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Author Topic: UFOs as the Nazi legacy  (Read 11677 times)


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UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« on: April 26, 2023, 03:22:05 AM »
After the end of World War II, German [Nazi] experts moved to the United States [Operation Paperclip], where they continued to develop, together with international teams and well-known American aviation corporations and concerns, their developments in unconventional aircraft and other technologies at sites prepared for the purpose corresponding to the so-called "Secret areas" such as the well-known "Area 51" and the like.
Their tests and experiments often fall into the eyes of people or the lenses of their cameras, so they are known as UFOs ...
Bob Lazar UFO, George Adamski UFO, Mark McCandlish ARV FluxLinner these are part of German unconventional flying apparatus developments

I am attaching an article in Bulgarian with a translation about a Bulgarian specialist who worked together with German specialists and attended a demonstration of an unconventional flying apparatus in 1944


A Plovdiv resident with Hitler in an underground UFO factory, making a secret base under Mount Botev

Spring of 1995. A 70-year-old, good-looking man enters the museum in Troyan. He examines the exhibits, then insists on seeing the director Totyu Totevski. The visitor demonstrates knowledge of art, traditions, prehistory. He introduces himself as Mr. Kolev. "I don't know if Mr. wasn't his personal name - I didn't understand at the time, and I didn't ask," says the now former director. Word for word their conversation came to the Lemuro-Atlanteans and their flying machines, known as UFOs. "I'm here next week and I'm going to show you part of a diary that will change your thinking," Kolev says. "He actually came back a week later and showed me this diary," Totevski said. "Read! If you wish, you can take notes. But without photos and copies." With these words, Kolev handed him an old school notebook. The author of the notes introduced himself as follows: "My name is Hristofor Kolev. I was born on June 24, 1915 in Plovdiv. My father was an officer. My big dream was to study aeronautical engineering, and because I had the opportunity, I graduated in Germany when the Reich was marching victoriously. I graduated with honors and was offered to join Prof. Letzer's group, which worked for the manufacturers of the Me 262, Ju 52, FW 200 aircraft." All pages were numbered in pencil, but the first ones were missing. The preserved ones began with N942. "By -a large part of the diary was occupied by formulas, drawings and explanations in Bulgarian and German. Apparently they were for specialists, I didn't understand anything," says Totevski. On sheet N967 only in Bulgarian was written: "On February 21, 1944, Prof. Letzer called me urgently by phone. When I came out into the street, I saw a car waiting for me, in which I was politely invited to enter. We traveled for about 2 hours and arrived at an airport that I, although I knew all about the runways near Berlin, did not even suspect. A twin-engine plane stood out in the darkness, warming up its engines. At the same time as my car, 3 more arrived, from which Prof. Letzer and my colleagues Hans Döpfer and Helmut Altenburg got out." Further, Eng. Kolev described a visit to an underground factory - one of many scattered throughout Europe during Hitler's time. "The following lines shook me, says Totevski. The aircraft engineer described: "After many checks, we finally entered a large hall with dimly lit walls and ceiling. Several military personnel were bent over at a long table. As we entered, they stood up and Hitler's profile stood out among them. After the customary greeting, we lined up around the table , as we sat down behind the Führer. Hitler nodded to General Hochmeister, the director of the plant, whom we knew from previous work together, and he ordered the lights to be turned on. We were in a huge hangar. I was shocked. In the middle of the dungeon I saw this, which I had heard of, but no one believed. It was the mysterious saucer, standing on 4 legs, with a small hemispherical opaque dome. Yellow and red lights flashed along the rim. The general pressed a large red button next to his right hand and the run of the lights intensified until a continuous and blindingly bright circle of light was formed. The dome over the hangar slowly opened, and a moment later the saucer flew vertically at an indescribable speed. At about 3,000 m it hung in the air, then flew sharply to the side, again hung motionless and then in a few moments it again stood silently on its 4 ugly thin legs, blinking as if playing with its lights. It was as if nothing had happened. We heard no noise from engines, not even a noticeable movement of the air. "Tibet 3 a X 44" - concluded gen. Hochmeister. With a slight creak, the dome closed over us. Have they overcome gravity, I thought for a moment, but I hastened to expel this heretical thought." Acquaintance with the Führer's top-secret weapon was not accidental. The aircraft engineer from Plovdiv knew that there was an order to include Prof. Letzer and his colleagues in the creation project on a base such as the "Divine Fire" plan envisioned to be equipped in specially selected places. One of them was in the Balkans - Mount Yumrukchal in Bulgaria, renamed Mount Botev in 1950. After several months of preparation, the group, equipped with the most modern navigation equipment, carried by 4 transport planes at Bozhurishte airport. "On August 23, 1944, we were on the highest Staroplanin peak. We prepared the base 1200 m west of the triangulation point. North of the ridge about 250m the surveyors had marked a shallow cave in which we placed the food block and reserves. In case of unforeseen danger, we would blow up the rock above it, well loaded with explosives by the sappers, in order to bury everything - food, weapons, equipment", the Bulgarian engineer described in detail the time and location of the base. According to his further notes, the first landing in Bulgaria by an aircraft from the "Tibet" series was carried out on August 26 at 2:15 a.m. Another 9 followed. However, on September 4, 1944, an accident occurred. Eng. Kolev also revealed: "Tibetan usually stayed at a site and for landing between 4 and 12 minutes. Then it flew sharply to the south or east. On the 4th, 10 minutes after landing, at about 11 p.m., the base was attacked by several Soviet fighters, which, circling, began furiously firing at the aircraft, navigation systems, cars and everything that moved. I saw the attackers' bullets and shells bounce off the hull of the saucer, which flew vertically and was lost in the sky. Everything passed in half a minute or one minute." From Prof. Letzer's group, only Hristofor Kolev survived. On the backup radio station, hidden in the cave, help was urgently called from Plovdiv and reported to Berlin. After 2 days, the base was liquidated, and the cave was blown up. "And why Hitler did not use this super-powerful weapon in the war remains a mystery. At least for me," the engineer finally wrote. During Totevski's third and last meeting with Mr. Kolev, he learned more about the author of the notes. "My uncle unexpectedly returned to our father's house. A few days later, Soviet occupation troops entered Bulgaria. He did not leave the room and was constantly writing. I know from my father that he asked to find a reliable person to send his notes to our aunt in Stara Zagora, who was married to the German Müller. At the last moment, uncle tore off the first 41 leaves and carefully burned them, and on a separate sheet wrote an address in Turuia, where the notebook should be sent. I don't know why this hasn't been done. As the sole heir of Aunt Margarita Müller, decades later, digging into the family archives, I found my uncle's diary," said Kolev. The further fate of Eng. Hristofor Kolev was unknown to his nephew. One evening, lightly dressed, he left the house and he never returned. Rumors spread around the neighborhood that as a German graduate he was arrested and shot on the banks of Maritsa. "Unfortunately for the Soviet specialists who had sent a special unit to capture him and send him to the relevant research centers. It's no wonder that he was delivered where he should be, for further work in his specialty, and that the rumor about his murder was spread on purpose - to mislead the right person," said Mr. Kolev./24 Hours
Published on August 9, 2014

