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Author Topic: A new line of torsion EM experiments  (Read 5007 times)

Offline libra_spirit

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A new line of torsion EM experiments
« on: March 25, 2007, 09:55:53 AM »
The biggest question to be answered is where does the free energy come from.

Some of the simple coil experiments that need a solid answer:

When you drop a magnet down an Aluminum tube the magnet floats to the bottom due to the inductive drag of the magnetic field moving through the AG metal. Now if you turn the tube into a perfectly wound scalar cancelling coil, the magnet should free fall meeting no inductive drag. A magnetic field moving through an activated scalar coil becomes a superconductor of the magnetic field just like electrons through a superconductor with current. In our example the magnetic field should move without resistance through the windings of a scalar activated coil. Does the coil need to be energized to produce this free fall? Can the fall be regulated using the scalar coil? Increased in rate or lowered, by unbalancing the two sides of the scalar wind.

Similiar if you spin a magnet inside a scalar wound coil will it meet the normal copper dragging resistance from a normal dead winding or will it spin free of this drag. Have we truly found the superconductor for the magnetic field?

Does the energy gain come from the nuclear area of the atom, or the EM layer?

When you hit an atom with an EM pulse shorter then the time needed to break the electron free of its valence binding force and start moving current, it meets the  resistive binding force and produces a torsion pulse at 90 degrees to the Electric vector. The torsion pulse propagates like a photon, exactly like light. If the frequency is correct it becomes visible.

If you now activate an opposing coil in scalar cancelling mode you provide a constant opposing force and begin to produce the same kind of torsion pulses, the advantage now is that you can drop the frequency well below microwave frequencies and still produce non visible torsion pulses far less dangerous then microwaves, while still keeping the electrons from moving to the next atom.

A few experiments that may provide some solid answers for the OU progression involving simple coils, batteries, and magnets. The real work behind the art.

Create a strong torsion field using a scalar wound coil, now pass the voltage from a battery through the field at 90 degrees to the torsion path and see if the voltage reads higher or lower. See if current moving through this field increases or decreases.

Now move a magnet through the scalar coil as see what comes out of it. Energize the scalar coil and repeat this.

Inside a torsion compression area the tempic field is in a state of expansion, it is a high energy tempic field where time is compressed and all atomic motion is at a higher rate of spin. How does this effect the normal EM functions? What interactions can we perform inside this field to gain energy from the background coherent torsion field?

Set a 9 volt battery inside a scalar coil, activate the coil and see if a voltage alteration is possible. Do this in a density sphere as well. A density sphere can be powered from an earth ground if the windings are earth resonant. Does the 9 volt battery voltage increase? How does the tempic field effect the EM fields?

Because the tempic field is coherent, if we manage to pull energy from it the entire universe will quickly replace this energy. This is because we all sit in a coherent torsion field, this is the background Aether and connects us all into the same time flow rate. Torsion waves are a tempic modulation, as is light.

I believe the key to OU lies not in fast impulses and microwaves but in understanding this principle of higher energy torsion fields, which can be called higher density.

Any system that will produce 60Hz or 400Hz EM is not using magnetic resonance in a ferrite ring. Magnetic resonance in ferrite will produce microwaves and there is a little timming issue here for a 60 Hz output, let alone the loss of energy into the EM radations produced.
For EM pulses occuring at random we have two choices. Get the system to produce them at 60 Hz differential, route this through a non linear device like a diode to mix them then isolate the 60 Hz in a resonant system.

Second choice is to take a random string of pulses and then remove all of them not happening at the correct times and turn the rest into DC to power the switching device. Only allow them to hit at times that will produce a resonance in the output coil. Neither of these offer OU persay only down conversion of the microwave radiation to a usefull state.

One  of the points I would like to make here is that it is not necessary to use high frequency microwaves to produce the torsion field emissions if we simply offer the system a stronger opposing magnetic field to work against keeping the electrons stationary inside thier valence bonds. We can produce a wealth of scalar torsion waves at any desired frequency, they do not need to be high frequency impulses.

The question of where the OU energy is truly comming from needs to be answered. I do not believe it needs to come from the electron shell myself after all is considered. It probably comes from the nucleus of the atom and thus using the diamagnetic field in opposition to itself seems the best method.

I experiment as time permits, but many doing this can speed progress, thus I share this perception of the direction I am headed. Also invite input and other perceptions.

Dave L

Offline Grumpy

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Re: A new line of torsion EM experiments
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2007, 01:11:10 AM »
The energy comes from the primal field (torsion field, tempic field, scalar potential, etc.) with permeates everything

Glad to see you here.

Impulses are a means to create imbalance and I agree that a better understanding of the field interactions and matter (and the elements) will make it easier to manipulate.  Being single dimensional, I refer to the torsion field as a potential.  Dimensional really isn't that good either - more like just a value - at least until I find a dimension for it.

Tesla's radiant energy = torsion waves

Copied you post to print and look at doing some experiments.

Could you use your dead coil around a bolt to create an electric battery?