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Author Topic: Self Looped Cap Dump Bedini Motor  (Read 8424 times)

Offline bistander

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Re: Self Looped Cap Dump Bedini Motor
« Reply #45 on: September 01, 2023, 05:36:22 AM »
If you use the sides of the magnets and not the north or South Pole faces of the magnets you will see for yourself, you will see the Bloch wall will repel iron, which is opposite to north / south poles which attract.
Dave Wing

Hi Dave,

You say "Bloch wall", in above quote (my bold). I suspect you learned this from those books and vids. It is totally BS. I've been telling this to those folks on the Energetic forum for years. Finally I found an excellent reference to back me up. Please watch this video. She gets into the Bloch wall about 12:50 time marker.

And the middle of the magnet (on axis between poles) does not repel iron. It may appear to, but that's because it is an area of little to no attraction and the nearby poles exhibit strong attraction. Easily seen with iron filings.

Offline tinman

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Re: Self Looped Cap Dump Bedini Motor
« Reply #46 on: September 01, 2023, 06:56:35 AM »
author=Dave Wing link=topic=19537.msg581857#msg581857 date=1693537339

When magnets are on their sides there is a whole different experience you will find. Brad, did you not say you need to do something not normal in this field to get results? I did not quote you verbatim however,  but you mentioned something along those lines.

Ok, so maybe you do not know me, so i will tell you.
I have been building pulse motors for around 20 years now, and have tried every conventional method and configuration.
What you have done has been done by many years ago.

Regarding a standard DC motor it draws less current as it speeds up, when it reaches its no load speed CEMF is at it’s maximum.

To simulate the same thing as a pulse motor does, you would increase the average voltage slowly, just like a pulse motor does.
When you first spin up a pulse motor, the transistor is switching on softly, due to the low current produced by the trigger coil.
As the rotor speeds up, and the magnet passes the trigger coil faster, it switches the transistor on harder, which is why the current climbs as the pulse motor builds up speed. The average voltage across the run coil will also increase as the transistor switches on harder.
If we also slowly wind the voltage up on a PM DC motor, the current will also climb, just as your pulse motors current does.
You are trying to compare apples to oranges, when you should be comparing apples to apples. Another of the bedini crews tricks (aka-garbage) Try it your self. Get a PM DC motor, and slowly wind up the voltage, just as the average voltage across your run coil does on your pulse motor, and you will see that the current through the DC motor will climb just the same.

When you load the shaft of the motor it slows down producing less CEMF and more current is used. That is a standard DC motor is it not?

Yes it is.

I have no time to show it right now, I’m working and I will be off next week Thursday, I can show then.

Ok, i would like to see your motor, but know that you will not be showing me anything i have not tried years ago.

Here is a video of my window motor.
It is quite efficient. Maglev bearings and all.

Offline tinman

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Re: Self Looped Cap Dump Bedini Motor
« Reply #47 on: September 01, 2023, 08:08:50 AM »
author=Dave Wing link=topic=19537.msg581856#msg581856 date=1693536669

If you use the sides of the magnets and not the north or South Pole faces of the magnets you will see for yourself, you will see the Bloch wall will repel iron,

Oh dear, you have been bedini'd.
A bloch wall has nothing to do with the middle of a magnet--more bedini crew voodoo.
And no, the center between each end of a magnet will not repel iron.
If you want to repel iron/steel with magnets, you have to use two like poles, and create a temporary monopole magnet, such as i did in this video 11 years ago-->

The generating pulse will charge the cap to well beyond the primary supply voltage. That is possible, I have done that many times. If you disconnect the power source CEMF has to be force charging the cap. Unless you have some other explanation?

What you have described is nothing out of the ordinary.
The supply voltage used to run your motor has nothing to do with how much voltage the coil can produce when the magnets on the rotor are spinning past it. You can get the very same results from a standard stepper motor running as a pulse motor.
You are confusing CEMF with EMF. When the coil is connected to the battery, your coil will produce an CEMF/BEMF. When you disconnect the battery, your coil becomes the source, and so produces an EMF, not a CEMF. You now have a generator, and not a motor.

I am happy to put together a pulse motor using your specs, and show you everything that is happening with that pulse motor on the scope.

Bedini circuit does not destroy batteries, you have to neglect and abuse your batteries to get them to fail. So your statement is false. Any battery will fail if you undercharge, overcharge or misuse them.

Continually charging a battery with high voltage spikes will pit the plates in the battery, and eventually kill them, as many have found out.

Out of all from Tesla to now and anyone in between I have yet to see anyone give plans on how to build over unity pulse motor system.

Ah, i see.
So the books of secrets, and all the claims from the bedini crew about having self runners, or how to build them, is all just garbage-as you just admitted.