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Author Topic: Cheap Wind-Farming  (Read 25652 times)


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Cheap Wind-Farming
« on: April 18, 2007, 04:30:32 PM »
"Motorwind Turbines":
100 US$/KW; 0,01US$/KWH



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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2007, 06:06:37 PM »
good device, its weird, this device use friction between the fan to generate more power :)

not sure if it's really work well, but it's something interesting


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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2007, 05:35:05 AM »

I think the combined Dot Matrix Sign and Wind Power is the real $$$ winner here. Great form of Business Advertising. Wish I had US franchaze on it ::)
I think I will buy a set for
George King


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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2019, 09:01:57 PM »
2016 Uni Utah study :
  7 $cents/KWh Wind generator costs
+ 2,3 $cents /KWh backup power

+ 2,7 $cents/KWh transmission costs
+. 23 $cents/KWh government subsidies
35 $ cents/KWh total wind electricity costs per KWh
Target: cutting 90% costs( hidden earnings)



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Re: Cheap Wind(ing)-Farming
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2020, 11:12:05 PM »                  P = π/2 * r² * v³ * ρ * η

Die Erfindung geht von der Erkenntnis aus, daß zwischen Elektrotechnikund Strömungstechnik eine Analogie besteht.

Diese besteht darin, daß ein elektromagnetisches Feld um einen beliebiggebogenen drahtförmigen Leiter und ein Strömungsfeld um einen beliebig geformtenWirbel faden durch das gleiche Gesetz beschrieben werden, das Biot-Savartsche Gesetz.
Die Größen "Zuwachs an magnetischer Feldstärke" und "Geschwindigkeitszunahme" entsprechendaher einander.

Da sich magnetische Feldstärke dadurch konzentrieren läßt, indem man einen stromdurchflossenen Leiter zu einer Spule aufwickelt, kann man auch inder Strömungstechnik eine Geschwindigkeitszunahme erzielen, indem man einen Wirbelfadenzu einer Spule aufwickelt. Ordnet man mehrere sich gleichsinnig drehende Wibel so an, daß ihre Achsen auf einem Kreis liegen, werden sie sich infolge der gegenseitigen Induktion um den Mittelpunkt des Kreises drehen.
Die Induktion wächst dabei mit der Zahl der Wirbel. Die Aufspulgeschwindigkeit steigt und die Wirbelfäden nähern sich der Form von dicht an dicht liegenden Ringwirbeln. Das Geschwindigkeitsfeld,das diese Ringwirbel in ihrem Inneren induzieren, bildet den erstrebten Konzentrationseffekt.

The invention is based on the knowledge that there is an analogy between electrical engineering and fluid engineering.

This consists in that an electromagnetic field around an arbitrarily curved wire-shaped conductor and a flow field around an arbitrarily shaped vortex filament are described by the same law, Biot-Savart's law. The quantities "increase in magnetic field strength" and "speed increase" correspond approximately to one another. Since magnetic field strength can be concentrated by winding a current-carrying conductor into a coil, an increase in speed can also be achieved in fluid engineering by winding a vortex filament into a coil. If you arrange several co-rotating wibel so that their axes lie on a circle, they will rotate around the center of the circle as a result of the mutual induction. The induction grows with the number of vertebrae. The winding speed increases and the wiber threads approach the shape of ring vertebrae lying close to one another. The velocity field that these ring vortices induce in their interior forms the desired concentration effect.

The espacenet translator is not perfect : correct  f.e. " ..... co-rotating wirbel so that ..."  Wirbel = whirl/cyclon/.....

Beispiel: Eine Windkraftanlage mit Nominial 400 W (Herstellerangabe) erzeugte bei einer Windstärke von ca. 20 m/Sek. eine Leistung von 70 Watt. Nach Umrüstung des Generators auf kombinierte Wicklungen lieferte die Anlage bereits bei einer Windstärke von 5-6 m/Sek. 140 Watt. Bei 10-12 m/Sek. wurden über 320 Watt erzeugt!

Example: A wind turbine with a nominal 400 W (manufacturer's specification) generated at a wind force of approx. 20 m / sec. an output of 70 watts. After converting the generator to combined windings, the system delivered with a wind force of 5-6 m / sec. 140 watts. At 10-12 m / sec. were generated over 320 watts!

