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Author Topic: Transformer Magnetic Coupling Designs - ***Seeking  (Read 334 times)

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Transformer Magnetic Coupling Designs - ***Seeking
« on: May 21, 2023, 12:58:13 AM »
Perhaps others can throw out ideas here..

Lets say we had a way to produce current and voltage in a manner where we get a set power amount output (that can not raise). And whatever we do with that power can not raise the input or hinder the machine in any way.. So we can use reactance without the pitfall of it affecting the input.

The output is DC, and we can take that DC and rectify it to AC..   Then send it through a transformer and harvest..  But the transformer output is still less than the power it takes to run the circuit..  But again, we are assuming we can do anything with it and not raise the input..

I am seeking a transformer design with magnetic coupling traits that work in such a way that the flux from the secondary can be used again and again, thus increasing overall magnetic movement with each secondary we add.

In a normal system, such a transformer would be a waste and not looked for because we can already achieve close to 100% from 1 secondary.  And since in a normal system, all power taken is transferred to the source, there is virtually little inspiration to seek such a design.. 

By my quest assumes the machine in question does not have the ability to pass the load to the source, but it also does not have the ability to send more power in on-demand.  It acts like a generator which only outputs XXX wattage. 

I ran across a patent which I am not able to find again at the moment. But basically, the transformer primary was wrapped by a secondary (like a bifilar coil) plus it has a standard secondary on another leg of the core.  See attached.  Secondary #1 sends it's reciprocal flux through secondary #2 as well as the primary..  It appeared as the flux from secondary #1 could be tapped by Secondary #2, thus strengthening the magnetic coupling and re-using the flux created from secondary #1.

Again, in a standard system this would of little benefit because it all passes to the source..  But my question assumes the setup will pass nothing to the source..

So I seek the best design of a transformer that has several secondarys which the 2ndary flux could be tapped again and again and again..

Does anyone have any experience in this? 


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Re: Transformer Magnetic Coupling Designs - ***Seeking
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2023, 07:08:35 PM »
Ringing transformer

Basically this recycles what would otherwise be wastes radiation
And recirculates it multiple rings with decreasing magnitudes
Until all energy has been dissipated

If this were a consistent drive circuit, the rings would stack on top of the original signal
Its a form of LRC transformer + capacitor set up