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Title: OSMEGS; The Future of the Wave
Post by: 911PNACplot on March 04, 2007, 06:49:48 AM
I designed a device some years ago in response to a request from an Australian developer who was considering the OPD system, Ocean Power Delivery out of Scotland.
They have in fact recently set out to install their 10 million pounds/tons ? ( I forget ) of floating cigar shaped tubes in an attempt to produce electricity.
I reviewed that shipping hazard and condemned it back then and still do.
As a result of it though, I designed my answer to the sustainable energy quest and invite you to look it over.
It is a system that remains dry and entirely OUT of the water while drawing evergy form the ocean swells.
It is the Ocean Swell Momentum Electricity Generating System.
Based on pendulum action and a ships response to waves passing under it, there are two hydraulic drive types gaining stimulation from the ocean, while the ship that's carrying them could also employ wind, solar, electromagnetic and methane conversion to make a total of six different power sources on one vessel.
Such a ship would be called an OGEASER.
I won't let the ship out of the bag though,
you'll have to go to the site  and look it over.