Fill this above Arestov modified combined double coils numbers values in  :) 

Compare with over the net available commercial 400 W windturbine data ! rotor diameter/radius

wind and winding : dependencies ! electric wind + magnetic wind  ;)

Electricity also called in german Elektronengas and modern PLASMA

Bio + Chem + Tronik : Bionik,Biontik

                                        how convertes rotative electric generator

[0092] [0093] [0094] explained by                  P = π/2 * r² * v³ * ρ * η

                                                              useable ( with combined double winding) for :

Next, the mode of operation of the first embodiment with the above-described construction as a water-energy conversion system or a wind-energy conversion system will be described. The hydraulic energy causes the first turbine rotors 7 to rotate in the counterclockwise direction and the second turbine rotors 10 to rotate in the clockwise direction so that their rotation is transmitted through their internal gears 6 and planet gears 8 to the sun gears or pinions 5 on the output shaft and consequently the output shaft 3 is caused to rotate in the clockwise direction. The rotational speed N of the output shaft 3 is given by: ##EQU1## where n1 is the rotational speed of the first turbine rotor 7 n2 is the rotational speed of the second turbine rotor 10 Z1 is the number of teeth of the internal gear 6

Z2 is the number of teeth of the sun gear or pinion 5
Thus, it is seen that the rotational speed of the output shaft 3 is twice as high as that of the conventional turbine which is provided with only one bladed rotor. When only one turbine rotor; that is, one turbine rotor 7 with its blades 11 is used, as with the conventional hydraulic energy conversion system, it causes helical downflows, but according to the present invention, the left-handed and right-handed blades 11 and 12 are alternately disposed so that no helical downflow occurs and consequently the efficiency of the conversion of the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy; that is, the rotation of the output shaft 3, can be remarkably increased. More specifically, the output power becomes the sum of those produced by the first and second turbine rotors 7 and 10.The output shaft 3 can be connected directly or through a suitable reduction or multiplying gear means to an electric generator, a pump, a compressor, a frictional heat generator or the like so that the hydraulic energy; that is, the wind or water power can be efficiently used as various power sources.

                        Let's not forget that the energy of the wind increases with the cube of its speed and hence the force

                                                    twice the speed = 2³ the force = 8 times the force

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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2020, 02:43:03 PM »


capsule tower to "energy chamber tower"

these "energy chambers" based by Israel Hirshberg his "air internal energy converter :

To demonstrate the ratio between kinetic energy and internal energy we calculate these energies for a flow having a speed of 25 meter/second, having a temperature of T=32° F.

Using the British Unit System

Cp=6000 FT×LB/Slug ° R
T=460+32=492° R
V=25/0.3048=82.02 FT/SEC
The internal energy is: CpT=6000×492=2,952,000 FT×LB/Slug

The kinetic energy is: V2/2=(82.02)2/2=3,201.6 FT×LB/Slug

Therefore the ratio between the air kinetic energy to the air internal energy in this case is: 3,201.6/2,952,000=0.00108, i.e., the kinetic energy is about one thousandth of the air internal energy.

Anymore need from far off-shore,far on-shore wind energy parcs,
but consumer-near sub-surface to several metres super-surface high energy tower with "on demand" or permanent nominal wattage energy generation and conversion !

But there is no argument physically to also construct "air internal energy chamber tower" with up to 1000 metres high like the US american scientist Melvin Prueitt did promoted !

Beside : AirWatt

Or net-grid autonoumos self-serving  "air internal energy converter" !

Mechanical output or electrical !

as grid electricity "input energy amplifier",multiplied ouput ,un-/cascaded  !

Or "solar cell focus chamber",up to 30 times the output per sqm floor area per horizontal stage : each stage 1,8 mtrs high , 4 x = 7,2 meters high and 120 times yield per sqm area !

The newer silicon solar cells needs near  gr./Wp parity related to conventional ones,in flat plane concentrator only 1/4 is needed,

the production price falls in next time near the 5 US$cent/Wp range ( low duration cells ! +- 1 year function ),physical possible target 1 US$cent/Wp =
 perfect organization,REPRAP  !

100 times less ,cascaded up to 100 x 100 times = 10 000 x  less land use ! Or up to 10 000 times more electric energy delivery by given floor area !

