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Author Topic: ZERG generator. We have a breakthrough in Lenz law. 3rd party verified by Intert  (Read 2379 times)


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Hi All

Just to update this thread with new (Old) information from September 28 which I missed but was in the news:

"We are going to replace the grid one house at a time and at one building at a time with our new breakthrough in magnetic field technology. The result to the consumer is approximately 1-3 cent per kwh. And it's a planet saver, reducing fossil fuel by some 80%." - GLIP Inventor David Joseph explained.

"G.L.I.P. plans to start building ZERG units in 2024. Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator ZERG, is an AC magnet-less generator, verified by 3rd party Intertek, a world renown company. The unit is approximately 34" square and will produce a steady 60 kwh. Large homes or businesses will have available to them 150kwh and more."

If any of this comes out in 2024 it would be a paradigm shift in de-centralized electricity!Personally, I'd be thrilled but at the same time I wonder if the powers that be would let this out because it could cause a disruptive event in a lot of different fields of technology.  Thinking of things like all the money spent so far on fusion or hydrogen or green energy R&D and many many others might stand to lose.
Hope they let it fly (if real) and don't squash it with a national security or other  reasons.