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Author Topic: ZPower Recent Technology Demonstrations /dicussions [hopefully experiments]  (Read 16909 times)

Offline Toolofcortex

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Discuss all you want, make all the phone calls you want.

It wont get done more quickly and its best not to waste your time.

As was recommended by the inventor himself to simply not bother.

Stop kicking and screaming there is a limited amount of actions that can be done and there is no superman out there that will prepare the pie
for you to eat.

Offline Toolofcortex

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Nobody is gonna hustle all that trouble to just give it to you.

These magical thinking attitude with the ponys is so boring honestly.

Life is about business, entrepreneurship. You invest into something, you want mass ROI, and to enjoy life.

Yeah yeha you can make a video, present a theory, nobody will really do anything really if you just describe it and dont lie keep it abstract.

At the rate that somebody does something its like a 5 million dollar per 3-4 year thing, its never a threat

OU is an exclusive club, and the rule is, nobody gets to have OU. Nobody is immune to that rule, its straight up a bunker only thing.

Nobody is out there flashing their OU, nope, nobody who really has it.

Offline justawatt

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Here an example of bismuth increasing radio

Offline Toolofcortex

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What exactly is he tuning to the earth then, or what term did he even use?


This is a projet for a well equipped, wealthy, scientist man.

Not for tinkerers. Dont waste your time, Dr Schwartz is being nice by warning you this is going to be hard.

You need to.

Assemble a safe and working method of encapsulating the materials.

Desigh a driver circuit that tries a various frequencies, in AC or DC format. This should try all day and not requires you to work.

Allowing you to keep Keep playing with various alloys and coils. Bismuth doping, etc, as time permits.

And maybe after all this you get lucky. As you try and get lucky, you may also try and figure out the possible working mechanism.

And at this point, its pushing the boundaries and you navigate in no mans land, this is where clever men seperate themselves from the masses.

At this level people are left to themselves, and only one's quality comes to help, no phone calls, no tutorials. Nothing.

He said: Tesla was trying to make a plane (a ground plane), on such plane was different materials, the earth is configured as such.

The reflection and extension of the field, would create, a sort of plane-field, a thin plane of magnetism. He excites this plane.

Offline stivep

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Topic is temporarily locked  based  on   request.
It needs some cleanup