Seeing the potentials physical,by approved formulas and existent prototypes and not by source capacity limiting "lobby politics " ! ???
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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2020, 11:53:26 AM »
Collage/sampling ,over 20 years :

                      costs research and development from low speed generators

Year 2000 costs from a low speed (< 200 rpm) generator per KW : > 1500 Euros (worth)

assuming 375 Euros/KW for the system extra without generator = 1875 Euros /KW total installation-costs

First decrease : 1000 Euros/KW

                                                                                        =  1375 Euros/KW installation-costs with alibaba- generator weight/material price calculation

                      3000 RPM    37,5 Euros/KW fob factory

                      1500 RPM    75    Euros/KW

                       750 RPM   150   Euros/KW

                       375 RPM   300   Euros/KW

                    <200 RPM    600   Euros/KW

                                                                                                = 975 Euros/KW installation-costs

Comparing this kind of rpm/weight -linear production costs calculation with academical study :


The overall cost of the generator, for material prices as of December 2010, amounted up to
668€, which implies a cost of 223 €/kW. This results in a significant reduction in the €/kW cost
for the generator of the small wind turbine, since a common cost for generators in this nominal
power range in the global market would amount up to 469 €/kW, from well established

                                                                                                                       = 600 Euros/KW installation costs

They used neodym-magnets,market price !

                                                    Up to five times cheaper than Neodymium/Samarium magnets ! By minimum same force !

                                                    Related to - no array conception - minimum four times less magnetic material !

Instead copper coil change to aluminium or magnetic graphit/graphene or sodium

Sodium coil based invention : Sodium and silicon will become the EE main material

2020 : anymore the Koenn(was a good pace-maker)but now    is the base/development platform  !

                                                  Target : 375 Euros/KW ,lets calculate the 1 Euro-cent per KWh generated ! in situ,no GHG-emission,home plant

1. + low cost DC generator 800 W ,calculation : +- 2 Euro-cents/KWh

 the above 225 Euros/KW for 300 RPM to 750 RPM and the costs improvement by coil/magnets/powdered iron core (Lund-Uni) : 150 Euros/KW/300 RPM to 75 Euros/KW/750 RPM

2. + low cost generator : +- 1,5 Euro-cents/KWh

3. + low cost generator : +- 1,5 Euro-cents/KWh




 as rotoverter alternative like this 24/365 wind + solar + rotoverter(Mo-Gen) concept :


6. by DC output to DC/AC inverter and output multiplying

resonance is bad,resonance is good ( META-C Corporation,James Dinnan) surges are bad,surges are good (Dirac surges as voltage amplyfier)

the Wallner welding trafo "inrush current peak" is to bring with the "inverter outrush and nominal output" in resonance !

6 KWh household consume (without room heating)  to 600 Wh per day conventional consume :

heat element/Kovac/Osma Tech coating + inpama power saver :

1500 Watt halogen back-oven and 1500 Watt hot water heater to each 100W nominal

800 Watt hair dryer,toaster,clothes dryer to 80 Watt nominal

500 Watt washing-machine,vacuum cleaner(Edginton,GB) to 50 Watt nominal

Fridge and freezer to 10 Watt and lower nominal power consume ( Rieder absorber fridge,Osma Tech coating,M.E.C.H. as fridge compressor,power saving electric motor/winding , ....)

low power consume LED-lights

Household Wattpeak network organisation,parallel to seriell appliances use (timer)
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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #8 on: June 04, 2020, 11:53:32 AM »
Observing estatal institutions and private companies previews :
US DOE "freedomcar"-project : low cost and massproduction of e-drives/controller package
EE-drive-designer Roy Kessinger : factory production prices from 15 US$/ehp to 5 US$/ehp + controler costs
Siemens e-drive nominal power density : 13 KW/Kg

These motor-values corresponds generator production costs !

We can calculate and assume, at first  :

motor costs 1/3          20 US$/KW  to 7,5 US$/KW

and controller/software/sensor costs 2/3,decreasing to 50/50 : 25 US$/KW to 10 US$/KW

totally market average fob factory :  from 50 US$ decrease   

                                                                   ≤ 20 US$/KW= motor+ controler   
                                                        and/or 20 US $/KVA= generator+ controler

"Variable speed = variable frequency= variable rpms"-Controler technology,low cost : Raser ( company bancrupcy),Richard Fradella and other,exposed for example : peswiki ,old pages

1/10 from the Latoufis et al.  " low speed generator"-prototype costs ,base 3000 rpm ~ 50 Hz network speed !

Easy to demonstrate : 225 Euros/300 rpm = 112,5 Euros/600 rpm = 60 Euros/1200 rpm = 30 Euros/2400 rpm

by linear rpm/device material weight relationship !

