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Author Topic: Remember The Hydrostar Engine Conversion - Water To Efficient Hydrogen Addition?  (Read 362 times)

Offline russwr

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The original Hydrostar was a booklet of instructions to build an offshute model of the Meyer type hydrogen generator.  The design was by Chambers of the Canadian firm Xogen. He used to be an engineer of Meyer's firm of Water Fuel Cell in Ohio. So he knew about special circuits. He went to Canada after Meyer was killed and had his new Patent slightly modified so as not in competition with Meyer. The major difference - his drawings do not exactly say for cell electrodes to touch the high voltage from wire coil back EMF, even though you can INFER that to be possible by flipping pages for comparison. Also Spin control of ions rising above level to raise up energy content. The notion also went for the magnets attached to gas lines of engines, you read about years ago. 25% increase in MPG with the hard to build Hydrostar as is. The design plans are now on EBay as disc, but the original was paper manual. You tube has a couple old videos of similar construction. Also Mythbusters show episode called Exploding Pants, purchasable and on you tube, has real interesting  skits about  a partial assembly of Hydrostar but has intentionally built in 14 mistakes , so as an engine would not run on cell built. Sub assemblies of Hydrostar are available to purchase on EBay.  US Patent "The Hydrostar"-- Oct 2000,  Apparatus for producing orthohydrogen  6126794 read on line or special order photocopies. lll

Offline Cloxxki

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Any reports, substantiated or not, of successful replications, even of the 25% mpg gain?

There used to be a lot of groups chasing HHO on demand. Some presented seemingly impressive consumption and exhaust analysis result, at least initially. And there was GEET.
Has anyone been able to log the best working, reliably replicable designs, to kind of hone in on the underlying science that's making them work?