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Author Topic: Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step  (Read 4120 times)

Offline stivep

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Lithuania  Experiment vs Colman  patent.

Physics can't be punished and is not based on beliefs about facts and doesn't recognize: magic, miracles, God, angels  devils hail and heaven 
or similar value , lack of value or BS. Physics doesn't care what you think agree or disagree  with.

You  want to  feel safe and understand what energy comes from right?
No one wants to be ignored, underrated, despite of your nationality gender sexual orientation or education.
Me neither .
but how to make you attracted to particle physics?
So why do I care?
I am not a pretty young lady although my wife ( psychologist) is.
Please watch this video not because of beauty of my wife, but  because it is essential to you the researcher.

This video criticizes Russian science level  presented by  Russian PhD s  but it is done in very friendly way pointing at the nonsense
publicly  shared by some of them. I'm  assuming but not stating  :
- the  advanced age  of Russian scientists in the country where in 1960 average Russian died in age 55 says that they  had very much comfort  to live longer there.
At the same time such comfort  doesn't necessarily push for more of self education of already  appointed  members of Russian academy of science.
So it is possible that some of them "got frozen"   somewhere in  the  level of  the science at 1900ts while  modern science  rapidly moved on.
- to be delicate and gentle in wording. - In Russia/ former Soviet Union, a person was often politically elevated to get  the title of PhD.

(videos with Colman patent and experiments are in my  YouTube )
- so if we can think about any possible something affecting health of experimenter than?
  than what?
  what is that?
  NEUTRON radiation??

Neutrons can be absorbed by other atoms and create radioactive isotopes.
The radioactive isotopes they  can produce radiation that's far more different than the neutron radiation itself.
Neutron radiation is the only one that can break atoms apart, creating radioactive material where none existed before.

Neutron activation:
Neutron radiation is the part of energy generation.
Neutron activation is the process in which neutron radiation induces radioactivity in materials, and occurs
when atomic nuclei capture free neutrons, becoming heavier and entering excited states.
The excited nucleus decays immediately by emitting gamma rays, or particles such as beta particles, alpha particles, fission products,
and neutrons (in nuclear fission).


Is it true that Neutron radiation is dangerous?

You need to ask yourself  :
Is a gasoline in your  car tank dangerous and why?
Is natural gas in your stove dangerous and why?
Is coal in your stove or wood in your fireplace  dangerous and why?
Is pesticide, affecting your health and why you do not think about?

Most accidents happen because you didn't know, didn't expect, didn't care to learn and understand
and didn't pay attention. So if you are the researcher you need to know and understand:
1. A neutron is a neutral subatomic particle and is present in the nucleus of the atom and you are made from the atoms.
2. neutrons present in the nucleus differ in isotopes as isotopes have the same atomic number but different atomic mass.

3.  neutrons are unable to ionize a gas. Therefore, they do not produce a track in Wilson's cloud chamber.
4. we have fast (cold) and slow(thermal)  neutrons neutron/fast-neutrons-high-energy-neutrons/
5.  is that true fast that  neutrons don't interact with matter..Or rather not...?
   Neutrons are neutral particles, therefore they travel in straight lines, deviating from their path only when they actually collide with a nucleus to be scattered into a new direction or absorbed.
   size of atomic particles is so small that in the atom distances between electron and  nucleus becomes really humongous and all of that space is empty and  represents vacuum.
   Free electron or positron or neutron that shoots out with the high-speed from the nucleus  or is traveling across the atom can simply fly out not hitting any atom.
   that is what happens to  the fast neutrons called also "cold neutrons."
6. Neutron can become  different words are used   here but meaning is the same : hot,  slow, thermal, - if there is any moderator present.
   The function of a moderator such as heavy water or graphite in a nuclear reactor is to slow down fast neutrons till they become slow or thermal neutrons.
   so in: patent of Colman we are dealing with  presence of  graphite  as moderator.!!!
   so in: Lithuania Experiment  we are dealing with  presence of  ........... ferrite  chemical components
   and we try to find out if they could act as a neutron moderator.!!!

7. and yes we didn't specify yet what and how neutron radiation can over sudden be present in any of them.
8. chance of  hitting matter for slow thermal neutron vs cold fast neutron.
  A fast neutron will not be captured, so neutrons must be slowed down by moderation to increase their capture probability

picture from below  courtesy of:

Summary - SO WE HAVE :

fast  very energetic  (powerful)      neutrons  but  they are       too fast         in many cases to affect   us immediately.
slow and still  somehow energetic   neutrons and  they are not too fast  and in many cases      affects us immediately.
The same apples to their ability to  participate in energy "production" -(  energy can be extracted  but can't be manufactured)
Can we think about Neutron not like source of energy but a part of a mechanism in energy extraction?

More is yet to come.
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Offline kolbacict

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You  want to  feel safe and understand what energy comes from right?

Does this mean that the Colman tube is putting out more power than it is taking in RF power in RF?
If you recalculate the energy of quanta  hv, which is orders of magnitude higher in the output?

Offline stivep

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I made some additions to my comment from above  so please  read it again.
I'm in USA New York  and  I hope that I'm writing  not to the group  of some Rain Forest villagers  from
South  of America or Russians from  Siberia who may not understand English but to valuable researchers
trying to understand more.

Do People Speak English In Russia  :
Yes, they do, but not many people speak English in Russia, - "all" Russians do not speak it. 


Offline kolbacict

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here is interesting schematic
Well, this reminded me of everyone's well-known scheme (only greatly simplified) of Ruslan, Alekseev, Stalker, and so on. Take a closer look. :)

Offline stivep

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 NEW FE 4-6kWh  24 hours a day
Please go to :
:Re: Wesley's  Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum « Reply #3922 on: Today at 10:08:41 PM »

Online worldcup

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first light of hope in 2012 part #3 OF VIDEOS

Could you share the schematic of this replication you made on above video ?
If you have improved this version over all this years, we would appreciate updated schematic.

It's 2023, yet we don't have any replication for OU device, know why! because no schematic laid out ,
everywhere we find pieces of Q/A.

You got everything sorted out , then why don't you post schematic for the above youtube device ?

waiting for doom's day ? - it would by late by then for everyone to joy the fruit of such devices...

i would like to replicate and i'm sure other's aswell.

and i'm sure you don't have anything to hide since device video is shown in public domain with configuration spoken out.

Regards and respect to BIG Wesely..