I read somewhere that the creator of the US space program, Wernher Von Braun, often got angry and sad when people started to associate UFOs with extraterrestrials

meanwhile, some leading car concerns such as Audi, Volkswagen, Renault are working on this type of electromagnetic electrogravitic unconventional propulsion borrowed from UFOs and timidly hinting through some of their futuristic concepts such as the so-called "PEOPLE S CAR" project presented in China or "Renault Float hover car" and hoverboard project: ....maybe in the future there will be whole flying homes and dwellings?
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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2023, 10:32:32 PM »
I am attaching the original article:


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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2023, 06:54:16 AM »
I would not mix Bob LIEzar with George Adamski and Mark McCandlish who spoke the truth, LIEzar is almost certainly a government conintel agent who appeared just when public became aware of Area 51 and was starting to get curious about secret programs, there was an urgent need to derail any serious research, and what better way to derail but to sell them a sleazy idea that we need some element 115 which, not surprizingly, only ETs have (altho they like gave us 200kg out of pitty)...and to promote the idea that we dont have our own saucers and can't make 'em with 115.

As for Kolev diary, to be honest, as someone who has been deeply researching Nazi field propulsion for many years (and i have shared tons of stuff on the subject many time here) report reads like fiction. I am not dismissing it 100%, but considering that Nazi saucers were far bigger and so many models existed in August 1944., Hitler witnessing testing of a small model seems unlikely.

So what was the actual stage of development of Nazi saucers in August 1944. is best seen from reports like this FBI report by a Polish ex-Nazi prisoner about a 75-100 yard (70-90 meter) wide field propelled disc that stalled a tractor 500 feet away as it rose above the tarpaulin wall 50 feet high and as it cleared the wall moved away. This takes place in East Germany, 1944.

Also Pilot’s testimony, which was first published in 1998 in Karl-Heinz Zunneck’s book and later in Hitler’s Flying Saucers, from which I quote. This happened in July 1944 near the Stettiner Lagoon on the border between Germany and Poland on the Baltic coast.

“The sighting in question was reported to the author, Mr. Zunneck, by Horst Schuppmann whose friend knew the pilot of the JU-52 in question. The date was July, 1944. Accompanying the pilot on this three and one-half hour flight was a co-pilot, a mechanic, and the radio man. The airplane took off from Brest-Deblin and flew on a westerly course to Lublin. The flight was unfolding smoothly which was somewhat abnormal for the particular time and stage of the war. Over Stettin Lagoon preparations were made to land. A large white cross was sighted which was the marker for their goal, a meadow landing strip. The aircraft descended, landed normally and rolled toward a group of bushes which would hide the aircraft from view. Then things took a decided turn to the abnormal. Harsh orders were received that the pilot, co-pilot and mechanic were not to exit the airplane. Suddenly, the radio man had vanished. The others waited an hour in vain for his return.

Finally, the pilot decided to get out of the airplane and find his missing crewman, without orders, and on his own. On the airfield itself nobody was to be seen. There was only one building visible which was a lonely hanger. The pilot, ever concerned with maintaining cover, headed straight for this hanger. Upon arrival he opened an narrow, high sliding door and entered, hoping to receive some information. No person was to be seen but what the pilot did see bewildered him so that the image was deeply ingrained in his mind.

There in the hanger stood three or four very large, round, dark dish shaped metal constructions on telescope-like leg stands. The objects were about 6 meters off the ground and the objects themselves were 12 to 15 meters in diameter. The pilot compared the shape of the objects to a giant soup dish or soup plate. Suddenly, out of the half darkness a military guard emerged. The guard let the pilot know that he was in an area which was strictly off limits. In fact, the pilot was told, on no uncertain terms, to disappear immediately or this would be his last day on earth.


Of course the question of what those objects in the hanger really were comes back to this pilot even after almost 55 years. The pilot personally attributes it to the so called “Magnetscheibe”, literally, “magnet-disk“. According to the pilot rumors of these objects circulated in pilot circles since the summer of 1944.

And a summary of the development

So, from the information that Marija received from the people from Aldebaran, the entire German disk program was born, starting with the first model of the Jenseitsflugmaschine, abbreviated as JFM, translated as “machine for the flight to the other side”. JFM is described as follows

“The machine itself was disc-shaped with three inner disc plates within a plate-like fuselage and a cylindrical power unit passing through the center of all three plates. The central disc plate was 8 meters in diameter; above it was a parallel disc plate of 6 diameter, 5 meters, and below an equally parallel disk 7 meters in diameter.Through the center of all three disk plates ran a 2.4 meter high cylindrical drive unit which fitted into a 1.8 meter movable hole culminating at the bottom of the disk body to a conical top on to which is attached a huge pendulum with weights to stabilize the craft.”

JFM was tested for the first time on March 23, 1922. and the test was catastrophic, the aircraft literally exploded due to enormous centrifugal forces.

From JFM came the next model RFZ-1 (RundFlugZeug meaning “round craft”) which used a levitation drive developed by Dr. W.O. Schumann from the Technical Faculty in Munich, who worked at JFM from 1922-1934. The first test of the RFZ-1 took place in 1934 near the Arado-Brandenburg factory, the aircraft rose very quickly to a height of 60 meters before it began to spin uncontrollably, after which it fell to the ground, pilot Lothar Waiz ejected in time.

After that, the RFZ (Vril) 2, 3, 4 and 5 models followed, then the Haunebu models, then the Andromeda Gerat, the 130-meter mother ship, the Vril electro-magnetic-gravitic drives and the Thule Triebwerks. The exact details of these drives are not well known, but it is well known that, like the JFM, they were based on counter-rotating electromagnets, with the fact that the Haunebu drive still used a chamber with ionized mercury.

The development of these spaceships was overseen by Himmler’s SS, specifically SS Technical Branch Unit E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4).

By the end of the war, the Americans knew the exact locations of 9 of these “Kugleblitz” factories, which they marked on their war maps with the symbol of the planet Saturn.

