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Author Topic: Brush-less Plasma Homopolar Motor  (Read 416 times)

Offline gravityblock

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Brush-less Plasma Homopolar Motor
« on: March 08, 2023, 05:53:34 AM »
Making a Real-life Nether Portal!

If the inner ring is a disk that is allowed to rotate, will the rotating plasma cause the inner ring to rotate?  If yes, then we have a brush-less Plasma Homopolar Motor with no counter torque or BEMF! 

If the rotating plasma doesn't rotate the inner ring (disk), then will the disk rotate when the rotating plasma is held stationary?  Can the rotating plasma be held stationary by placing a non-conductive object between the outer ring and the inner ring (disk)?

This will not work as a generator.  Rotating the inner ring (disk) at a high speed will never generate a high enough voltage to jump the gap between the outer ring and the inner ring (rotating disk).  Since this works as a motor and not a generator, then how can there be a counter torque of BEMF generated?

Will the brush-less Plasma Motor run on a cold plasma wand?  The cold plasma wand ionizes a gas, such as helium.  These Planes Are Propelled With Ionic Thrust.


Offline sm0ky2

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Re: Brush-less Plasma Homopolar Motor
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2023, 04:49:42 PM »
The plasma (when we speak of an ionized gas) exists in the Gibbs reference frame,
Or Hamiltonian(0)

You and I (and subsequently the physical conductor) exist in
Hamiltonian(3). That is to say there are at least 3 inertial reference frames
separating us from 0-space.

In short, the plasma itself cannot push or pull on physical objects in the way one would imagine

On the surface of a conductor, the plasma maintains the inertial reference of the charged conductor that is creating the field.

Irrespective of the field inducing the charge.

Now: if the inducing field holds the same inertial reference as the conductor:
The conductor’s field can effect the field emanating from the source charge.
This is how the ion propulsion works.

Our gaseous plasma is rotating independent of the source conductor
in the 0-space

‘It has nothing to push on’

If you want the rotating plasma to rotate another field:
That field must also hold the 0-inertial reference frame.

Heres a demo, apologies about the audio,
plasma and electric buzzing clouded my voice