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Title: Help ~hartiberlin-USER~ to access his own posting
Post by: gri on May 10, 2005, 02:28:40 PM
( ~from~ grivitation arrow )

it is paradox but a simple user can easily delete his post
from the Locked topic (if Locked by not a moderator).
DO NOT delete that your post please,226.msg1475.html#msg1475
to save an example.

One of the problems is that a simple User
can not MODIFY his own posting
in the topic
which was Locked by another simple User.

At the same time it is often needed
to post a series of consequent and NOT INTERRUPTED posts
next of which can surely be in the future.
But the author of the topic can not post to his own topic
not having Unlocked it
for other Users' New posts.

Thus the Users of SMF are mutual hostages
of the moderation ideology of the program.

imagine yourself to be a simple User
(login as a User, not moderator)
and try to modify your post in the Locked topic
as if you have discovered an error in it.

I hope the problem will become more clear now.