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Title: Need capital for research?
Post by: Dingus Mungus on March 11, 2007, 04:59:37 AM
I've been reading a lot about scientific grants tonight and there is a US government program plans to give away $18,000,000 dollars in research grants for "highly efficiency inventions" (eg. lighting, pumps, heaters, transpertation) and "renewable energy technology" which encompasses most of what we do here. I suggest many of our US members apply for these grants this year, not by claiming overunity, but by merging the ideas with common application products like lighting and asking for a modest investment... I think the SM TPU gang could recieve a considerable grant based on some of the videos I've seen, and the MEG researchers could further develope their concepts by having the funds needed to do further analytical testing and refinement. Those of us working on hydrogen technology have the words "hydrogen ecconomy" backing us up already, all it would take to get a grant is something that tells their pannel that your research is uniquely efficient. If any of us submit a well written and very conclusive application letter that was accompanied by the research already concluded, there is the real possibility of getting a slice of that $18,000,000 dollar pie. Now you probably wonder what the catch is...

"Access to process implementation and efficiency data must be available for 10 years after project completion to measure performance against expectation and to support commercialization of the technology."

"Each award may cover a project period of up to 1 year for category 1 applications and up to 2 years for category 2 applications. Quarterly project and financial status reports are required. A final report is required at the end of the contract period. A 10-year tracking and follow-up reporting mechanism may be required."

Read more here: ( (

I encourage all US members working with a sustainable technology apply ASAP!

Good Luck,
~Dingus Mungus

P.S. I like this fallback too:
"Unsuccessful applicants are entitled to a debriefing by DOE program officials with a clear explanation of why the proposal was not accepted for funding."

Have fun!