The Linevich/Arestov Drehmomentwandler/torque converter,

as drive 1x or 2x motors ( multiple dynamoelectrical drives on one shaft= )

with generator coils(= negative current feedback circuit ~ Geminielectric motor,Trinitymotor motor-generator,Peter Rust motor-generator)

and the 100 W nominal motor power served by Uchiyama resistor :

the pure/unmodified Linevich/Arestov torque converter performance ? Drive rpm and output rpm ?!

UP TO C.O.P. 16 ? 400/25 = ?

Citating :
" Sehr geehrter Herr Holubar, das Patent wurde nur in Russland <<<angemeldet >>>(12 Monate Fristzeit) Alles kostet Zeit und Geld. Den Motor können Sie sehen und testen. Patent für Generator: Wir brauchen Hilfe und Unterstützung für weitere Entwicklung MfG Victor Arestov "
Citation end


Does the load demand ( electric : torque converter + egenerator ; mechanic-kinetik : load f.e. heat pump )controles the torque converter  his e-drive input demand ?!

The multiple motors on one shaft/Uschiyama resistor solution also useable in the Israel Hirshberg " air internal energy converter"

,the Shinetsu Ishikawa "vacuum "motor-generator"-chamber :

the idea is to low the "inrush current"-peak/steady demand and what by the Uchiyama resistor couple happens !

Citating :

" Inrush essentially causes a freshly electrified motor (as well as electrical supplies and any connected drive components) to function as a large capacitor — one that requires charging until the circuit reaches normal operating power. " Citation end


                                                            f.e.         3 ms pulse power cycles

Now "this function as a large capacitor" with capacitive winding circuit,with couple " function as a large anti-/counter-/negative capacitor"-generator ?

 ::) 8) ;) :)  No OU without "inrush or outrush" ! spike/surge pressure ! ion wind !

Surprisingly, even at freezing temperatures, the energy of natural wind air (called "internal" energy) is huge compared to its kinetic energy.

Therefore, in this case, the ratio of air kinetic energy to air internal energy is: 3,201.6/2,952,000 = 0.00108, that is, the kinetic energy is about one thousandth of the air internal energy, and this case is the maximum work for a complex 2MW air turbine Air speed. The weaker the wind, the smaller the energy ratio.

Einstein-Bose condensat : air humidity ? / air dry ! 1 Gr. Water : hydrogen energy content ?

Today over 80% from the market costs are " knowledge and software" related,material independent !

In most cases this 80% price part can become saved cause  free available :

 youtube vids,

free software-shareware(,

utility models and technical innovation archives and " habilitation/promotion"-archives

experts ( business angels manner)  literature , free download
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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #10 on: July 09, 2020, 01:46:40 PM »

[0041] When coaxial inversion occurs between the housing main body 11 and the coil body 31 housed thereinside as stated above, providing that the velocity V2 (rotating velocity) attained when either the flux linkage magnets or the coil body is rotated while the other is fixed is “1,” the relative velocity V1 between the first and second flux linkage magnets 21, 22 within the housing main body 11 and the coil portion 32 within the coil body 31 is twice the same, “2” (V1=2V2). Consequently, a generated power output as large as “4 times” the generated power output obtained when either the flux linkage magnets or the coil body is rotated while the other is fixed can be realized at the coil portion 32 within the coil body 31. Namely, the disk-shaped coaxial inversion generator 1 ensuring strikingly large generated power output (that is, high conversion efficiency from natural energy to electric power) can be realized.

# Reply5 

                       Let's not forget that the energy of the wind increases with the cube of its speed and hence the force   

                                                  twice the speed = 2³ the force = 8 times the force

 What happens when                 speed
                                         relative velocity

      is doubled : force ?                                 is halfed : force ?




