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Author Topic: Patent approved for WTP utility plant  (Read 773 times)

Offline Ronald Besser

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Patent approved for WTP utility plant
« on: December 04, 2022, 10:34:06 PM »
I am Ron Besser and due some giant technical glitches I have not been able to reply to an initial post I made some time ago concerning our break through to transmit electricity without wires.  My sincere apologies to those who did reply before I got cut off.  Nevertheless, it is true.

I wish to restate a couple of things to clarify what I meant to say in earlier posts as to what has been discovered and the patent now issued.  The NOA from the US Patent office was receiver in early November 2022.  My attorney was then instructed to apply for the PCT, the World Patent at once and we are now in the planning stages to do something about what to do with the patent one we receive it in the mail shortly.

Briefly stated, we have found away around the bugaboo about transmitting electrons.  They are, infortunately, not transmissible over any distance other than for a few feet, although New Zealand has a laser set up I am told can relay wireless electricity for about 8 to 12 miles.  I am going by reports only and do not know the trials or research.  What I do know is that man has to take a new course in preparticles to get the full effect of what we have learned to achieve.

We have an FM radio broadcast of 20 MWh consistently and sustainable from the magnetosphere which transmits one megawatt of electricity steadily and fully without interruption all the time.

To be able to intercept this power, Tesla tried but mistakenly ignored what he already knew but did not implement:  the intercept of electrons out of the Magnetosphere has to be done when man tunes his attenna to be an electromagnet.  Then man and his tower are part and parcel of nature's free electrons in huge quantities.

Number two, to generate sustainable direct current is not the objective.  But we do sustain usable atlernating current at a very low voltage and just enough to convert electrons to antimatter principles.  Antimatter flies off the antenna at such low voltage a cattle electric fence generates 4 times what we do in voltage and it is but a tingle to the side of your fingers or arms.

We broadcast a carrier wave at 86.4 MHz.  We wrap a daisy chain of Muons around it and they carry enough amperage to a house antenna which converts the amperage broadcast back to high voltage electrons 120/60-80 amps.

The real history making deal in doing this is to rewrite the cosmology about atomic cohesion and atomic preparticles participation in the materialization of matter. 

Start with the premise, to do this, with the idea preparticles are not as dully as you are taught they are.  Every preparticle had to have a construction of real materials.  Our sciences cannot see that small, but the particles which make up preparticles are electrified prematter.  I know you have very little information of such a thing but that is what electrifies the preparticle presence.

The preparticle itself glows with the energy supply by a tiny prematter particle called the Ultimaton--   100 of them to be exact in the electron.  We have designated the electron to be the most basic preparticle in existence and the standard to classify preparticles.  Classifications of preparticles should be by Ultimaton families instead, and I leave this alone in case someone is interested more than the general audience will be on this matter.

We can transmit 20MHz wireless electricity we think 200 miles radius and can use relay towers for another 500 to 1,000 miles more.

Thank you for your interest and attention.

Ron Besser/Inventor
and Director of the Magisterial Foundation which I have assigned the patent ownership to


Offline Ronald Besser

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Re: Patent approved for WTP utility plant
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2022, 03:41:28 PM »
There is a typo in the above post.  The last sentence area says, We can transmit 20MHz wireless electricity we think 200 miles radius and can use relay towers for another 500 to 1,000 miles more.

That was meant to say we can transmit 20 Megawatts . . . .

I will also say that the transforming power of this ability to transmit an electrical current via an FM wave (86.4 MHz) will have huge repercussions on all future concerns when discussing WTP or free energy.  The muon is antigravity and configures itself easily on its own carrier wave once it is forced onto the tower at about a frequency of 16 MHz.  The tower itself amplifies the wave modulation as high as 89 MHz but the box tower itself offers a small resistance and it finally leaves the tower at 86.4 MHz.

This invention should show that the entire idea of the Tesla Oscillator is enormously ineffective to produce any current beyond a few hundred feet from the transmission point.  The Tesla Oscillator is effective for small ground experiments, but fails to transmit long distances since the Oscillator is designed for auto pulsing and it can, unfortunately cause automatic feedback into the Oscillator itself and negate the flow of electrons from it.  That did not happen, I believe, with the Tesla Long Island experiment.  What did happen though is that he demonstrated that one can transmit Protons up a negative dipole and never know the difference other than to burn out electrical circuits that can receive the Protons at a small distance.

I have a BA in History, not in electronics, but that education teaches research.  Properly done one can back engineer experiments that failed, and my life career in civil engineering as an administrator and project manager, and financials, led to me Tesla on all accounts as the fueless car he demonstrated did take place through a similar process wherein a fission status produced hydrogen as a fuel, not electricity.  This WTP invention demonstrates that we can do the same to free electrons to produce an electrical current as an FM carrier wave, and that the car Tesla designed did the same thing we do to electrons he did to helium atoms. 

There is a universal clue to all who look at Tesla's work, and that clue is that fission can easily take place at low temperatures if the inventor understands that preparticles contain tiny prematter sparks one can count and manipulate by a particle detector.  The spin of a preparticle is based on the number of prematter Ultimatons which form the preparticle, and the solar system and its sun regularly chop off a preparticle neutron in the helium atom and two hydrogen atoms forms as a result.  We have to be careful in the WTP invention not to also produce helium and then hydrogen which at once converts to an ion of Ozone.

The planet build has two buildings.  The front long building is a long rectangle containing two dynamos.  They feed accumulated electrons to the second building and its one hundred foot high clear dome lit by ultraviolet light to protect teh salve generator in this second building and that protect affords that the gamma rays incoming do not reconvert the anti-gravity muon back to an electron state.

And incidentally, you will never see a muon just because it is antigravity energy, but you can detect it in your particle detection device by its revolutionary spin at 8513.  The free and normal electron we detect at 8533.   Leptons, and all preparticles, contain an accountable prematter spark in discrete numbers.  As mentioned before there are 100 of them in the standard electron, and the proton carries fifty-three (53) of them.  The less number of Ultimatons in a preparticle the higher the voltage they can carry-- and that is somewhat counter intuitive.  The neutron in a helium atom contains 3,135 Ultimatons and is electrically neutral, but because the Ultimaton number sometimes vary in its body, it can blink out of materialization and become a rarefied Boson.  We believe the CERN Boson was a Neutron left over from an earlier experiment in the tube, and when it collided with the particle shot through to it, the left-over Neutron suffered a cold fusion.  But that is speculation and we leave it alone too.

Research has shown that energy we capture as Muon fission (electron sheer of Ultimatons as our solar system sun does to helium we can do to electrons, that helium production is relatively easy without chemical reaction and the need for chemical induction is not longer required.  We use the same idea on magnetosphere electrons and a very nice jolt of them as a muon transmission.

Thank you for your interest.

Ron Besser