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Overunitydotcom Youtube channel - membership no longer available


Hi all,a few days I have opened up my new overunitydotcom Youtube channel's membership directly on Youtube.

Here you can join.
In this moment all videos can be accessed for the 2.99 US$ membership...
but more complicated Videos will be probably soon be more expensive to the level 2 or 3 membership.

Please join the membership, if you wanna see the new Zoografos 50 KWatts generator and hear the text in English language..

Took me a while to compile this all. Many thanks.

Many thanks for your help to finance the work.
I am working now to get the Youtube channel up to 100.000 subscribers hopefully soon....
Here you can directly join for free on the channel to be a free member.

Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

Youtube has demonetized my channel and canceled the Partnership program for now,cause they claim I had made too many Remixes without adding any content...
Well, I had a teeth problem , that is fixed now but at this time I  was a bit camera shy and only posted intersting 5 Seconds Remixes clips .

I also did not get any complaints from the original authors, cause I also posted the links to their full videos...and thus brought them free traffic from my channel...
But that I now really have to wait  so long, that I can reapply again, is really annoying...

I guess I should concentrate my efforts now to getting Healed again from my Vertigo and Dizzyness I still extremely have after my Stroke and concentrate in the summer months on something else...

Sorry to the guys, who booked my Youtube memberships, but Youtube just disabled it also..
Try to get your money back from Youtube, as they also don pay me from it..Thanks you all for your support.

Regards, Stefan...


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