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Author Topic: the perpetuum/continuum work mobile by 24/365 solar  (Read 226 times)

Offline lancaIV

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the perpetuum/continuum work mobile by 24/365 solar
« on: May 12, 2023, 02:33:00 AM »
The perpetuum mobile is possible !
We have to recognize the 'non possible'-conditioning by the french Royal Academy !

Outside the Earth day/night light/shadow(darkness) condition,geoorbital ! useable as transceiver(emitter/receiver radiant/radio power panel )
NASA orbital solar study ( space shuttle/I.S.S. experience )

We have to recognize the improvement potential from the '(Sadi)Carnot thermal-dynamic energy cycle' ,as reversible hot/cold engine,with now for (electro-)chemical flux analog Lenz-/Fleming- rules !

Reverse : triboelectricity by thermodynamic/thermionic resonator
Pioneer work : G.M.,Francis Bichowsky

von Platen

As cycle medium/fluidum/etheric gas/liquid(ethanol) with high latent energy storage capacity : Kohlen/Carbon-Di-Oxyd,CO2
A fluidum mix with Hexanol as C.O.P. improver .

FE : enthalpy energy release by element oxydation ,elementary decay by mutation and change from specific characteristic

Oxydation emf (color) spectrum :

Ferrit rust : becoming red ferrit-oxyd

copper rust : becoming green copper-oxyd

earth battery work principle : Andrew Bartholomew(espacenet)Don Adsitt ( theverylastpageoftheinternet)

refrigeration cycle effective C.O.P. improvement by compressor-motor stand by state controle :
The Carnot cold cycle process will become the 'closed cycle perpetuum work engine" principle .
Application :

NetZeroWatt-AWG,Atmospheric Water Generator

I am - at first- working for MYSELF,releasing perfection,in efficiency and price,target:
ultra low cost- no windfall margin spent-  autonomous living

the non/established industry does not interests me,their existence !/exodus !? Anywhere

Non stationary 3d-factory in a container-box,on a lorry/truck/heli/boat local fixation independence,
Huckepack/Nomad/On Trail movement society

NetZeroWatt-AWG work-time need for autonomous living :
3-2  liter for my/each body ,drinking,and

A pint,one cup of water ,volume

95% less water usage compared conventional agriculture :
A. Kueckens Eco-Tunnel," closed plants humidity/vapor cycle "
The Earth continental land surface becomes drier,null problemo,if not less than -95% ! Desert condition !
Solution-provider :
Okay,-99%,the 4% difference by (NetZeroWatt)AWG ,fog mesh,rainwater harvesting or
or oceanic saltwater desalination

Villages/aldeias with all-in-one solution :
AirHES - global solution for energy, water, climate problems
Brasil : sem Terra ,mas com cobertura ,: o corpo humano  12 Wattpeak total body-conditioner
Fonte de electricidade :

When 1 KWh per hour delivery by mass production 40 US$ production costs,then (pure linear calculation !) 4 US$ for 100 Wh ,for 12 Wp save electricity delivery unit the costs ?

12 Wp endconsumer unit ( not production costs !) Fair Value idea ? 5 US$ fob (online-)shop ?
50¢ per year for 24/365 -allround-  bodyconditioning/bodywellness

≤ 5¢ per month tect-free ,Open Air,living

Against wind and rain : living in a bubble


or Nomad Yurt
or 300US$-house-plan-catalog solutions

Think BIGGER :

Thin shell domes - Parc/Village
Think small equipment :

Another bodyconditioning solution provider,economic/ecologic arguments observation ! :
DoitYourself-plan-object ! hackaday ?
5 US$ near the endconsumer price if use ,instead Peltier-element :
cool chips,borealis limited
MEMS TAR ,Oscar Fellows
Joseph Yater thermionic converter
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