The SS symbol is clearly visible at the bottom of the Vril disk. SS of course means Schwarze Sonne ie Black Sun and the symbol ᛋ is the Elder Futhark symbol Sowilo which literally means Sun and represents life force ie Vril.

Etc. It's all on my blog, on the front page is all about Nazi saucer development from 1919. to 1945. and beyond.

As well as Nazi A-bombs which they unquestionably did develop and test.

Just one out of many quotes

Rudolf Zinsser for US Ninth Army Air Force intelligence report interrogated by Captain Helenes T. Freiberger

“In the beginning of Oct. 1944 I flew from Ludwigslust (south of Lubeck), about 12 to 15 km from an atomic bomb test station, when I noticed a strong, bright illumination of the whole atmosphere, lasting about 2 seconds. The clearly visible pressure wave escaped the approaching and following cloud formed by the explosion. This wave had a diameter of about 1 km when it became visible and the color of the cloud changed frequently. It became dotted after a short period of darkness with all sorts of light spots, which were, in contrast to normal explosions, of a pale blue color. […] A cloud shaped like a mushroom with turbulent, billowing sections (at about 7000 meter altitude) stood, without any seeming connections, over the spot where the explosion took place. Strong electrical disturbances and the impossibility to continue radio communication as by lightning, turned up.“

And various death rays, most notable being the disitegration ray

As Miguel Serrano, let’s call hima a priest of esoteric Hitlerism who was close to high-ranking SS members said

“I have spoken with some ex-combatants of the SS who were on the Russian front and through the final offensive in the Ardennes who saw mysterious weapons in action that disintegrated enemy airplanes in full flight, lightning that left only a space where a tank had been before, or that paralysed the enemy without killing. They were used only once and then disappeared.”

Confirmation of this lightning death ray is found in the following OSS report, page 3735 in the Dr. Todd Rider’s book

OSS Report No. FF-83. 21 October 1944. Atom Smashing Secret Weapon. [NARA RG 77, Entry UD-22A, Box 171, Folder 32.7003-2 GERMANY: US Wartime Positive Int. (July–Oct. 44)]

The Germans have completed a weapon which is founded on the principle of the disintegration of matter (Atomzertruemmerung). Experiments have been performed which have proved conclusive. The effect of this weapon is like that of a thunderbolt, naturally much magnified.

So, all rumors are true. Biggest reason people disbelieve is the common skeptical question - if they had it they would not have lost the war. They don't understand that these black programs were mostly run by secret societies and agenda of secret societies is often quite different from national agenda. We may say they lost one war to win another one.



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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2023, 07:18:39 AM »
And of course US, Russia, England and others replicated the tech after the war, according to Major Donald Keyhoe’s first book, The Flying Saucers are Real Brits were first to replicate the tech in 1947.

Later reports indicate Russians and Americans caught up by 1954. For example this report from the newspaper “LA CROIX”, one of the newspapers that reported on this meeting. This is another in a long series of indications of the secret military in this case Russian space program.

October 21, 1954, France.

A worker from Saint-Rémy (Vosges), Mr. Ujvari, 40 years old, has just told the gendarmes of Raon-l’Etape that, last Wednesday, around 3 am, he was stopped on the road by a stranger of large build and average height, wearing a gray jacket, decorated on the shoulders with shiny badges .

The man spoke an unknown language. Mr. Ujvari, of Czech nationality, tried to speak Russian. His interlocutor understood it perfectly. “Where am I, he asked, in Italy, in Spain?” He then inquired about the distance separating him from the German border, and the time. The worker having told him that it was around 3:30 am, the man took out of his jacket a watch that marked 4 am

Then the stranger gave the worker the order to move forward. Soon Ujvari saw in the middle of the road a craft in the shape of two plates reversed one against the other, from which emerged a kind of periscope.

Arrived at about thirty meters from the apparatus, which was about 1.50 high and 2.50 m wide, the stranger tells him to move away. But, looking back from time to time, Mr. Ujvari varies could see the machine rise slowly vertically with a noise of sewing machines. Arrived at an altitude of 500 meters, it took the horizontal and disappeared in the direction of the south.

Mr. Ujvari said the unknown was wearing a helmet similar to that of a motorcyclist. He had a gun in his hand.

His last word to Mr. Ujvari was “farewell” in Russian.

Electrogravitic craft sighted on March 23, 1966, Temple, Oklahoma. Project Blue Book case No. 10270. Classic case

In the early Wednesday’s morning on March 23, 1966, William Eddie Laxson was driving to work as usual. He was working as an electrical engineer / electronics instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base since 1951. Approximately 10 minutes after he left his home in Temple town, Oklahoma, he turned right on U.S. Highway 70 towards Randlett, passed the farmhouse on his left, and was forced to stop the car, because in the middle of the road was parked a 75 feet (23 meters) long spacecraft! The time was 5:05 a.m.

“What I saw was definitely not from space. The man was wearing fatigues and had a cap with the bill broken up like Air Force mechanics wear,” Jaxson said. “It had common English letters on it.”

Significantly, Eddie Laxson noticed that the electrogravitic vehicle had the insignia TL 4138, or TL 4738, on its side. He quickly jolted down the numerals in the dirt at the edge of the roadway but couldn’t be certain of the second digit after returning to copy them on paper. In the meantime, the mystery man (pilot?) bolted into the spacecraft, and took off. The machine went straight up for about 50 feet (15 meters) and without turning or banking accelerated to approximately 720 mph (1159 km/h), heading towards Red River. Eddie Laxson described the sound as “high-pitched electric drill”. When the electrogravitic vehicle rose in the air it seemed to have a magnetic effect on the hair on Laxson’s arms.

ARV Fluxliner documentary

Below photo from the Wendelle Stevens archives that almost certainly shows an ARV Fluxliner. Air Force Capt. Harvey Williams was flying a C-47 at 12,000 feet when he took this photo 25 miles southwest of Prova, Utah, in 1966.

To later arrow shaped motherships made in remote Utah desert underground and other places captured by JL Walson etc.


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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2023, 07:23:24 AM »
It is not widely known that Hermann Oberth, father of rocketry and Von Braun's senior, said in 1958. US is working on electric spacecraft which will reach the Moon within 5 years and that ETs are observing us and he even wrote a book about them.

And electric that is electrogravitational spacecraft reached the Moon much sooner than in 5 years, probably that same year.

According to Helga Morrow, they had bases on the Moon since circa 1960.

Below Texas 1968. cigar shaped craft photo, possible Nazi Andromeda Gerat.

