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Author Topic: Engineering quality build instructions of OU devices  (Read 361 times)

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Engineering quality build instructions of OU devices
« on: November 20, 2022, 01:07:05 PM »
Europe (and USA) are in energy crisis. Time for free energy revolution is now! People are in real trouble in Europe in the coming winter, and in USA diesel prices are high.
USA has literally thousands of energy -related patents ordered secret by different government offices. To our knowledge, EU countries have no such laws.
Please read more:

I see many building (for example Kapanadze generator) and posting pictures, but I have not yet found a "real original plans" for building one. If Tariel never published such plans, what are considered as original plans?
Like you can not say, that you have successfully built PIXIE2 transceiver, if you do not use the same components and do it with the exact same electrical diagram (
This makes finding information really difficult from this forum. Most builders do not give proper standard drawings and documentation of their build, so those do not help anyone now.

I would like to see (and collect here) an "Index or catalog, of original plans" preferably of "engineering quality" so that me, or any other electrical engineer could build one.
I have not found any such list, and this forum would be the best place and know-how to collect such catalog. Also if there is no original plans, there could be a vote, to choose which ones are the best and most authentic designs, of what the inventor meant.

Please help me to collect these designs and blueprints (excluding all new modifications or improvements, to a separate category)
You can also PM me, and if you think you have "sensitive material" please mail it to me securely at

1. Original engineering plans for Kapanadze generator (LINK?? where?)
2. Original engineering plans for xxxxx (LINK)
3. Original plans of SSG etc..