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Three axis Hall Effect gauss meter with PC interface?


Hi, again.

I'm looking for a three-axis Hall Effect gauss meter, with a PC interface (preferably USB, but it can be serial, parallel, Firewire or network interface, as well), including 3-D magnetic field mapping software.

A friend has Howard Johnson's "The Secret World of Magnets", and in reading that, I came up with a few ideas I'd like to try out... in that text, he states that in creating a gate, you can actually get two magnetic north poles to attract by manipulating the spin of the magnetic vortices (spins of the same vector will repulse, spins of opposite vector will attract, regardless of actual magnetic polarity). Unfortunately, you still get a "sticking point" in that the dominant north pole of the gate will then repulse the south pole of any magnet passing through the gate!

Thinking further into the problem, it should be easy enough to configure a dual-gate and specially-shaped magnets that are then pulled through the dual-gate without a "sticking point".

I wanted to use the Working Model software to mock this up, but of course, Working Model does not account for the spin phenomenon mentioned above, and thus would lead to erroneous results.

So, to test the hypothesis, I want to follow in Johnson's footsteps, and create a rig that will allow a computer to automatically map the magnetic field in a designated 3-dimensional space. The construction of the rig and the programming to get the computer to move the probe to each measuring point within the 3-dimensional space shouldn't be too difficult, but I want a 3-axis probe that will provide very accurate measurements.

Anyone have any ideas?

The only 3D EMF sensors which can be interfaced to a computer are these http://test1.contenttest.net/Spektrumanalysator_en.shtml
If you want to create a sensor array, you could try the cheap EMF pickup probe, buy a couple cheap sound cards and digitize... I know, cumbersom.
Or a magnetic viewing gel ... this http://www.lessemf.com/dcgauss.html

Let me know of your discoveries, I want to visualize 3D fields and magnetic geometry. (seeing is believing)


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