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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #11 on: June 25, 2021, 02:47:52 PM »
I take an industrial product as model for a wind-chamber costs and economy calculation :

              440 Euros ,fob factory,for 110 Kg etrike means 4 Euros/Kg product ,included 1x electric motor

the wind-chamber numbers :

10 KW output , weight 200 Kg , 1x electric motor + 1x electric generator

                  200 Kg x 4 Euros = 800 Euros + ? RPM generator =

                 800 Euros + 700 Euros 750 RPM Schiller generator

                = 1500 Euros basic equipment costs

a. the web-site from 2003 ,b. given C.O.P. 3x ,c.   3,4 US$cents/KWh electricity generation costs by 10 000 US$/10 KW investment

1.assumption : 2003 capital tax calculator 10%,now 2021 5%

2.assumption : instead 10 000 US$ investment costs lowered to 3000 Euros/10 KW,low over-head margins

3.asssumption: the C.O.P. 3 increaseable to C.O.P. 5x by motor and generator rewinding/improvement

3,4 US$cents x 3000/10 000 US$ = 1,02 US$cents/KWh

                                 lower capital tax and higher C.O.P. gain

                                                 < 1,0   US$cent or 1 Euro-cent /KWh

                                                          Euro/US$ pari estimation

                                  ;D  11 cents per kWh without financing costs  ;D 

                         the ITER and other Tokamacs 900 % too expensive related conventional C.O.P>1 circuits

                         in german : ABM for ex-nuclear-industry and finance system , 25 Billions contract for 2,5 Billions investment worth

                                                                   900% "Establishment" margin


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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2022, 10:15:26 PM »                        knovos
It's really going in the direction of advanced engineering, I fully understand the need for this, eventually, we want to build a machine that will run for 24-7 months and only stop for maintenance. I think this is all too difficult for the average maker. My hopes were based on a simpler solution and 3D printing everything except for some bearings, shafts, nuts, and bolts. The big advantage of this is that the files can be shared worldwide and can be put together by someone who does not have a high technical level. Let me continue with that version. So the less reliable plastic version, but a device that works. If only something like this can be achieved then each subsequent version will get better. When it comes to 3D printing, it is impossible to print plastic parts similar to those made in metal. I have patience. Let's hope more people join in and use their engineering skills to make as many of these machines as possible.

                                         " the 1 US$/barrel( ~ 1600 KWh) equivalent clean electricity explorator "

                       we want to build a machine that will run for 24-7 months and only stop for maintenance.



                             airpower given " 3 cents per Kilo-Watt-Hour " x 1600 KWh (= barrel) = 48 US$
                                                            1 US$/48 US$
                            "  David against Gol(iath) "  or " David with Gol(iath) "

                Reply #122                   

   Men productivity, U.N. conditionized ,handcraft :
                                                                                  100% and 1/1 price view

                       C.N.C.-bot productivity ,motor-craft,non stop,high precision :                                                                       

                                                                                5000% and 1/50 human price view

              48 US$/( 5000 %/100 %) = a. < 1 US$ ?  b. >  1 US$  ? per 1600 KWh oil-barrel equivalent electricity

                                                          global society

                                                  surplus plastics reuse

                                                    what is thinkable becomes possible becomes real

                                                                       my private philosophy

                                                                       applied mnemo technics
                                                       strategical management for top quality results
                                                                           In search of excellence



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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #13 on: February 19, 2022, 12:21:27 AM »
                                          from mnemo technics to applied social science :

electricity selling costs
electricity production costs
                                                           average 6 Eurocents/KWh

                                            here focus on wind force converting generator
The electricity generation costs of onshore wind turbines (specific System costs of 1500 to 2000 EUR/kW) per year 2018 between 3.99 and 8.23 €cents/kWh.

In spite of higher average full load hours of up to 4500 hours a year, offshore wind turbines record just under 7.49 to 13.79 €cent/kWh significantly higher electricity generation costs than onshore wind turbines

                                                         taking the onshore wind turbine average :                                          1750 EUR/KW installation costs and 6 EUR cents/KWh generation
                                            assumption : 27 % full-hour conversion= efficiency per annum

                                  Atmospheric electricity generator ( to differ from Atmospheric water generator,AWG )
                                                                        10 KW model

                                       1000 US$/KW installation and 3 US$cents/KWh generation costs
                                           assumption : by given C.O.P. 3 ~ 66% permanent efficiency

   with attention EUR/US$ convergence and 1000 US$/1750 EUR per KW and 27%/66% work performance efficiency difference
                                                       3 US$cents/KWh are plausibel,for 2004 CAPEX calculation for selling price base !
The production costs from such an "Atmospheric electricity generator " we can estimate by "Energy converter" prototyping
model costs :                                                     
                                                                         with 375 US$/KW

