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Title: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 17, 2007, 06:30:56 PM
...can be as a "big brother" of the electromagnetic induction.

Some people play certain electric arrangements in such a manner,that is like the "small brother",receives on "free" small amounts of extra-money/power  from the "big brother".

The problem is to "talk" in such a way,and "ask" in such a manner ,for a "free" grand total of Milkovic.

He plays,in my opinion an inertial induction,in a gravity frame(potential flow).

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 24, 2007, 10:42:13 PM
...can be a common, basic aspect of a pendular swinging motion in the gravity field.

A pendular mass,falls due to gravity flow,but in the same time plays an increasing interplay with the inertial property of the space.

When a pendular mass,keeping on his swinging,raises against the  gravity flow,it is "supplied",in a decreasing interplay  by the same inertial property of the space.

Can we talk as to an inertial induction phenomenon?

In a "plastic language"(that of Alexander Calder's sculptures),to play induction,we need two kinds of bodies:"stabile" and "mobile".

In an electromagnetic language,to play induction,we need two kinds of magnetic fields:a frame field and a flowing field.A mechanical motion can be an result ot their interaction.

In a possible inertial induction phenomenon,we have as a frame("stabile") ,the inertia and as a flowing field("mobile"),the gravity.A moving mass,has in the same time,an inertial and a gravitational property.
Can we make a "transfer design" from the so well known electromagnetic induction,to a possible inertial induction phenomenon?

More,can we try to apply to some actual  magnetic devices,claimed as "free energy " sources,in a new shape and arrangement:Milkovic's pendulum with a lever?

If the induction phenomenon is a widespread one,it can cover many forms,circumstances...a inertial induction,inclusive.

But,nothing quite possible new ,is right on...

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 26, 2007, 04:44:25 AM
    ...that of a common swinging pendulum(mechanical clock) in a fixed fulcrum/pivot,bearing is as a  "captive"  pressure,thrust, that is dissipated,lost in the support,basis.

A swinging pendular motion,in a mobile fulcrum(Milkovic,Berrett,the shadouf and many others),becomes a "free" pressure,ready to be  used by the next fulcrum.

The engines deliver the power in a pulsatory flow manner.

A clock pendulum has a "captive" pulsatory flow of energy.

A pendulum with a lever has a "free" pulsatory flow of energy.

The problem of energy is that of a difference between two states,levels.

A clock pendulum has a symmetric trajectory face to the gravity flow.

A pendulum with a lever has an asymmetric trajectory face to the gravity flow.

Can this symmetric vs. asymmetric setting side by side,uncover a difference that we can use as a source of energy?

Sometimes,the hope is our walking dream...

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: prajna on March 26, 2007, 01:42:56 PM
Didn't I just say that, yoda?
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: bitRAKE on March 26, 2007, 06:59:44 PM
I feel these levels are all the same - it is the same question asked for thousands of years. We can see the levels, but we are coming to an understanding of how to transition levels. When does life begin? We see the mother/father and child, but when/where does the soul come from?

Relativity was a big step - colapsing frames of reference on one level. We were so confused to see them as being on another level. Now we want to colapse the levels to a more unified understanding that will make our efforts more meaningful.

Whereas the symmetry maintains an illusion of order at that level, the asymmetry seems to bring awareness of influences from another level.  That awareness is the free energy for that level. I say awareness because it often seems to be communicative/informative - having no inherant magnitude.

This communication can be with regard to internal and external levels which further complicates use. The asymmetric level seems to be both existing and non-existing...

...hence the confusion...

...funny effects are possible though - like synchronizing multiple asymmetric systems. Or symmetry within asymmetric levels. Clearly something is being communicated!
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 29, 2007, 06:26:15 PM
      Mr Prajna!

I suppose you are an indian native,recently settled in England,so with some looking back images from your country.

It seems that your "jhula principle" is those so popular swinging devices at jhula carnivals in India.It's a "folklore" mechanics(as old as the shadoufs in the Middle East) intended for fun.

In a simplified "design" on paper,or as a toy it's a "two sticks game"(a lever,a pendulum,two fulcra/ "mobile"and "stabile").

Your proposal can be seen as a Milkovic's pendulum with a lever..on the vertical line.

