that became the basis of a new division within the company. By the time he entered college, his thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a general technical course of study involving a wide-range of cross-disciplinary subjects in technology but without regard to an alignment of subject matter enabling him to complete any one degree such as engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, or metallurgy.  In seven (7) semesters of study, he completed 287 semester credit hours of principally technical work, for an average of 41 hours of credit/semester where normally 17 to 18 hours were considered, normal. As an undergraduate student, he tutored others in a wide-range of subject matter. At no time aid his course of study feature courses in literature nor the arts, but rather technology. As the result of testing for induction into the Army and/or Air Force testing programs and due to recommendations of his Professors,  He was selected by the government for his work on a special project, SATCOM, as noted above.  Having consulted with him on several current on-going projects over the past two years, there is little doubt that he has much to offer in the technological fields via cross-disciplinary knowledge in depth.  Especially noted is his knowledge in energy transformations and electronic controls required for such transformations and a wide range of other process controls.  His ability to design complex electronic circuitry using advanced state of the RC circuits and components for achieving high-reliability circuitry is nothing short of remarkable.  Thus, too, is his understanding for the need to incorporate fail-safe circuitry into reliability circuits.
In summary. My association with  him over the past two years has discovered that his capabilities in the sciences permit successful design accomplishments where other technical persons have failed, indeed, where others have feared-to-tread.

This was written by scientist friend who was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force.
Title: Re: Negative Energy Generator
Post by: maxc on August 02, 2007, 11:22:18 PM
Hi all
  Well....... i took apart the negative energy generator. No plans found.
  It had 8 layers of 20 gauge magnet wire, with varnished cambric tape in between, one layer each.
Then it had 4 layers of aluminum wire.

All I remember about the blackhole sun was very heavy 30lb or so of I think 20 gauge wire in center coil.
20 gauge wire for big Newman coil.

 More later. .