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Author Topic: Found Patent of free energy Generator  (Read 787 times)


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Found Patent of free energy Generator
« on: November 04, 2023, 10:01:05 PM »
Perhaps interesting  :o
Patent No. EP1821391A1


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Re: Found Patent of free energy Generator
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2023, 12:15:38 AM »

# 958    H                I.S. MOTOR AND MO-GEN               
   1. The Invention


 The problem to be solved:

 To overcome the limitations and disadvantages of conventional DC motor, AC inverter motor, as well as previous brushless DC motor.



 I.S. Motor (constant power brushless DC motor) is an over-unity energy motor to maximize its output efficiency by succeeding in activating the magnetic force where the existing motors have failed.
 The present constant-power brushless DC motor, which has no torque ripple, produces high power with a low voltage, has excellent stable speed characteristic and high efficiency, has compact configuration not to require a cooling system, and is able to be fabricated in full automation with low production cost.       









 Higher power output capacity,
 Capable of a high output in any low voltage and is able to generate linear acceleration.
 Constant power motor featured with powerful starting strength, and designed to maintain a regular output from low speed to high speed.
 First over-unity energy motor to minimize the amount of heat, noise and vibration.
 Applicable in all the industrial sectors and available at no energy cost when set up in I.S. MO-GEN.       


 Stage of development:



 Documentation available:

 Brochure. Website (English and Korean): 
 2. The inventor(s)

 Name:  LEE          I. Soo         
Self introduction:  Chairman of IS Electronics       
Owner of the invention: 
 3. The protection
Form:  Patent granted: USA (No. 6,710,581, on March 23, 2004), Korea, Japan, China. Patents pending in Europe. Trade Mark: I.S. Electronics.
  Priority:   February 11, 1998         
Countries where it is in force:   USA, Japan, China, Korea (Rep. of).       
 4. Business intention:
Licensing. Looking for investors. Joint Venture.           
 5. Contact

Name:   Jonghyun OH, IS Electronics       
Fax:  + 82        2        - 22749804       
Tel.:  + 82        2        - 22749804       
Mobile:   821075507100       
Address:    3F. Dongnm Road 1342-27, Yeonsano.dong        , Yeonje-Goy, Busan        - , Korea, Rep. of       
 6. First published:   
23 December, 2004