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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2023, 07:43:43 AM »
In ’38-39, the Nazis sent the Neuschwabenland aka New Swabia expedition to Antarctica. More about the Neuschwabenland expedition with photos in the book above.

In tthese articles Allies openly talk about smaller Nazi bases in Antarctica during the war, large enough to dock and repair ships and submarines,

Nazi expedition of 1939 thoroughly explored Queen Maud Land previously claimed by Norway. The Nazis took about 16,000 aerial photos and mapped about 600,000 square miles, dropped flags over 230,000 square miles, so today we have locations in Antarctica like “Ritscher Peak” (over 4km high), named after the expedition captain Alfred Ritscher, so ” Schirmacher Oasis” etc. The Nazis allegedly established Base 211 in the Muhlig-Hofmann mountain, Neuschwabenland, aka Queen Maud Land although there are no concrete sources for this information. This Russian documentary with English narration is about Mission Highjump and Nazi UFOs.

The area that the Nazis explored and declared Neuschwabenland, i.e. New Swabia, also includes Bunger Oasis, which Admiral Byrd’s pilot “discovered” 9 years later, 450 square kilometers of land and sweet and salty lakes without, ie with very little ice.

The video shows an ice-free lake that they say is fresh water and 8 miles wide. Unfortunately, it is not known which lake it is. In that area, there is Algae Lake, also known as Lake Figurnoye, 9 miles wide, i.e. 17 km, thawed throughout the year. Antarctica has 14 million square kilometers, 4 million more than Europe and infinite resources, minerals and everything else. What did the Nazis lose and what did they gain? In the picture below Bunger Oasis taken in 2021, possible location of Nazi bases/cities.

Byrd stated that the Bunger Hills are ‘…one of the most remarkable regions on earth. An island suitable for life had been found in a universe of death.’ Byrd also found a huge amount of coal in that area, enough for the whole world for many years, he said. And the Nazis didn’t even need coal when they had Hans Coler’s generator confirmed by British Intelligence. Byrd aborted the mission after 4 months instead of 8 with heavy losses, the official reason being frozen water. Byrd lost a number of planes and ships, and Vladimir Trezinski heard that Byrd’s planes hit invisible barriers and exploded in the air, meaning that the Nazis had already perfected forcefield technology in 1946.

People don’t know that nearly 1% of Antarctica is permanently ice-free. And Lake Shield, the Vestfold Hills area, etc.

In the early fall of 1963, rumors began to spread that a nuclear bomb had exploded in Antarctica, and since no radiation was detected, it was believed to have exploded in the upper atmosphere or under the ice. The US government initially rejected these claims, but shortly after, the day after JFK’s assassination, the DOD admitted that it might have been an atomic bomb after all. Almost certainly attacks on Nazi bases.

I have already said that the Nazi elite escaped and that the official story is 100% false. I have already shared the documentary Hitler of the Andes and the film Gray Wolf based on true events, and there is also the testimony of Colotto, Peron’s right-hand man, about the meeting between Peron and Bormann after the war.

British journalist Thomas Cadett, a correspondent for The Times and the BBC, who covered the surrender of Germany and was the first to report from Hitler’s bunker reported for the BBC on 9.5.1945 (audio recording here)

“They found the half burned body of a man with a lock of black hair on the right side of his face and a little black moustache. And they looked at him more closely and their (Russian) doctors came to the conclusion that it was, what they call, a bad double of Hitler and not Hitler himself. If that is so, then all trace of him has disappeared.”

In July 1945, Stalin declared that Hitler was living in Spain or Argentina, and so on. Nazis stole over a billion dollars in gold alone, a total of 100 billion dollars in value were stolen all over Europe! – most of which was sent through Swiss banks to more than 900 Nazi-established companies in neutral and Nazi-friendly countries, which were started by Hitler’s deputy Martin Bormann from 1943, a large part of this money ended up in Argentina, enabling a comfortable exile for Hitler and senior Nazis in the only country in the world that had its own Nazi party, more about it in Hitler of the Andes and the film Gray Wolf based on real events, thousands of tons of mercury for gravity drives that were transported from the 46 missing submarines, Vril and Haunebu disks, and simply moved to South America and Antarctica (and later, undoubtedly, the Moon – if these recordings are real

what is an eagle doing on the wall of a mountain on the Moon) from where they continued to rule the world, i.e. they were the first and most advanced of the techno-magic elite to which the mil-ind complexes all belong larger countries that are a real secular power, the Illuminazi, as Vladimir Trezinski used to say, but he did not invent the term.


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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #6 on: May 03, 2023, 07:51:01 AM »
Reagan's diary, Tuesday, June 11, 1985

"Lunch was with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some
of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction except they are real. I learned that
our shuttle capacity is such we could orbit 300 people."

WikiLeaks document

Date:1979 January 24, 00:00 (Wednesday)

And Law of One 26.1.1980.

8.3 Questioner: Are these craft that are of our peoples from what we call planes that are not incarnate at this time? Where are they based?

Ra: I am Ra. These of which we spoke are of third density and are part of the so-called military complex of various of your peoples’ societal divisions or structures. The bases are varied. There are bases, as you would call them, undersea in your southern waters near the Bahamas as well as in your Pacific seas in various places close to your Chilean borders on the water. There are bases upon your moon, as you call this satellite, which are at this time being reworked. There are bases which move about your lands. There are bases, if you would call them that, in your skies. These are the bases of your peoples, very numerous and, as we have said, potentially destructive.

Moon bases being reworked in 1980., Wikileaks paper became public 35+ years later speaking about destruction of Moon base presumably in late 1978.

STAR WARS - Strategic Defense Initiative 1983.

Probably STAR WARS - Strategic Defense Initiative in action.

Nadine Lalich, an abduction victim, describes the joint underground and submarine bases of the US military and ET, chapter 10

As does Suzan Hansen

American Southwest is the epicenter of secret space programs, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works RCS facility, Helendale, McDonnell Douglas "Llano" RCS facility, Gray Butte and hundreds of similar ones, and this of course includes New Mexico and Arizona, and California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas...........but of course not only the southwest, those bases are everywhere.

Puerto Rico secret space program base

During our presentation as a speaker in the July 1993 MUFON Symposium we included in our talk details about the existence of an alleged site similar to the S-4 facility that allegedly exists in the Area 51 section of Nellis Air Force base, in Nevada, USA. One of them was based on an experience a young couple of puertorricans had in the area of Pico del Este (the Eastern Peak), in El Yunque Rain Forest.

One night in late February 1991, young Freddie González and his wife, Nilda Cuevas, went to El Yunque rainforest. With them were Nilda’s younger brother, who was just a child, and their baby.

