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Author Topic: religious post killers?  (Read 5580 times)

Offline raburgeson

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religious post killers?
« on: April 28, 2005, 02:52:38 PM »
I see some try to kill a good topic with the end of days crap about
you're messing with creation and think you are mighty.We are
playing with old technology, if the religious want true target let
me point one out worth bothering. The government is a full
century ahead of us. They say it's illegal to do cloning and so on
and lie and do the deed under the counter as a dark project.
If you want to harrass someone go harrass them, they are the ones
continually breaking all the commandments,who else would starve
to death a helpless woman? And I'd thank you to leave the posts in
this forum alone. What we are seeking is part of the rapture, to free
men from a slavery that should not exist, and you who are religious
should be helping us with all your capabilities.

Offline TechStuf

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Re: religious post killers?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2005, 09:11:05 PM »
Well, obviously you've been made to think.......about something.? That can't be all bad.

And aren't we all religious, really?

The only 'technology' with even a remote chance of 'breaking the yoke' you something CHEAP and SIMPLE allowed to propagate quickly and freely.? ?I could go on and on about my being pretty much 'geographically quarantined', anything remotely of interest I post, causing site outages.....Major computer nauseum.

I don't expect you to understand (a few will, to be sure)......but I would at least expect a modicum of 'toleration' from one so observant of the 'big picture'.

I have already shared much with many....and am of the tentative and long held opinion that, one cannot even give free energy away in the Orwellian world social climate being engineered today.

Call me jaded as hell, but if 'Close' ain't even close to cuttin the mustard......then why drop the big one, when 'mutually assured' destruction is the order of the day?? Well, financial and social chaos or complete pandemonium, in the least.? So, what I hear you advocating is tantamount to a form of 'Free energy terrorism'!? Quick, call in the superluminal strike team with a crate of 'brain suppositories', enough for your entire area!? ?The water's damned hot by now, and if you haven't the legs to hop out by now....what makes you think that an overunity motor will solve your ills?

The hour is late, but deep down, we all know that.

So come on, really, who can wage war with the 'beast'?

I can only think of One,? and I don't see him arriving with a Magnet motor strapped to his back.

If these 'religious' leanings give some cause to shy away from reply......perhaps there is cause for self reflection.

Or did you not know that the powers that be and their own 'mad scientists' have been 'into religion' for quite some time?

You've got a choice to make.......heck, don't we ALL?

GOD bless,


P.S.? And If I hear one more person call me a coward or charlatan,? THAT'S IT.? I'm calling a live press conference and settling the issue once and for all!


P.P.S.? It's true enough though, I am a coward, I can't deny it.? ?And probably the biggest one you'd ever meet.? There......I am SO glad that's off my chest and into someone else's lap.

And if your 'savior' comes bearing the 'gift' of free energy....then what a temporary and treacherous fix you seek!



"And in the last days, knowledge will be greatly increased"?

"And I will shorten the days lest no flesh remain alive upon the earth." 

Who am I to say.....maybe cheap simple, free energy generation would be just the ticket to speed things along......Certainly, a 'polarizing' issue it would be!

Christ IS the wellspring of free energy and they strung him up.....He allowed it to prove a point.? A largely missed point, and a supremely sharp one, it is.

YAH bless all gathered here in Yahshua, Jesus Christ

I promise, Raburgeson,?You will see me kill no more technology threads with my kooky religious mumo jumbo.? And it's nice to see you regard me as 'some' one worthy of reply.
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Offline Kysmett

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Re: religious post killers?
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2005, 11:33:55 PM »
Our views on religion and the god who is everything personafied(if only to allow us to fathom the sum of reality in its entirety) should not keep us from pushing into the unknown of His creation.

The use of ORGANIZED religion to perpetuate the status quo is merely a political(and hence entirely restricted to the human condition) gambit meant to stabilize and calm the fears of whatever political regime has set themselves up 'in the name of God to lead his people.'  An individual's belief in God is impervious to politics if only because there is no stuggle for power(unless the individual is of course suffering from multiple personalities, but here I can not help), and because of this lack of politics, the individual faith is entirely compatible with science. 

Science only threatens to over-throw other Humans that the individual is beholden to.  It is an affront to the contributors of the political machine that we have been brainwashed to percieve as Religion, and not the God that IS Religion.

Offline TechStuf

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Re: religious post killers?
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2005, 05:53:23 AM »
Sing it Kysmett!   Although it has been my experience that being drawn into the formerly 'unknown' of His creation beats pushing into it, anyday.

Too often, man pushes only to find he has pushed directly against the pull of His spirit.

Visa vi, the miasma of complex and infantile machinations of which man is so proud.

What is on it's way will instantly and utterly shame those who pushed for so long.....against the pull of His will.

He gives so freely to the simple children among confound the supposed wisest of men.