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Author Topic: Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step  (Read 7226 times)

Offline worldcup

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vacuum variable capacitor can be small.


I agree with vacuum variable capacitor, but i mentioned for Lithuania experiment where they never used vaccum v c, rather ganged v c.


Offline worldcup

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   The original schematic is here.
 please  fallow Arunas recomendation  about C1, C3
Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step
« on: January 10, 2023, 03:38:34 PM »I used original coil assembly winded by Aidas . He made:
 - one that was non separatable  shown  here:
 Re: Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step  « Reply #2 on: January 10, 2023, 11:13:37 PM »
 winded as  one assembly.

- and another one  shown in link from above  that was caduceus  alone with removable  pick-up coil.
  We used  original flyback  model shown on the  picture.  After I burn it  it didn't work with another (from different CRT/TV  ) flyback  transformer
  I had on stack.

After the  Lithuania Experiment  Guntis filed patent   you may try to find   when he  achieved "infinitely"  growing  bell shape
 on  the oscilloscope.
The major  reason for failure for the replicators is  that  energy transfer mechanism was not  specified nor  understood.
that applies not only to this particular design  but all  of possible designs including Akula, Kapanadze  etc.

Not knowing  what energy comes from and/or how is  converted  to usable  to us form is also  reason for rejection by  science as  design is  hard to replicate.
I really don't like to talk to much  about it  as after  mentioned by  video  I started to have problems with Some Russians and Venezuelans
visited me at  home telling me that people are dies  not  because  something works or not ,- but because someone  else started  to believe  that it  works and you have it.
- "recommending" me to stay  quiet.
Because  I wanted to understand the process I decided to go  with  Dr James Corum  patented , solution  having  scientifically
established basis.
The second  PART OF  Lithuania Experiment was  the coil arrangement on circular  ferrite  that was  600W/ 1kW
output from  two 1W generators. But if you look at way coil was winded we  are talking about very similar design.
In my channel there is video  with Arunas  tuning that device as it will not work  without tuning.
We thought that it is due to ferrite - transmutation of the ferrite yoke.- that was very unusual in its properties , as Russians didn't know or care about  side effects .
It was known at that time that something is not right, and something is harmful and people watching that TV sometime got sick from it.
 x-ray  from CRT, was excluded as  insignificant , so what was it?
 The ferrite made us all sick in few days . Aidas lost hair and I  suffered for months.
Re: Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step
  « Reply #1 on: January 10, 2023, 09:04:29 PM »

Note: both the   Flyback and Ferrite Yoke were  manufactured  by the same Lithuanian manufacturer by millions
for Russian  color TV Rubin till 1990ties and even little after that.
I suggested  to  ask Arunas for help   it was his project not mine.


Hello stivep,
 Glad to see your comment.

I'm trying to work with Caduceus Coil with pickup coil . (not foil capacitor)
(Caduceus Coil with pickup coil schema)
I don't want to do anything with YOKE.

As for 'Dr.James Corum', isn't that wireless energy transfer system ?
It's not something which extracts / transforms energy from air/vacuum to usuable amps/volts , which we term as  free energy ? i might be mistaken, i'm not well aware of this topic.

A device like TK is more interesting topic.

I'm talking about your improvised version for Caduceus Coil with pickup coil shown in first light of hope in 2012 part #3 OF VIDEOS which starts from here 9:40

Kindly lay schematic for same, it looks more robust and POC.

For the frequency generator, which looks as regulated power supply. Is there portable frequency generator circuit you built in later days after shooting video ? COP is greater then managed to BTG ? how much is input and output ?


Offline stivep

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As for 'Dr.James Corum', isn't that wireless energy transfer system ?
It's not something which extracts / transforms energy from air/vacuum to usuable amps/volts , which we term as  free energy ? i might be mistaken, i'm not well aware of this topic.
Kids may like or don't like School, as an obligation not understood, but present.
When they are 20+ they benefit from years of that education but often didn't like  school  too much.
To most of them understanding what they didn't do, learn or achieve comes when they are over 40,- when it is often too late to their comfort.
Black kid after high school+ seven years of work (under licensed electrician) becomes an Electrician in New York (often ~500k per year, )
and that rights is given, certain, guaranteed by his license. – (must do business after that to get even more .)
To become PhD in physics takes approximately the same time (~ 120k/per year.)
Recognition as PhD is not worth in $$ as much as being simple electrician in USA!!!!
Sanitation man loading garbage to the truck  in NY earns average ~$80 per hour.

in contrast:

This forum is also your education full of misleading uncertain untrue facts and factors.
you might be educated or educate yourself to recognize what is true what is not.
I was a dreamer too. Some Russians poisoned me just because they didn't like
that I traveled to Tariel Kapanadze.
This is their F..en level of thinking they are  at!~!!!!!!!!!!
Those guys "Russian" solution to a problem of personal  interference  applied to a potentially but not certainly interfering American
-  just kill him !!!!... so primitive ... 
-   Russian Genius solution like an Aggression in Ukraine  isn't it?

Note: word  "Russian" in any of its  negative expressional meanings  doesn't apply to all Russians I have very good Russian friends too.

Education,is not only school. Reading understanding articles officially and scientifically recognized.
checking, comparing my words (and others) with  that what is given, certain, guaranteed:
-can give you new ideas, make you an inventor, replicator, achiever.
Understanding, reading and education  helps with that what is not understood yet!!!!!!
Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board
« Reply #242 on: April 25, 2021, 01:52:10 AM »

Dr.James Corum wanted fame business and money,  FE is disaster to  the today's economy so he wouldn't even dare to mention it.
So he used Tesla achievement +  his own addition to it.
Dr.James Corum - Energy transfer from point A to point B is also the base phenomena used by me for energy extraction from Schumann waveguide
in other words in both the energy is trapped in the air/earth interface and the only difference is the source of energy.
That can be artificial or natural phenomena of nature. And if it is from nature then it is your FE.

I don't want to do anything with YOKE
For tuning caduceus  you need ferrite at best that what  was manufactured at Soviet time in terrorized Lithuania because of its unique crystalline composition.
Re: Lithuania OU Experiment - Wesley's Theory + schematic+ explanation+step by step « Reply #15 on: January 11, 2023, 09:05:42 PM »

Fear of YOKE it's like fear of God that without analysis as negativism to some sort  of  what you think is God may be sinful..   
What the ....  nonsense...
God cannot be "analyzed" but YOKE can. And physics doesn't recognize God.
With your toothache you going to dentist not to church !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‘Beliefs are thoughts at rest’.
In other words, when you believe something to be true you will rarely question or think about the validity of that belief.

Science is not Based on Beliefs!!!! it is based on  analysis, and predictable outcome or its probability~~~

Simple rules for success in life:
understanding calls to that what is not understood yet!!!!!
by playing with Caduceus, yokes, electronics, you must also read and watch educational YouTube's .
after even a short time you can see correlation of facts and factors producing sharp and clear
basis for even more advanced experimenting.

opinion expressed is my own according to  US constitution

« Last Edit: March 02, 2023, 11:07:29 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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similar concern was addressed to me here:
 Re: Wireless energy transfer experiments ,Builders board  « Reply #241 on: April 25, 2021, 01:15:06 AM »
by the way  The device can be  almost as small as Tariel device the only difference is a power  level of energy  Rx/Tx