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Author Topic: The electric 1 KWh per day challenge,Portugal climate  (Read 655 times)

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The electric 1 KWh per day challenge,Portugal climate
« on: May 28, 2023, 01:18:03 PM »
1 KWh e-storage

125 Wnet electric generator
Vale,the autonomous house     intelligent household 3000 Wh with,2250 Wh without cooling appliances 0,8 KWh superefficient household

MDI,PU-foam dome ,112 sqm ,2400 Wp U.S.A. climate
                                                       1200 Wp PT climate
                                                          600 Wp OSMA Tech coating,reflective

Heat pump,Kaffouzi/Iida gear (alternatively : Li Yng transmission ),efficient impeller,magnet array with sc coil or capacitive winding motor (alternatively : improved rotoverter)
15 eWp consume magnet motor,6 eWp rotoverter electric consume .

From conventional 4 capita 1800 KWh warm water  storage energy we decrease to 900-600 KWh per annum by B.Fuller ' fog gun' in bath and kitchen use,shower-loop and water saving shower/water hesd in bath and kitchen .
900 KWh heat energy/power  divided C.O.P. 5 Haeberle/Valkenburg/Bernier + ccw/cw-gear WP/HP work performance,improved by impeller/surface coating/laminar/turbulent flow correction and improved motor performance

the private household will need ≤ 100 electric Wh per day .
15 Wp x 24 hour + 100 Wh = 460 electric Watt-hour per day consume for a 4-capita household for warm water for kitchen/bath nd warm air for room wellness temperature conditioning.
The 2250 eWh appliances consume,given listed by,we improve

assuming 1500 eWh per day for heat related kitchen process and

                     750 eWh per day for motive process kitchen appliances

now improved :
1500 eWh to 1000 eWh heatelement to 250 eWh resonant circuit controller
and motive 750 eWh to 75 eWh gear-transmission concept motors consume

so we improve the 2250 eWh before ' intelligent'  consume to '2023 super-efficiency standart' 325 eWh  consume !

100 eWh + (15 Wh x24h magnet array motor ) + 325 eWh               = 785 eWh daily 's-e'- consume,Target I
warmwater             space heating                       kitchen applianes
100 eWh + (6 eWhx 24 h rotoverter)                  + 325 eWh               = +- 570 eWh per day consume,Target II

We see the consumer improvement potential,when we know,by calculation,that 1 Tesla Optimus BOT,incorporated an interconnected ChatBOT-grid-work,
60 - 300 human chaotic behaving individuals , a. 1x5x2x3x2 = 60  - b. 1x5x10x3x2 = 300
we can assume 99% less energy/power consume for our global future preview !



p.s.: related

Question : uncharged/empty  12 V 85 Ah battery its weight ?
                   100% charged 12 V 85 Ah battery its weight ?
                    How many micro-/grams weights (12 V x 85 Ah) = 1020 VAh ~ 1 KWh electric ?