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Author Topic: I need someone to build my OU generator. UK based, North Wales  (Read 448 times)


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I need someone to build my OU generator. UK based, North Wales
« on: December 13, 2022, 06:18:40 PM »
Hi there guys,

I hope this post stays, bloody Facebook groups don't allow this kind of thing over there.

Ever since the plandemic started I understood where the game goes and I've looked for an off grid survival solution.
I looked at marine solutions, such as small liveaboard ships, but I hit on a snag: there was no way to get a ship correctly powered using bullshit conventional green energy like solar and wind.
All calculations came up short.

And then my research got me to magnetic motors, overunity, this kind of thing.
I've taken a look at magnetic motors, I've even tried my own build - which cost me money but at least I've started doing something - and in the end I found the Newman motor, the Robert Adams motor,
De Palma's N Machine, and I've started to take a look at Patrick Kelly's stuff. But unfortunately he died in 2020...

I would like to meet someone local - North Wales to Liverpool - someone who can get a project like this done.
I do not have the skills to do it. I don't even have a home in UK. I live and work in a hotel, and my skills are digital. I can code, and if needed I can code 3d objects to be printed.

But I'm willing to put the money for the parts and the work on a large project. Something that can make several, if not above 10 KW.
As I understood the schematics for the Newman motor are available-ish, as nobody exactly knows how the commutator was made at the time.
I'm willing to discuss which project is better, finance and get involved in it. I just can't find an engineer.

And there is not much time left. I estimate the collapse of freedoms in the next 3 years, with the introduction of Digital ID and CBDC currency. I don't wanna be forced to go down that way.
I cannot lose more time, I can't go for projects that just get some extra power made. It has to be really making enough power for a home, or even a small boat (10KW for an engine).

I am serious about this, and I'm looking for someone with the skills, willing to work, as motivated as me.