They had arrived from New York city, where they lived, an wanted to visit the forest, so they took Freddie’s mother’s car and headed up into the forest along road 191. Ecstatic with the beauty of the area and its lush vegetation, they reached a point where there was a large opening between the foliage in the area.

The sun was already low in the horizon when Freddie got out of the vehicle to check it and discovered that the opening was a camouflaged gate covered by thick vegetation.

They decided to continue on through the opening, and further along the way were surprised to find themselves driving on a modern, well-paved road. It was already around 7:30 PM.

“From a certain point onward, there were blue light bulbs at the road’s edge, on each side,” González told us in an interview. “It was like on an airport’s runway at night.”

He continued his explanation. “At that point we felt a weird sensation. Nilda said that we should go back, but I kept going. The road continued going up between the mountains.

“We kept on going for 2 or more miles, and reached the end of the road. There was a big metallic gate there, and a building behind it some distance away, in the middle of a mountain. Just then, two men wearing strange uniforms showed up and stopped us. They ask who we were and what we were doing there.

“They both stood some six feet tall, dressed in tight fitting, one-piece black suits of a leather-like material, similar to a diver’s wet suit. They also wore a wide, black belt. Both of them wore black gloves and black boots with what looked like metallic gold buttons on their sides. These went all the way up to their knees.

"They both also wore big, oval helmets with black visors. You could not see their faces, and I can’t explain how they were able to see us as it was getting dark (see drawing). Everything they wore was completely black, except for those golden buttons.”

“They ordered us to stop,” González added. “Then they told us to get out of the car. Thier voices sounded electronic, muffled. But they both spoke in Spanish language. Maybe their voices sounded like that because of their helmets.

“I got out of the car, but told my wife to remain inside. They asked who we were, and requested our driving licenses and Ids. We gave this to them. They looked at them and gave them back to us.

"They then examined the car’s license plate, and one of them examined the bottom part of the car with a long, metallic object like a thin tube that had a mirror on its end. He said that 'everything was O.K'. Why he did that, I truly don’t know.

“Then they looked at my wife, our baby, and my brother-in-law, and asked again why we were there. I explained that we wanted to have a look at the rainforest and got lost. The two men talked between themselves in a language that sounded strange, guttural-like, and garbled. I would compare it with the Russian language... or maybe German language.

“One of them left the site and at that moment I saw a car approaching. It was a dark blue pick-up truck, and inside of it were two men dressed in one-piece blue overalls like the ones mechanics use. They were Puerto Ricans, because of their accent. They spoke Spanish, and also asked us who we were and how we had gotten there. They would not talk to the tall man dressed in black, who remained there.

“I noticed that the pick-up’s door had a U.S. Navy sign on it and realized, “The Navy? Of course, Navy Roosevelt Roads Station in Ceiba! It is close to the forest!”
The men in the truck looked at my wife and the kids and whispered something to the man dressed in black...”

At that moment, there was a sudden flash of light which came from the direction where the pickup truck had come from. Freddie couldn’t help but see it, and he looked in that direction, but had trouble believing what he saw.

“That light,” he said, “came from inside a rectangular hollowed out area which seemed to be excavated into the side of the mountain covered by vegetation.

“That rectangular area was actually an opening with big crystal doors, and inside of it was an object similar to a flying saucer! It had a circular shape with windows all around its center (see drawing by the witness).

“I could see it clearly due to the brilliance of the light inside. Some men wearing white lab coats were doing something with the saucer, like electrical soldering, and that was what produced the flashes that called my attention.

“The craft seemed to be about some 30 feet in diameter. It was metallic and silvery. It rested on some supports.

“All of a sudden I realized that I was seeing something that, perhaps, I should not be witnessing and became scared. I looked away. The men apparently were not aware that I had seen the saucer.”

One of the men in the pick-up truck told the young couple that they should not be there at that time of night “...because people get lost in the dark and disappear easily in the forest without ever being seen again.”

He ordered them to follow them, that they would drive them out of the area. They also instructed them that they could not talk to anyone about what they saw and what happened there.”

Afraid, they obeyed, and were escorted out of the area. Once they arrived at Route 191, they began their descent from the mountaintop. The Navy pick-up truck followed them for awhile, and then suddenly disappeared from sight.

Freddie and his wife were very nervous, fearing that because of what they saw in El Yunque the U.S. Government might come after them.

In fact, two days later, while they visited the wife’s parents in the town of Canóvanas, everyone present at the place noticed a dark car with four individuals inside of it parked in front of the house. The individuals inside wore fine civilian suits, neckties and dark glasses. They seemed to be watching them. Parked next to the dark car was a military camouflaged truck.

“Someone” was letting them know that they were being watched, and it was obvious to Freddie González and his wife that the reason for that was what they had seen in El Yunque.

According to the couple, Some of the individuals entered the house and talked with them, insisting they should go back with them to El Yunque to discuss something. The couple refused to go, terrified that they might “disappear” in the forest.

Once the men realized that the couple would not go with them, they departed. After this incident, González and his wife left Puerto Rico and moved to the United States, where they still reside.

González believes that the reason they were not taken by the men was due to the children being present at the time. He wonders what would have happened if they were alone that night.

We asked him why they decided to tell us their story, and he replied, “Look, I am conscious of the importance of what we saw up there, as it has many implications. But people should know about it. We deserve to know what is happening. It is our right to know.”

We agreed on this with the witness. But, who were the mysterious individuals dressed with the tightfitting black suits and helmets?

Why would they be wearing this type of suit in such a warm and humid environment like the one in El Yunque rainforest?

Were they human beings or of extraterrestrial origin?

Why did they speak at times in a strange, guttural garbled language the witnesses could not identify?

What can be said for sure is that the individuals who removed the couple from the site were driving a pick-up truck labeled as belonging to the U.S. Navy, which again, implies a connection between that US military agency and the UFO situation.

This was one of the many incidents we reported in the July 1993 MUFON Symposium in Virginia.

In recent years there has been a considerable increase in U.S. military presence in the rainforest, and many visitors have been taken out from it at gun point, even when they were not in restricted areas. This was often done in an aggressive manner and without explanation.

Below illustration made by Mr. Freddie González of the object he saw inside the camouflaged facilty and depiction of the guard.

The "abandoned" US Navy base at the top of Pico del Este, the location of the meeting from the last post.

Bill Hamilton's lecture on military-ET underground bases

And so on infinitely.