                                                           airpower 3 US$cents/KWh x 375(aveurope)/1000(airpower) =

                                                                    actually 1 EUR cent/KWh

                                       1 Euro/1600 KWh (~ barrel/Fass) = 0,0625 Eurocent/KWh   or  0,000625 EUR/KWh

                                     10 EUR/1600 KWh                          = 0,6250  Eurocent/KWh  or  0,006250 EUR/KWh

                                   100 EUR/1600 KWh                          = 6,250  Eurocents/KWh  or  0,062500 EUR/KWh

 Rio Tinto Alcan has similar production costs, thanks to low cost smelters in Canada, powered also by low cost hydro power, with the Kitimat smelter having the lowest power tariff in the world (below US$ 6 /MWh), while its other Canadian smelters pay less than US$ 7 / MWh.                   
                               6 US$/1000 KWh up to 7 US$/1000 KWh =  0,6 US$/KWh up to 0,7 US$/KWh

     FIRST TARGET            10 EUR/1600 KWh                                 = 0,6250  Eurocent/KWh

                                             as :  Global clean renewable power tariff

                   375 US$/KW aveurope prototype with compareable airpower 10 KW/200 Kg standart
                  200 Kg : 80 Kg generator and 10 Kg motor and 110 Kg blade/chamber weight

                 ( 80 Kg + 10 Kg ) x Kg/32,5 US$ motor/generator calculation (reference alibaba offer)

                + (110 Kg x 7,5 US$ ) here heatpumps/ic-gensets/ JinPeng etrike material transformation costs max. market price mixing per Kg
                = 2925 US$ motor and generator + 825 US$ blade/chamber = 3750 US$/10 KW or 375 US$/KW

                 80 Kg generator and 10 Kg motor conventional changing to HTS coil 16 Kg generator and 2 Kg HTS coil motor
                and 110 Kg blade/chamber with an 25 Kg "transmission" alternative

                later :

                 permanent magnet motor and generator to pm-less motor and pm-less generator
                iron core to plastics/air core               Final target : 1 Euro/1600 KWh (~ barrel/Fass) = 0,0625 Eurocent/KWh   or  0,000625 EUR/KWh 
        40 US$/KW costs / 8766 hours /11 years ~  0,0415 US$cent/KWh or 0,000415 US$/KWh, costs based       
                                      / 0,325 as absolute market gross selling price minimum =
                                                                0,13 US$cent/KWh selling price based     
                                                                         in competition           
      Final target : 1 Euro/1600 KWh (~ barrel/Fass) = 0,0625 Eurocent/KWh   or  0,000625 EUR/KWh
                           step by step from international reflation to international deflation ,work in progress      A refreshing weekend wishing   
  p.s. :

minimum an Wissen : Maxwellsche Gleichungen und Daemon
                                    Laplacesche Operatoren und   Daemon

  Da die Maxwellsche Gleichungsreihe der Lorentztransformation entspricht /wiederspiegelt :   Lorentzsche Daemon ?!                                                                           
                                                   Lorentzkraft , 3 Finger Regeln, Lenz und Fleming                                                     
                                                                          a. positive  Materie Kreislauf                     
                                                                               b. negative Materie Kreislauf     
                                                        auch genannt als Pendant zu Teilchen die Antiteilchen                                       

                                                      EMK-Kreislauf und TD-Kreislauf :

                                                             2018-11-29 priority date

                                                           May 24, 2012 priority date       

                                               ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR SYSTEM

One aspect of the design includes generation of electricity via a turbine configured to be actuated by an increase in gas pressure from heat transfer fluid in a continuous heat transfer fluid system as it exits the evaporator.

                                                           der Daemon steckt im Detail

                                                                   Lorentz Anti-/Kraft                               



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Re: Cheap Wind-Farming
« Reply #14 on: February 19, 2022, 03:46:57 PM »
                                                            I become now bi :o ,bi-lingual  ::) ;)

                                                                  Wind,Wind  das himmlische Kind

                         DNA/RNA-wind to Spiral/Vortex to operation/opera :
                         JHS,opus deii  Schoepfung-Werk Gottes   saekular : Schoepfungswerk des Geistes; creare,Creativitaet

                         Mathematik = Geistes-Wissenschaft,gesamt ; Scientia/Science
                         Mathematik,nicht nur arithmetisches Uebersetzungsmittel,klassische algebra und geometria

                        Koerper,(Verstand),Geist,(Seele),Libido            VERNUNFT,latin : ratio ,english  reazon,good sense

                        VERNUNFT,good sense,ratio zu Gunsten .....

