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I wanted to know what kind of Oscilloscope should i buy on ebay ? for a noob like me?

I see they are range in mz from 10 to 100mz and some higher, i suppose bigger is better :)


This link has been mentioned in this Forum by member 'virus':


The older analoge oscilloscopes (one of the best maker is Tektronix) have cathode ray tube as the display and they do not readily have features like the more modern digital oscilloscopes with the LCD display and 'computer' features.
An older Tektronix dual channel analoge scope  at ebay  with 50-100MHz bandwidth is what maybe would serve you best. It certainly needs some table/desktop area to use it.
But read the Tutorial to decide on other features that characterize scopes.

If you wish to make presentations about your tests, a digital camera would be needed to take photos from the analoge scope display while most of the digital scopes (connected to computers) have this built-in feature of making picture files directly from the display.  This may also be a consideration for you, among other things.


I have a Gould 20Mhz analogue storage scope and I have on order a Owon PDS6062T colour LCD 60MHz storage scope, mainly for the PC conectivity.
Beware of buying brand new scopes off ebay as there is no warrantee.
I bought my Gould off ebay but it was second hand and cost me 60GBP, picked up from the factory that was selling it.
There are loads of second hand scopes on ebay, for very little money.
Try and get one with storage, dual input, 20Mhz or greater, quality brand like Tektronics, Gould and so on.
If you have more money to spend you could get a LCD scope from Owon.
They do a cheaper 40MHz EDU5022 for about 180GBP.


I will try for a Tektronics dual channel going to 100mhz then

hopefully i will find a cheap one, i don't need one now but it's something that can be useful when you need to show something to the group. this summer i want to build a generator and i will prob need this to know if my coils are good, and see what is going on on it

thanks! :)

This is a tutorial on the oscilloscope that is worth studying
before you decide what to get:


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