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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
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So the technology for overcoming gravity could be conditionally divided into two types. The first is by using moving parts, rotating disks with magnets and coils, as examples we could point to Searl disk and Otis Carr's apparatus... The second type is without moving parts by using specially designed powerful high voltage capacitors separated often in sections and controlled electronically by a computer or other type of control, both types using electromagnetism....As far as I know there was another type of propulsion based on ultrasound through some large flexible diaphragms, later refined and replaced by piezoelectric emitters, but they are probably of a much lower grade than the other types...
The connection between Thomas Townsend Brown and the Nazis through electrogravity is interesting, as Brown is considered to be the father or founder of it, but what if it came from the Nazis?

a link in Russian in which I have mentioned a connection between a patent and George Adamski's apparatus and also a connection between the propulsion system described by Lazar and a patent by Hector Serrano

for Bob Lazar's intervention it is only because of the device he mentions which is actually some kind of Vril modification, and as for the rest of what he says I absolutely agree with you, just some misinformation, same thing with the TR 3B, just by reading the description "spinning superconducting ring" but in reality the reference to the spinning superconducting plasma ring here I'm 100% sure is related to a massive and heavy coil that is even available in Mark McCandlish's apparatus
interesting is the incident in East Germany around 1989 that Mark McCandlish describes, which falls right around the case of the Belgian UFO wave and the Belgian triangles

just to add that the connecting link between so-called "free energy" and "antigravity" [electrogravity] is the capacitor

my article for Electrogravity:

a interesting video for Electrogravity project by Eytan Suchard:
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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #8 on: May 03, 2023, 11:27:49 PM »
Of course, that is a classical division, mechanical system using rotation or counterrotation and solid state systems and i have studied to infinite depths. Sure, for Searl and Carr are examples of mechanical approach, but not all mechanical ones use coils, it may simply be cone shaped magnets. It may be simply a counterrotating disk of copper and zinc that
floated as reported on KeelyNET about an alleged device from UK if i remember correctly. Hamel also used a cone shaped granit spinning inside a magnetic field (photo below) and so on infinitely.

As for solid state approach, TT Brown HV pulses, heavy, high k dielectric cap method is a well known one but that is not a primary solid state method. Brown used stacked capacitors in his first design but later changed into into umbrella shapes, in fact he had a 16 foot model (i got photos) but it's unclear if that one ever flew. No need to control them electronically by a computer timing can be achieved in various ways, both analog and digital, and of course both types using electromagnetism for all there is is play of electro (male) and magnetism (female) spiraling around the insulating G-line of Intelligence (I AM).......

Levitation can be induced in such way with extreme voltages and sharp rise time pulses of proper frequency and thin plates/cylinders of appropriate material and geometry, but when we talk solid state artificial gravity fields key word is resonance for gravity field is by definition a Resonating EM field - as told to George Hunt Williamson, an early contactee. First 3 forces being electrostatic, static magnetic and electromagnetic (herzian), while forth is the life giving force, like that of a planet or a living being, and it is not just gravity, gravity is just one of effects of that life-field. More on that in a second. So main principle in generation of REF (gravity) is resonant bucking aka scalar interferometery aka neutralization of herzian waves, Bearden explains it here and this is nothing new, this was known forever, in fact this is how time-space itself is created as i explain on the blog below.

The key of keys, the point of points is that ALL is made of Universal Currents (as Rota named them). These subtle streams penetrate everything, as nicely summarized in Etidorhpa

Ϟ Ϟ All materials known to man are of coarse texture, and the minds of men are not yet in a condition to comprehend finer exhibitions of force, or of motion modifications. Pure energy, in all its modifications, is absolutely unknown to man. What men call heat, gravitation, light, electricity, and magnetism are the grosser attributes attending alterations in an unknown, attenuated, highly developed force producer. They are results, not causes. The real force, an unreached energy, is now flooding all space, pervading all materials. Everywhere there exists an infinite sea of motion absolute. Since this primeval entity can not now affect matter, as matter is known to man, man’s sense can only be influenced by secondary attributes of this energy. Unconscious of its all-pervading presence, however, man is working towards the power that will some day, upon the development of latent senses, open to him this new world. Then at last he will move without muscular exertion, or the use of heat as an agent of motion, and will, as I am now doing, bridle the motion of space. Wherever he may be situated, there will then be warmth to any degree that he wishes, for he will be able to temper the seasons, and mass motion illimitable, also, for this energy, I reiterate, is omnipresent. – Etiodrhpa Ϟ Ϟ

And gravity field which is a first child of these subtle streams is but a local polarization, a dipole, in these Universal Currents, all centers are, suns, galaxies, universes....all is but gravity fields within gravity fields, in fact nothing else exists but gravity fields (as told by Zirbes in his great FALLING BODIES THEORY)....there is so much to know and people don't dig deep enough.

But it can be summarized that there are 3 main streams that make up the gravitational vortex, primary stream is spiraling toward the east from inside the planet outward to the edge of the vortex which is in case of Earth just beyond the orbit of the Moon and then they return back into poles, vortex becomes REPULSIVE beyond that edge, that magnetic barrier, that Chinvat Bridge beyond the Moon. As all bodies falling in gravitational vortexes pile up ether on the front side which causes them to start spinning due to difference in pressure and as they start to spin they spontaneously develop a gravity field of their own which repels the parent field and the balance of attraction and repulsion establishes an orbit.

There are also two vertical magnetic streams, one is what is called "gravity" pressing all things toward the center, this force is coming from the sun and other positive radiating centers and is associated with light and heat (which are created locally in the atmosphere and sun is invisible in space), and another at 1/3 higher frequency returning energy to the sun, this negative side of gravity aka levitation is associated with cold and darkness and this is what is meant in the Bible by that Job knew the treasures of the hail, this is the Maxin Light, the cold breeze on top of the head of activated kundalini, of mystic adepts, this is the cold felt in presence of astral beings aka 'ghosts', this is the cold always felt when artificial gravity fields are created as reported by Keely and countless others, for, as Zirbes explains, this field, this vortex sucks in all kinds of energy at the poles, both herzian and neutral, and transmutes them, radiating at the equator, as drawn by Carr which is in fact work of Russell, but Keely described and perfected the technology 50+ years before.

Further on, so when we talk gravity control, there is an important distinction between mere degravitation (no gravity field or weak gravity field around an object) and true artificial gravity field. Both have been known to Adepts in secret lodges since time of Atlantis and long before.

Moreover, in modern times degravitation has been stumbled upon by few rare inventors like these two reports from 1897. which clearly speak of the same dark bearded captain flying around with his wife and son at night, who inherited the principle from his late uncle who stumbled upon it in 1870.

This is 50 years before TT Brown and infinitely more advanced for, as he says..