                        DNA/RNA-experimente ,bezueglich Emotion und Motivation,eines Gesamtkoepers :

                       C.G.Jung : Mariendorf Feld-Test ,

                       Francis Galton " Sym-/Em-pathie-Selbstprogrammierung" und Wirkungsexperiment

                       Dr. Kazumi Masaki Theta-Wellen-Forschung (Brain-waves )

                      " Dr.h.c. med. Quacksalber"  Heilsversprechen versus militaer-strategische Labor-/Feld-Abeitsergebnisse

                     Serious R&D results and   literaric "propaganda" : " A perfect mind in 10 days " to differ ,like "God created the World in 7 days"

                    Ein Fall (Geschehnis,Sturz) , Einfall(Gedanke,Idee)

                   Ein Dogma,ein Dox     ein Anti-Dogma,ein Para-Dox(on)

         Aus der Komplexitaetsanalytik zur Simplizitaet,
         der einfachen Erkenntnis durch GRUNDLAGE (Basis,Fundament)-Erforschung (Re-/Search) und deren ANWENDUNG und progressiven

       in DE fuer Grundlagenerforschung : Max-Planck-Institute-Verbund
                fuer Grundlagen Anwendungs-Erforschung : Fraunhofer-Institute-Verbund
               daneben Helmholtz-/Steinbeis- und private Forschungsinstitute wie die eines Reinhold Ficht


                                                     simple wind/-ing conversion examples/Beispiele
                                                   about simplest possible rotoverter loop concepts
                                                  for physical " closed loop " demonstration
                                                   min./max. input/output unimportant, C.O.P./E.E.R. > 1    q.e.d.-case prototyping

 Darstellung/Mosaic  :
as shaft drive,with/-out belt   :
for relative simple rotation to electric energy conversion :

"Freie Energie/z.B. als Elektrizitaet" und  [Nearly Zero-/Net Zero-/Zero-(off-grid/in situ generation] Energie- E.U.-Programm/U.N.-Programm

2022 p.C. :

Artikel,wo ueber eine neue Erkenntnis bezueglich des Erdkerns berichtet wird ,zu auesserem Kern N/P-Magnetpol nun ein Kern-im-Kern  mit W/O Orientierung ( taegliche Erddrehung/jaehrliche Erd-/Sonnen-Drehung) beobachtet wurde

zudem war in einem Artikel zu lesen :
Pakistan,geotektonische Lage ?!, die dortige aquifere Wasserentnahme in der Menge zu einer planetarischen ,physikalisch erfassbaren,Veraenderung (Albedo !) fuehrte


Murcia/Valencia,Wassergericht,organisierte Wasserverteilung

"Welt" ,Energie-/Elektrizitaets-Gericht, organisierte - vernunftbezogene Rationierung per capita/sqkm - Verteilung ?!

Inklusive freiwillige Selbsterzeugungs-/Konsum-Menge-Beschraenkung

                                                  Planet Erde = A ,Planet Erde II (Plan B) in Aussicht ?

                                               Unterschied ,zu Ihm ? Je pense active/passive,24/365
                                                 GUT UND BOESE ERFAHREND,VERINNERLICHEND
                                                       Goettliche Komik-Tragik namens Leben

                                                         Suizid ?  :-\ ,OMD ,Ohne aeussere Mittel ?  :o
                                                          " Die Macht ihres (Unter-)Bewusstsein/-s "

                                              Neuronal Motorik Programming : heart beat in Pulses/Minute up/down meditation
                                                                 (Winter-)Schlaf          : 1 beat/minute
                                                                     Ewige Schlaf          : 0 beat/minute

                               Ueber eigenes Leben - und - ,ausserordentlich :  vorgezogenen Selbst-,Tod-  herrschen !
                                         Die Schwaeche der Natur mit der eigenen Schwaeche verbinden - Symbiose

                                                                      Studieren ist Unterhaltung,EINSICHT         

  ueber die kosmische Komischkeit und der individuellen Eigen-SCHWAECHENUEBERTUENCHUNGS- Kosmetik

                                                                 In search of perfect Unperfection
                                                                 In search of certain Uncertainty

                                                              Each day,up to the last, a new day

    Liebe geht ueber den Magen,dachte sich die Schwarze Witwe und frasz genuesslich,nach Arbeits-Akt,mit Vergnuegen ......  8)

   Die Wueste lebt                  Das Wueste in uns lebt               und                            pflanzt sich              fort,Tschau