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Title: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: dantini on May 08, 2005, 07:12:34 PM
I didn't know where else this might fit, but I wanted to see what others here thought of the idea of using magnets for health purposes.? I've bought insoles with magnets and have tried other magent health products.? In this topic, I'm asking what you think of the whole concept, but also asking if you have any specific advice for using magnets for health and therapy purposes.? I have a large number of magnets for my tinkering, and would love for someone to point out something I could do with them that would prove to me the health benefits of magnets...

I have found that when my hands are tired from typing, I get some relief by rubbing a magnet between my thumb and forefinger, but this might be more of a massage effect than magnetic.? I want to find something I can do to prove the effect to my own satisfaction...

If you haven't seen it, this guy named Alex Chiu has a website where he claims that a certain application of magnets will let you live forever, about the most extreme claim I have ever seen for magnet health benefits!? It's worth checking out his amusing site if you haven't seen it before.? (In the interest of full disclosure, I do get a point for each click, and maybe every year or so, I'll get a product from him that has some decent magnets inside that I can use for my tinkering.? This is not a cash for clicks thing, though)
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: Busterzxcv on May 25, 2005, 03:11:04 AM

The Amazing Magnetic Blender
Ron Cusson, Ph.D

Many months ago, I purchased the book "Occult Chemistry" and I have been studying it since then. My studies led me to design the magnetic blender shown below.

Taped Magnets around $14 blender, spun water with minerals in it to highly magnetize the water. Claimed 1 drink took arthritis pain away.

Like to see others try it.
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: betajim on May 26, 2005, 03:50:35 AM
Hi Dantini,

To my knowledge, there are no scientific studies showing that magnets benefit a person's
health. What you have experenced is very likely the placebo effect.

If someone sends you magnets for free, that is pretty cool. I wouldn't buy any magnets
expecting health benefits though.

Take care.
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: lanca on May 31, 2005, 03:25:29 AM
pardon,but there is a patent claim of a german medicine to use a magnet as
anti-baby-gadget(reverse modus).
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: betajim on May 31, 2005, 02:00:41 PM
pardon,but there is a patent claim of a german medicine to use a magnet as
anti-baby-gadget(reverse modus).

A patent isn't the same as scientific evidence. I can file a patent, have it granted
and none of the claims in that patent be true. There are still no studies showing
that magnets benifit a persons heath.

If a couple is using magnets to prevent pregnancy, I would like to know their names
so I can send a gift for the baby shower!  :D
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: lanca on June 01, 2005, 02:10:01 AM
this is absolutely correct.
a patent is "only" an official declaration/publication  of a personal/group  claim.
But: the inventor/-s  has to explain (as minimum) the objects and the positive effect
of his/their  development,
and this can /should be able to become replicated
to use the radio-activity forced magnetism(Rare-Earth elements) as uterus-internal
Anti-baby-pile,why not?
today we have got the Retorte-/and artificial uterus-alternative,
so everybody can decides for hisself,how he/she will/want to live together!
and such phenomen like "gebaermutterhalskrebs" (probably as consequence)
is for me unknown,i am male.
Title: Re: Therapeutic uses of magnets
Post by: gaby de wilde on January 21, 2008, 08:29:09 AM
disclaimer: It is actually illegal for non medical-experts to make claims about either diseases or cures.  So I'm repeating the words of others here.

What I read was that the north pole stimulates blood circulation. If you have pain (anywhere) oxygen is just the thing your body needs to be able to fix it.

I guess humans already are pretty aggressive organisms.  You wouldn't want to live inside one. :D Just a bit of help can make all the difference fighting with your guests.

Paracelsus mentions the use of magnets.

Dr. Philpott: "A negative magnetic field (north or negative side) can function like an antibiotic in helping to destroy bacterial, fungal, and viral infections."

 "Mrs. Kerstin Westelius had lung cancer of the metastasis type. After years of surgery, therapy and chemotherapy, she was told in June 1987 by her physicians that her cancer was incurable and that she had only 2 more months to live. Here in the picture, she is shown in January of 1988 with her physician, Dr., Erik Enby, who treated her by hanging a Neomax supermagnet around her neck, and with Prof. Goesta Wollen of Clyde, N.C., who invented the method of treating cancer with the employment of supermagnets. Since July of 1987 more than 50 cancer patients in Sweden and America have been treated - all successfully."

I'm no medical expert but I know what 50 out of 50 indicates. It indicates vast ignorance? lol

Just wait till you hurt some place then give it a try. I personally don't care for pain killers (lol) but it beats aspirin, in stead of useless tranquillizers it actually helps curing things. I don't see the point of not using it.

The north pole is the negative side.

The north pole of the earth is actually a magnetic south pole.

The arrow on a compass points towards the "north" with it's magnetic north pole.

So the north pole arrow of the compass is a real north pole.

If you hold a magnet next to the compass the "N" will point towards the south of it.

It's almost as if it's intentionally vague.....

To remember:

Use that side of the magnet the "N" on the compass is not pointing at.

Have fun.  :)