My opinion is that, it can be a real performance,if you can get a regular asymmetric swinging...the key point,to hope for some results in storing some energy.

By the way:this jhula word,sometimes, has in Europe a bad connotation in the secret language of Gypsy's ...if you ask them.

Anyway,your inference about a particular configuration of a pendulum with a lever(as counterweight) is interesting.Go ahead,on your way...maybe you will find an interesting solution,if you add some asymmetry to this indian see-saw.

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: prajna on March 29, 2007, 06:37:46 PM
It is certainly looking hopeful, Alex.  xnonix added a further latch on the main axle and that has vastly improved matters.  I have just moved the bearing (fulcrum in your model) so that it forms a right angle to the main axle and main counterweight centre of mass and that is even more interesting.

The gypsies originally hail from India in any case (many, many centuries ago). I am really a kiwi who has spent time in India and mostly lives in the UK at present.
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 09, 2009, 11:45:24 PM

   ...can involve a rapid switching , of the time rate of change of an acceleration(a fast up-down jerk movement).

     We have sometimes a jerk motion,with a sudden start or end of a motion,or when the value of an acceleration is changing sign for positive to negative,or reverse.

     A jerk induces vibration,as a blow from a whip... when acceleration "meets'' instantly deceleration.

     The problem becomes interesting,if for a certain small input(jerk,yank,acceleration discontinuity),we can get a greater output,in our relation with inertia that implies a single word:

     By the way,in the natural world the whipping motion has a great importance...

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 11, 2009, 11:15:44 PM

   ...can be seen as a particular excitement of inertia (we play it in so many ways...!),with a very short time switch of velocity (acceleration-deceleration pair),so to get an abrupt ("unusual") reaction.

     Starting with a generally concept,let's think about the simplicity of the electromagnetic games:  a stator,a rotor and a common play-"field"...

     Now,this time in a different  playground,,when driving a car,and we meet a bump,we get an instantaneous,infinite acceleration(the vertical component of velocity,in a quasi zero time),right at the instant the car contacts the rising edge...but the tyres and suspension will smooth these impulses.

     In this case,we have a voluntary dissipation of a very strong "undesirable effect"...and we know how to do it.

     The rule says that,the severity of the bump goes up as the square of the car speed.

     This bump problem,becomes interesting if we try to treat  it,as in a if we intend to collect this nonlinear reaction of inertia,as a "desirable effect".

     Know we to do it?!

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Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on March 14, 2009, 01:22:58 AM

  ...between so many others,in this huge world of oscillations around us,this time comes from electronics:  a relaxation oscillator.

     Without some particular details,let's make a resemblance:

       -the capacitor becomes a mechanical storage system,that is charged gradually,and then discharged rapidly..

       -the resistor becomes a falling mass.

       -the current source is gravity.

       -the electronic latch becomes a mechanical one.

      Such devices  ,don't conduct at all,untill the stored level reaches some threshold,then they conduct in a heavy,quickly mode,discharging the storage.

      After this moment,the cycle is repeating...

                             All the Bests!  /  Alex
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: X00013 on March 15, 2009, 04:35:05 AM
31% , good luck
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on August 11, 2017, 04:59:14 PM a fluidic process , due to gravity push and rotational inertia discharge , at :
     A throwing arm needs two "bones" and a "muscle" to be "alive" in a trebuchet:
     The variable ( continuous increasing...) rotational inertia plays alike "induction"!?
     It seems that we need to " add " a centrifugal pulsatory " muscle " in our  "game " with gravity , if we intend to obtain "free motion "...from a " modified " trebuchet ?!
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on February 10, 2021, 10:17:51 PM
 Hi !
A lot of proposals , starting with a common  "copy" image ( bird's wings flapping the air ... inertia ) , at : (
.....playing inertia ( planar/2D variable rotational velocity ) with a variable speed motor.
To obtain a "clean" tractive vector , we must synchro pair them.
Inertial induction is in fact... acceleration induction.
If we have acceleration know !
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: ramset on February 11, 2021, 03:10:11 AM
These links to site
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Thx for all you share

Acceleration is .....the keys to the FE city!

Chet K
Title: Re: Inertial induction...
Post by: iacob alex on February 12, 2021, 09:48:44 PM
  Hi Ramsey !
A different link for the same site ( topic ) , at :