"Weight is no object to me. I suspend all gravitation by placing a small wire round an object"

Ultrasound and sound in general as Keely and others used it can induce levitation. It all comes down to increasing the atomic speed of three phases of energy which make up the proton. Once its speed is accelerated it flipps for it becomes invisible to positive flow and starts to resist the negative one. Countless legends speak of levitation of stones and craft with sound. And piezoelectric emitters are crystals and crystals are closely associated with these subtle phenomena, one example is Kowsky Frost Antigravity Experiment etc.

I would not place any particular connection between TT Brown's electrogravity and Nazis for Nazis were lightyears ahead of anything Brown did, when he just started to experiment with his gravitator blocks, Nazis were already testing actual counterrotating propulsion systems for future JFM and later Vril and Haunebu spacecraft. But it did not come from Nazis, there is nothing new about any of this, as i said, certain occult lodges, both white and black ones ALWAYS had so called flying saucers and mapped the Earth millenia ago, held meetings on the Moon, were in constant coops with ETs etc.

I am aware of such attempts to draw correlations between George Adamski's apparatus and also a connection between the propulsion system described by Lazar and a patent by Hector Serrano and other similar reports, but they clearly did not even figure out whole 115 story is a scam and they omit all the key things i speak about, things are just very different than most think.

Question is if saucers as described by LIElazar exist since he is almost certainly a cont-intel agent but in case they do they are in any case some kind of Vril modification as Vril modifications are all there exists, on various energy levels and sub-types of disturbances of primary flows.

And ofc TR 3B is also disinfo, i have been saying that for 10 years, mercury at 250,000 atmospheres to achieve 90% weight reduction, just ridiculous.

It can be interpreted as superconducting plasma ring as indeed in the core of ARV is a container with a mercury plasma vortex and according to Renato Vesco Haunebu used "Marconi Ball Dynamo" which was a spherical container with counterrotating flywheels, presumably filled with mercury plasma as well.

As for saucers in post war Germany these photos at the bottom are Claimed Flying Disc of the Bundeswehr FU 1 (Fliegende Untertasse 1), from 70s.

As for "link between so-called "free energy" and "antigravity" [electrogravity] is the capacitor", capacitor is a captor for negative energy,  and can produce gravitational effects, so in that sense link is correct and i knew that for untold years, but is not the only link. Same link can be produced by an inductor.

I have already shared much of my research into electrogravity around here over the years, some things i don't reveal yet. I have infinite amounts of information about this, infinite research, infinite correlations, it is important to have all the key knowledge which is often very hard to find and even more to deeply understand the principles i noted above and reach a level of mastery of electronics and engineering. I revealed A LOT but i also don't reveal a lot, it would not mean much anyway to someone who has not reached an adequate energy level to use the knowledge.

Interview with Marcus Hollingshead who lifted tons

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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #9 on: May 04, 2023, 05:18:21 PM »
I will also share something a guy from New Zealand told me 5-6 years ago, just to show the simplicity of it.
May those with eyes to see see, may others dismiss it. So guy told me that 20 years ago his mother was with
a friend in a technical museum, i am not sure if he said he was from Auckland, i am almost sure he did.
And there was at display this 19th century 'bike' but not ordinary bike and its purpose is hard to guess,
probably some kind of exercise bike maybe. Instead of wheels it had two massive flywheels orthogonal
to each other, so one horizontal and one vertical above it. Her friend (guy) for fun jumped on it and started
pedalling like crazy and then it happened. Bike rose into the air and then tilted at 90 degrees on its side
while he was still pedalling clearly inside his own gravity field and then it went forward and crashed.
He was not hurt but they were kicked out from the museum.



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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #10 on: May 04, 2023, 07:50:38 PM »

I wish there was more information available about that situation and story!
It sounds sort of like the MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) in Auckland. . . .


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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #11 on: May 04, 2023, 08:57:53 PM »

I wish too, especially which metal/alloy were the flywheels made of and the size of flywheels etc.
I corresponded with MOTAT they said they don't have such bike, which does not mean they didn't 25 years ago.


"I am happy to have a look through the object list for the exhibition, but can confirm this is not something
we hold in the MOTAT Collection. I’ll be in touch tomorrow after taking a look at the list of items on display."

I have now just checked guy's FB page, all his friends are from Auckland so pretty certain he is from there.

I asked ChatGTP is there any other technical museum in Auckland except MOTAT

ChatGPT's responese


Yes, there are a few other technical museums in Auckland apart from MOTAT. Here are some of them:

New Zealand Maritime Museum: This museum is located in the Viaduct Harbour and focuses on New Zealand's
maritime history, including exploration, trade, and immigration.

Auckland Transport Historical Society: This museum is located in Henderson and features exhibits and collections
 related to the history of public transport in Auckland, including trams, buses, and trains.

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum: This museum is located in Devonport and tells the story of the Royal New Zealand Navy,
 from its beginnings to the present day.

Howick Historical Village: This museum is located in Howick and is a living history museum that recreates a 19th-century
 village, complete with historic buildings, costumed interpreters, and period demonstrations.

Stardome Observatory and Planetarium: This museum is located in One Tree Hill and features a planetarium, observatory,
 and interactive exhibits that explore the wonders of space and astronomy.

These are just a few examples of the technical museums in Auckland. There are many other museums in the city that focus
on different aspects of science, technology, and history, so there is something for everyone to explore and learn from.





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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #12 on: May 06, 2023, 09:57:53 PM »
some time ago I came across some materials about mysterious drones detected over the skies of some regions in the USA, Mexico, etc. and later determined to be a hoax. Subsequently, it turned out that there are some classified documents on this topic that describe a technology so advanced that our minds cannot assimilate it, as it refers to the execution of machine code without the need for hardware and a number of other features...

