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Water batteries supply power for decades.


Ive been making water batteries for over 20 years now. And found they supply non stop power the longest. One of my first designs using a water battery was a swinging pendulum. The parts were taken out of a solar dancing flower. Then the circuit used to make a pendulum swing back and forth. Its been swinging for over 20 years non stop on the same water battery. I do need to add water sometimes and at least once a year clean the electrodes which are made of pure magnesium and copper coils. Just a little sloshing them in vinegar for a few minutes makes them like new again washing away any built up corrosion. Since then Ive powered motors, led lights, wall clocks, and other assorted nick nacs on water batteries. Sure they are larger then a standard AA battery but you cant beat the seemingly endless power output from them. A water battery can generate around 1.5 volts. ITs not equal to the standard AA battery output but its close enough. And the more water batteries wired in series the more power they provide. Ive made many videos on such over the years, some put up, others taken down. And even removed them all a few times perhaps because I just got tired of others saying thats not possible. But its all as simple as the workings of a regular AA battery from the chemistry perspective. But given I dont use salts or acids in them and only plain water. That alone causes the least erosion of the electrodes which allows them to supply power for decades. Where as the standard AA battery uses acids in them, which has the benefit of increased power but at the expense of a quick burn out as the electrodes waste away fast from the acids destroying them. Once that happens the battery loses its power and needs thrown away. Sure it may benefit the battery makers for you to just go buy another throw away battery that dont supply power for long. But that dont benefit the buyer really, perhaps thats why they dont make batteries that supply power longer. Because obviously it is possible to do given Ive made many and had some supplying power for over 20 years. And there totally non toxic since its just water in them. Anyway just some rambling there. I started a new youtube channel on this at

Hey stevensrd1!

Interesting stuff. A few questions:
1) What is the principle behind these batteries?
2) Is a magnesium ribbon and a copper tape submerged in water all it takes to make it work?
3) How many watts can you produce from a single battery?
4) What prevents you from scaling this up and building a stronger generator that can power your house?
5) Are there any construction tips to achieve best performance?

Thanks for posting this.


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