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Author Topic: NASA Validates a New Form of Energy  (Read 290 times)

Offline Goat

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NASA Validates a New Form of Energy
« on: September 28, 2023, 07:02:31 PM »
Hi All;
This is interesting and might be of use to some.
"The results of this extensive multi-year endeavor are profound to say the least,” said Henry Lee, CEO of ADC USA. "The conclusions confirm that ADC is an historical paradigm shift, and most important, ADC is ready to deploy to provide innovative solutions to our global climate and energy crisis. This is revolution at the levels of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla."
On their site I see they have converters available under the products link at the top.

Offline onepower

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Re: NASA Validates a New Form of Energy
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2023, 12:58:06 AM »
This is bizarre because many Engineers like myself have known about this for decades. It's called AC riding on a DC source.

So we take a conventional AC two wire (Hot, Neutral) line and inject DC into the Hot wire at the source. Any transformer in the system cannot see the DC because only the changing/alternating current can induce a current in a secondary coil. To get only DC we add a diode and capacitor attached to ground. The diode only allows the DC component to charge the capacitor.

Think of a garden hose full of water with a piston on each end. The driver piston can move back/forth or alternate causing the work piston on the other end of the hose to alternate performing work. However we could also add extra water to the hose to produce a static pressure between the driver/work piston not effected by the alternating flow. The static pressure is the DC component.

Another analogy is a loop of hose with water alternating back and forth inside it. We can add more water producing a higher static pressure in the loop at any point in the loop and also remove it to perform work at any point. It's really that simple and nothing new.

It's pretty clever however it's not a "new form of energy" that's absurd. It's only new to people who don't understand energy. This is why it's important to understand first principals.


Offline stivep

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Re: NASA Validates a New Form of Energy
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2023, 01:25:18 AM »
Dear "onepower" wake up or get sober. It's a time to grow up .
You made a claim  you are an electrical engineer
An Engineer  should  manifest his level unless you are not one.
In a contrast to you I claim I'm nobody till  someone see value in me.
And look at wealth of my technical writing, nobody yet,  for the past 13 years  wanted to challenge.
I hope you got the message.

Rather than this being a revelation for me it is AC with DC offset, in the wire.(in the same wire)
I'm not sure  why this is  making  the news?
What is so special about  - power lines with  AC/DC combination?
Where is the gain?
Where is  the patent?
Why do they need NASA and its PhDs? ( commercial promotion?)
(I was in few NASA sponsored programs as a Principal Investigator)

My friend in science comment in short  form, may sound:
- meaningless word salad  directly from ADC’s own promotional web site.
The guy running it is a lawyer, no technical expertise,

Unfortunately NASA and few of major Universities are more than happy to tolerate this(- most rejected words  fit  here)
It is an investment black hole. - "nothing" is real.
Absurd claims for over 5 years (- doing this 5 years ago on a YouTube video).
AC with a DC offset is older than Mr. ***, ADC’s CEO.

I can picture some individual from the street in rural Rasha as well as in any other place in the world 
with basic  to none  background in  the area of interest. -  posting this sort of "revelation.."
And I'm  wasting my time to respond to it.

opinion  expressed is my own