The person who wrote this piece says that they have made some progress in "deciphering" the alien artifacts, but at this stage he dare not share any more details. In general, things can be compared to, for example, a 5-year-old child becoming a self-taught expert in the arrangement and control of shuttles. This technology is too far from us.
The photo document looks at two types of artifacts - an anti-gravity generator (the spiky thing made up of spheroids) and the two identical arc-shaped items. They have no moving parts. When the arc elements are placed on the sides of the generator (in a specific mode of it), the former "lock" in the air at a given distance, thus the three objects now act as one. At the same time, the space between them remains completely normal, non-resistant to any passing matter. It is mentioned here that the anti-gravity force is not only used as propulsion, but also as a kind of shield against space debris or any kind of projectile weapons. It can also be used in "pairing" mode by combining multiple objects into one with or without space between them. It is mentioned that their ships are also constructed in this way - all the machinery inside, as well as the hull, are paired in this way, without using methods such as welding or various fasteners. They seem to work with both poles of gravity (hill and valley/repulsion and attraction) and any intermediate states.
The other document describes the role of the symbols and the material of the artifacts on which they are depicted. This goes beyond all logic. Example - the computers we know require hardware and software. Software code written on a piece of paper doesn't do any work without being entered into the computer. With their technology, however, it does. Specific symbols written on a special material of a certain shape and in the presence of a certain field makes that element function in a certain way. There are no familiar parts like memories or hard drives in these elements. They are solid like a rock or a cast metal item. When they broke an artifact into pieces, no matter how small they were, each one performed the same function as a whole artifact. They call this matter a "holographic computing substrate." Although each particle has its own computing power, put together they form a non-linearly growing computing system. For example, four elements collected together will have a total potential of more than four times the potential of a single element. The author constantly puts their "language" of symbols in quotation marks because it is quite different from our understanding of language. Depending on the context, one symbol can be read as a single bit of information, while another can represent the entire human genome or a galactic map. While our symbols need reading (whether by a human or a computer), theirs has a fusion of symbol and meaning, and it will do what it needs to do without the need for an outside observer. Quite confusing...

according to Paul Hellyer's article, the technology in question is the work of some race called the "Ramay", but is this really the case?

I am also attaching an image of some map or schematic with symbols:

and a video on the subject:
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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #13 on: May 10, 2023, 03:38:18 PM »
One more out of countless examples. Exact source unknown.

"About 10 years ago, a man was caught too close to a sudden outburst of volcanic activity
on the island of Hawaii. He was escaping in his car down the volcanic mountain when the
car blew a tire. He had to stop to change the tire so he could continue his fast escape.
When he opened his car trunk to get his spare tire, his tire iron "Floated" out of the trunk
!!! He was able to grab his tire iron, change the blown tire, and make good his escape. "

In screenshots below are few details from (and i could list more) Bob LIEzar that clearly
show he is a disinfo agent who mixed some real valuable truths with fake (115) elements
to distract from the truth.

This what he says about phasing for repulsion/attraction between gravity fields is similar to
what has been confirmed in contactee case of Dino Kraspedon (real name Aladino Félix),

Without this artificial ether no interplanetary voyage is possible. If you tried to
make a journey without this precaution, you would face certain death. The fluid
which binds you to your bodies would leave you, and your bodies would instantly
be crystallised. This is the mystery of the crystallised bodies which reach the Earth
in the form of meteorites, any body in space without ether undergoes this process,
whether it be made of carbon, calcium, iron, nickel, or any other element.

After passing out of the magnetic field of the Earth, all we need to do is to create an
ether similar to that of the planet to which we are travelling, and we will then be
attracted by it. We can create this ether of another planet even on Earth, so that we
will be repelled from Earth and attracted to the other planet whose ether is
contained within the saucer.

On reaching that planet, we need only to change the ether again to propel ourselves
once more into space.

The audiobook

Book also confirms what has been first said in Oahspe and later in case of Zirbes, that
Earth's etheric covering aka Earth's gravitational vortex extends just beyond the Moon,
exactly 250,000 miles (402,000km). And George Van Tassel confirms this etheric
covering is spinning in opposite direction to Earth, meaning toward the west. But question
is whether it spins in different direction at different latitudes, which might be indicated by
the wind directions as shown in diagram below.

Using phasing of created gravity field to attract repel the lines of force present in all
space has been told to George Van Tassel.

The speed of light, established at 186,000 miles per second, is
not its speed. It is the speed of the positive "A" lines of force that
extend throughout space. The speed of the negative "B" lines of force,
at 90' to the positive lines, is 202,000 miles per second. The speed of
magnetism is the combined speeds of the positive and negative lines of
force, or 388,000 miles per second. The difference between the positive
and negative lines of force is 16,000 miles per second.
The space craft use this differential to cycle or phase their power.
This accounts for their appearance of skipping. Their ships are caused
to attract or repel the lines of force which are at right angles to
their direction of travel.

Regarding these values for speeds of light given to him, i discovered
their relations are completely based on sacred number 9!

9207 is repeated ad infinitum, numerically 9

086021505376344 is repeated ad infinitum, numerically 9

202/186=1.086021505376344086021505376344… Same streak!!
086021505376344 is repeated ad infinitum, numerically 9

Probability of this above being as is is practically infinitely small.
Not only all their relations return repeating pattern which is numerically
equal to 9 but last two relations return the exact SAME pattern.

9 is the key to magnetism and everything cause God/Self uses a decimal
system, there is no higher than 9. It’s not an accident that proton is 1836
times heavier than electron. Etc. ALL is phi, ALL is 9.

Same thing (about gravity phasing) in different words has been told to
contactee Rolf Telano

"Primary drive" is the only true space drive, aside from teleportation. It
consists of mechanism, which will place the craft into synchronous frequency
with the primary energy flows which permeate all the Universe, but slightly
out of phase with them. The speed is theoretically unlimited with the speed of
sound. In actual practice the maximum speed when using "primary drive"
depends largely upon the skill of the operator in controlling the craft, and upon
the degree of phase angle which can be applied, and that depends on the
amount of "shading power" which the craft can supply.


Below is also a quote from Magic Bag which confirms density of ether is
lesser in space. Last sentence is not to be taken literally, ether obviously
can be disturbed, but with special methods only, most kinds of energy
do not affect it significantly. Then again there are different orders of ether
and picture is complex. Lower orders of ether are affected by everything.
Shape power etc.

For anyone who wants to understand how gravitational fields are created
i recommend to read Zirbes' book.

He was shown (by ETs) Earth's gravity vortex spinning in one direction,
as shown below, but again, one has to keep in mind, there are etheric
streams of various orders and from many occult sources we know they
do flow in various directions.

I will also remind Light and Heat are created locally in the atmosphere.
Sun is nearly invisible in space.

All these are slightly different views at the same 'thing'. It all comes down to the fact
ALL is made out of Universal Currents and all that really exists are gravity fields within
gravity fields within gravity fields and so on ad infinitum.



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Re: UFOs as the Nazi legacy
« Reply #14 on: May 10, 2023, 05:11:01 PM »
086021505376344 is repeated ad infinitum, numerically 9

202/186=1.086021505376344086021505376344… Same streak!!
086021505376344 is repeated ad infinitum, numerically 9"

I can give you infinitely more such streaks. Just like you, I'd just add or deduct 186 on the left side. Will work every single time.
The rest I didn't read yet, I just have an eye for these things it seems.