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Exodus Motor

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Exodus Motor


Pictured is a DC motor that should exhibit no back-emf. Torque should remain virtually constant as rpm of rotor increases. Thusly, this DC motor would exhibit overunity over a certain rmp threshold. The copper coils are stationary, while the 24 iron legs comprise the rotor. As each iron leg rotates within one of the sets of copper coils, it will exhibit a north pole magnetic field on its outer end. When it rotates to the other side (and within the opposite copper coil), it will exhibit a south pole magnetic field on its outer end. So, in the sense of how the rotor generates torque against the stationary magnets at top and bottom, it is very similar to a traditional DC motor; however, the copper coils which magnetize the iron legs / rotor do not rotate as on a traditional DC motor. This negates the need for brushes or commutation. *The blue and red arrows indicate direction of current flow within coils.


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